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YesPage Review - Is YesPage A Legit Escort Site?

Finding escorts on the Internet used to be a walk in the park. Websites like Backpage and Craigslist connected us with local hookers at a moment's notice, but some legal issues put an end to these types of businesses back in 2018. Ever since, a bunch of other websites have cropped up to take their places.

Today, we're looking at a site called Yes Backpage, a website that claims to be an alternative to the much-loved hooker paradise that was the original Backpage. Does it actually deliver on its promises, or is it another dud? Here's everything you need to know about Yes Backpage.

First Impressions

Yes Backpage looks like every other classified ads website to ever exist. From the homepage, you'll see every country in the world at your disposal, and then you just have to navigate to your location. You'll have no shortage of places to choose from including United States (California, Florida, and Texas being the most popular).

The other available destinations are: Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Caribbean, Argentina, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Latin America, Oceania, Australia, Guam, Venezuela, Africa and Canada.

Once you dig into your location, then you'll be presented with a list of available categories. Real estate, automotive sales, community events - all the usual shit you see on other sites. But of course, we're only interested in the 'adult services' section. By the looks of the activity on other pages, so is everyone else on this website.


Browse ads

All Yes Backpage really is is an advertising service. You can't really interact with much on here. It's basically a wall full of phone numbers for hookers, and in our book, that's a good thing. Free classified ads don't ned to come with a whole bunch of stupid features because the only thing we're concerned about is contacting these babes.

Post your own ad

Even if you're not a sex worker yourself, you can post your own free classified ads for the world to see. While most people do this to help find a consensual hookup in their area, some people use it to find escorts too. You'll need to upload a few photos for your ad to be accepted so make sure you're comfortable putting your face out there.

Is Yes Backpage Free?

Yes it is. You don't have to hand over any money to use Yes Backpage. Which is good, because there's not really a lot to see on here, just a bunch of advertisers trying to get your attention amongst the barrage of posts. The only time you'll have to part with your cash is when you find an escort to spend the night with (if you can find one, that is).



When this is the main positive about a website, you know that website doesn't have a whole lot to offer. Yes Backpage is very easy to navigate because it's basically just clicking and scrolling until you find an ad that looks legit. That's basically where the website starts and where it ends.

Some real ads

We're not gonna be totally negative about Yes Backpage, there are SOME real services hidden between all the crap. You'll know a real ad because it's not overly sexual and actually includes some legit contact details in there (phone number, email address, sometimes a Facebook page link).


99% fake

Here's the real kicker. Yes Backpage throws out fake posts like they're going out of style. You'll have a tough time finding any real women on here, and if you actually manage to track one down, chances are she'll have already been bombared with sex requests from other guys. It's a tough balance to say the least.

Low traffic

Data shows that most of the people visiting Yes Backpage are men. So, for every real ad that pops up, there's about a hundred guys messaging that chick. The actual number of real ladies on this website is lower than shark shit. It's basically a sausage fest, and that's not conducive to getting laid.

Alternative Classifieds Sites

By now we've established that Yes Backpage won't do a whole lot for you. So, if you've still got a hankering for some hooker action, there are plenty of legitimate platforms that'll actually make it happen. Here are our top choices.


eBackpage is our new favorite free classified ads site. It runs like a dream and covers everywhere between the Pacific ocean right through to Serbia, Herzegovina, the United Kingdom and even countries you've never heard of. It's a super active website full of real advertisements, real explicit content and plenty of choice.


Another place to get your hooker fill, Backlist24 is an emerging escorts website that's considered safe, efficient and convenient by all our usual metrics. It works a lot like the original Backpage, and while it doesn't have the super high activity Backpage did, it's still a solid place to check out. You don't need an account and there's even an app available.

Mega Escorts

A total escorts paradise, Mega Escorts will connect you with a sex worker within minutes. You'll never be short of options because Mega Escorts has available babes offering their services every month, week and day of the year. Although Mega Escorts is super popular, it doesn't have a dedicated app yet but the website works perfectly in your phone browser.

YesPage - Best Place For Free Classified Ads?

Not by a long shot. We prefer escort websites that actually have real women on them, and any punter will quickly determine that Yes Backpage has nothing of the sort. This is just another fake-account timesink full of redirection links, hidden advertisements and scammers trying to trick you out of a buck.

If you're a man looking for companionship, there are a million other places that'll provide it much better than Yes Backpage will. Just read some of our other reviews (or check out the information above). In short, go elsewhere.

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