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YouFlirt is a new chat platform that claims to be a fantastic alternative to the influx of online dating sites we're bombarded with daily. We're here to tell you everything you need to know about this little hybrid platform so you don't have to find out the hard way. Sound exciting? Here's the best YouFlirt review you'll read any time soon.

YouFlirt - What Is It?

It's not a dating app. It's not a chat site. It's kind of a mix of the two. YouFlirt is an interactive platform that connects people via chatrooms rather than direct messaging, but all of the users on here have profiles which are as detailed as any profile you'll find on a standard online dating site. Does it actually get you laid though? That's the big question.

First Impressions

If the woman on the YouFlirt homepage is on this site, then you're damn sure we want to register. Chances are she's not, but at least the site offers free registration. Everything on You Flirt looks above board, with good design elements and a modern style. It doesn't look like a sketchy place so that's worth noting.


Chat rooms

All of the interaction on You Flirt is done via the many chat rooms they have available. There are literally hundreds, spanning multiple sexual topics, different countries and regular general rooms. The fact that rooms are broken down by location really improve the odds of finding real meetings through here.

Browse profiles

When you start connecting with other users in the chat rooms, the idea is to dig into their profiles to see if they take your fancy. It's like any typical dating site, except instead of swiping through faces, you find their names in a chat room. The site also has a feature called GhostMode that allows you to view people's profiles completely anonymously.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Unfortunately, you will need a paid account to flirt, chat and send virtual gifts here on YouFlirt. Fre members get 15 minutes of free chat per day, and the premium account offers a few exclusive functions. These premium functions are required toget the most out of the site.

  • 1 month - $19.99
  • 3 months - $39.84
  • 6 months - $69.49

Expensive? We certainly think so, especially for what is essentially a bunch of chatrooms with a few profiles thrown in. Hell, MSN Messenger did the exact same thing 20 years ago. However, you will indeed meet real people here on You Flirt, so maybe $20 isn't so bad.


Open and friendly community

Chat, flirt, create connections with new people. That's YouFlirt's philosophy according to their tagline, and the community today really helps harbor that inclusive spirit. Unlike similar apps, the users here are more than willing to welcome newbies into the fold.

Interactive chat rooms

It's not just text-based chat you'll find in the chat rooms. You can send pictures, share animated gifs and even use the premium function GhostMode to view a personal profile without the other person being notified.

Online profiles

You'll quickly notice when you view other people's profiles that a lot of these users have put some serious effort in. Detailed profiles help give the page more of a dating site vibe, and that's exactly what you'll find on here.


Some fakes

Just like other apps, there are a few fakes hanging around. They're pretty easy to spot because 1) their profiles will have a suspicious link them, 2) they'll bombard you with unsolicited messages and 3) their profile picture will be of a hot model.

Annoying ads

By the looks of it, YouFlirt gets most of its revenue through advertisements, because there's a lot of them. The sides of the website are full of them and you'll get a few popups when you first click into a chat room. Very irritating to say the least.

Sucky notifications

When you receive a message on a dating site, you get notified immediately, usually in the form of a something loud and noticable. On YouFlirt, that's not quite the case. You get a tiny little message on the left hand side of the screen, and it can easily get lost when you receive more messages.

No mobile app

Any chatroom platform that doesn't have an app is definitely missing out on a whole lot of potential users. Unfortunately, you won't find You Flirt on the Google Play store or anywhere else for that matter, so you're restricted to using it purely via desktop or mobile browser.

YouFlirt - Fantastic Chat & Hookup Site

YouFlirt is a nifty little platform that really helps you connect with like-minded people in a new way. Well, maybe not a new way since chat rooms have been around for decades, but it's a nice change to the overload of dating sites we've had in the past few years. If you want to chat with other members and make flirty connections, YouFlirt can help you do just that.

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