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Valentime Review 2022 - Legit Dating Site For Russian Brides?

Dating sites come in all flavors these days. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a particular type of person or someone to explore dark kinks with, you can usually find a place that caters to your specific needs. One such dating niche is the "mail order bride" scene, something that many people considered to be an out-dated notion.

But sites like Valentime are modernizing the whole Russian bride concept. So, if you're looking to get acquainted with gorgeous Slavonic and Ukrainian women, Valentime might just make it a reality. We've carefully reviewed this site in detail so you can discern whether this is the online dating platform you need in your life. Here's your ultimate Valentime review.

Valentime - What Is It?

On the surface, Valentime looks like any other dating platform, but the site has a secret bubbling below the surface. It is indeed flooded with gorgeous women, but all of these women are what modern society might term "Russian brides," or "mail order brides." You've probably heard of them before, and Valentime is a top place to find them.

Now, you might not be totally familiar with the concept of mail order brides, especially in today's world. Some people believe they're a relic of the past, but online bride-ordering is still very much a real thing. This is Valentime's dirty little secret, but the truth is that this scene is very muth thriving in the modern day. But the question is - what are Russian brides exactly?

How Do Russian Brides Work?

The term "Russian brides" or "mail order brides" might conjure up imagery of subserviant women from war-torn countries flocking to the USA and latching herself onto an American man for sanctuary. The truth, however, is far from that cliched imagery. Russian brides are basically just Russian women who want to migrate to a different country.

Russian brides cannot be "purchased." They use sites like Valentime to find a lover, as they would on any other dating site, then if they click, they move to the USA to create a life with that person. Valentime is basically a dating site that connects men and women from two different countries.

These women are under no obligation to actually marry anyone. No money changes hands. This may have been how things were done in the past, but in today's world, mail order marriages are based on consent. The term "mail order bride" should really be retired by now, all things considered. We've put together a longer Russian bride FAQ at the end of this page.

First Impressions

The Valentime website is as professional as online dating sites come. It's super sleek, classy and doesn't bombard the visitor with overly-explicit imagery and nalf-naked women. It's got a simple blue and white color scheme (a strange choice of branding for a dating site), but it's very easy on the eye. From the About section, here's how the site describes itself:

"Opportunity to travel across the continents is extremely exciting but yet still not completely available. However, we live in the age of the Internet and enjoy limitless possibilities it provides. People from the USA, Germany or the UK can make new connections with from Russians, Argentinians, or Chinese without any problems and in a snap of a finger. Valentime gives a chance to meet someone you would not have met in real life."

You'll notice that Valentime avoids usage of terms like "mail order bride," which is great since the idea of such things have no real place in the modern day. It brands itself as a place to connect with other members based overseas, which is a great marketing approach. Overall, first impressions are fantastic and you'll have no problems getting to grips with the site.


Profile creation

Your first step will be to create your own profile. All it requires is a few personal details, e-mail address, contact details and a few photos and you're ready to sign up. Unfortunately, you're going to need to purchase credits in order to interact with other members. There are no free features available.


As a free member, you can only look through profiles and gawp at the thumbnails of these incredible women. You can't dig into these users, see their bios or see their full-size photos. If you want to actually get close to these members, you're going to have to pay. More on this in the next section.

Credits system

Valentime uses a credits service rather than a standard monthly subscription. You'll purchase credits in batches and then spend them as you send individual messages. On average, users tend to spend much less in the long run with a credits system than they would on a monthly membership, not to mention that members tend to make the most of their funds this way.

Search filters

The website has an efficient search function that allows you to find suitable members with ease. You can narrow down users by age, location, body type, sexual preference, nationality, hair color, education level and any keyword phrase.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Valentime uses a credits system rather than a standard subscription model, which is always a plus in our book. People tend to only purchase credits when they've found someone they want to message, so it keeps message spam down to a minimum. Here's what you expect to per for a batch of credits.

  • 50 credits - $19.99
  • 125 credits - $44.99
  • 250 credits - $69.99
  • 750 credits - $149.99

It costs 4 credits to send messages, but once members respond to your message, you're then free to continue the conversation free of charge (the owners know that most people take their conversation off their platform they've made contact anyway). The only other feature that costs is the option of sending flowers and virtual gifts (prices vary).


Dating tips

The owners of Valentime maintain a blog that offers dating tips, highlights new members on their site and even reviews similar websites in the same niche. It shows that Valentime are committed to actually creating relationships rather than just trying to siphon money out of your wallet.

Beautiful women

Let's be honest. Russian and Ukrainian women are hot. There's no denying it. They have those sharp cheekbones, thick lips and glowing skin. We're not lying when we say the women on Valentime are quintessential Slavic beauties, showcasing everything western guys have come to know and love about these kinds of girls.

Mostly young girls

Russian women tend to get married between the ages of 21 and 34, so you'll find that the average age of women on Valentime hovers around the 25 mark. Perfect if you're interested in ladies on the younger side. You will find some women on the older side, but it's rare to find a woman over 45 on here.

Site support

The Valentime website has a dedicated customer support team ready to solve any queries you might have about the site, your account or other users. They have a phone number and email address available for easy communication. They're also very quick to take down scam users so you can rest assured you'lll only chat with real people.

Special offers

The Valentime site seems dedicated to forging international relationships, sometimes more so than their finances. As a Valentime member, you'll regularly receive special offers for cheaper credits and free features. Some of these savings can be quite considerable, but you'll need to be a paid member to utilize them.

Making a difference

Valentime makes a difference, and we're not just talking about to the lives of men. We're sure you're aware that Russia and Ukraine are not the safest places to be right now, so Valentime is helping these members find refuge from war and disaster.

Search abilities

Dating site search functions are notoriously bad, but the search features on Valentime are mightily impressive. You can scour users by a long line of criteria making it easy to contact the kind of people you want to.


Fake profiles

Dating sites and fake members go hand in hand. No site is immune to them. Valentime has its share of fake users, all of them trying to exploit the generosity of the men on here. However, a little chat will help you determine the fake members from the real ones. If you have any concerns, report these members to the site mods and they'll deal with them swiftly.

Entirely Slavonic women

As you've probably guessed, almost all of the female members on Valentime are either Russian or Ukrainian. The site 'About' section mentions Asian women, but there are almost zero Asian users on the site. We believe the site originally began as an all-encompassing bride platform, but the influx of Slavic girls pushed the other nationalities away.

No hookups

Since there's a literal ocean between you and the other person, you're going to have to search pretty hard to find a hookup here on Valentime. These women are obviously looking for more than just a casual relationship, so don't expect a stream of constant sex whenever you log on. Valentime is for long-term engagements, not hookups.

Negative reviews

Not every site has been as kind to Valentime as we have. Some reviews have slated their interface, their fake users and their lack of account options, however, we don't think most of this feedback is genuine. We just think that some platforms take umbrage with the whole Russian bride deal.

Valentime - Fantastic Place For Beautiful Girls

Valentime is a fantastic dating site that promotes international relationships that also offer the woman sanctuary and refuge from a place she wants to escape. That's not to say these ladies are struggling or starving, but many of them crave the freedom that migration offers, and Valentime gives them a place to make their dreams a reality.

And of course there's plenty of advantages for the guys too. These Russian and Ukranian women are beautiful, talented and packed with personality, and finding one of these exquisite beauties in the USA is no easy feat. In conclusion, Valentime is a top dating site that's not only facilitating international marriages, but it's also help making a difference to the lives of those in politically-twisted countries.

Russian Brides FAQ

What Are Russian Brides?

Russian brides are women who are willing to exchange marriage for the option to relocate to a different country. There can be a number of reasons for a woman wanting to this, including financial and economic factors. Most people find Russian brides through specific online dating sites like Valentime.

Why Do Russian Brides Exist?

In Russia (and many other countries), the number of women is disproportionate to the number of men, leaving many women unable to get married. This is the most common reason for women deciding to become would-be brides to foreign men, although another popular reason is the option to

Are Russian Brides Legal?

Yes, there are no laws forbidding Russian women to marry overseas partners. The phrase "buying mail order brides" is a little misleading, as these marriages are as consensual as any other type of relationship. There is no way to actually "purchase" a bride, and the woman is under no obligation to marry someone they don't want to.

How Expensive Are Russian Brides?

Russian brides (or any other nationality) are no more expensive than any other type of marriage. The only additional cost (which may not be at your expense) is the woman's travel from her country of origin to yours. However, even in the most extreme cases, this wouldn't be any more than a few thousand dollars.

How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

According to data, mail-order marriages are less likely to end in divorce than marriages overall in the United States. Divorce rates in mail-order marriages for which the courtship period lasted more than 4 months were between 35.8% and 41.3% percent when compared to the overall US divorce rate which is 48%.

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