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UtopiaGuide Review - Total Ripoff Or Legit Escort Site?

Whatever happened to forums? They were all the rage back in the early 00's, then most of them were left to rot in cyberspace. These days, social media has replaced forums as the go-to platforms to interact with like-minded people, but there are still a few forums lingering about.

One such forum is a platform called Utopia Guide. This website is dedicated to all forms of adult entertainment, but it also serves as a place to connect with local escorts. Does it work? Read on to find out. Here's your UtopiaGuide review.

UtopiaGuide - What Is It?

Utopia Guide is a forum that specializes in connecting sex workers and clients together for some good times. Each forum is broken down by either location or general topic, and from there you can browse threads, find local girls and initiate contact. In addition to this, there are also a ton of other threads that deal with all manner of adult entertainment and services.

Before we dive in, we'll tell you right now that Utopia Guide is a legit forum site. This isn't some scam platform designed to extort money from you or bombard you with ads. There are real users on here, and more importantly, real sex workers. It might not be completely perfect but it's free to use and for the most part, completely genuine.

First Impressions

You can tell Utopia Guide was designed about 15 years ago because it looks like something straight out of 2006. It's a very simple blue and white website with very basic elements and text formats. There's nothing fancy going on here. It's just a long list of forums and subforums reaching down the page.

You can browse all of the threads for free, but if you want to post a new thread or reply to any previous comments, you'll need to sign up. If you're on the hunt for working girls, find your local area from the list and dig into it. When you find a post that grabs your attention, find the escort's contact details (usually their phone numbers) and contact them directly.


Discussion forums

While Utopia Guide calls itself an escort app, this section is actually just one of many discussion hosted on the site. There are forums dedicated to absolutely everything under the adult entertainment banner, from porn videos to "general misogynistic talk" (their words, not ours).

Escorts section

Sex workers are free to post in their respective sections. In their ads, they tend to include their rough locations, their availability and the kind of sexual services they offer. A lot of them don't include their exact prices (so that potential clients are more inclined to contact them) but that's usually discussed upon your first contact.

Detailed search function

Utopia Guide has a fantastic search function that can search titles, posts and even metatags in pics and videos. Search results are filtered by relevance which you can then alter by newest or oldest first. Clicking the search result link will take you to the exact post in question.

Loyal community

As you browse through threads on here, you'll notice a few of the same names popping up. As Utopia Guide has been around for years, it's amassed a strong fanbase over its duration and these users seem to be very consistent. Quite clearly, Utopia Guide does a few things rights if people spend so much time here.


Range of discussions

Even if you're not involved in the escort game, some of the threads on here are worth checking out regardless. For example, there are some really good advice threads, as immoral as they may be (like the code words to tell pimps that you're looking for a hooker for the night).

Around for over a decade

Utopia Guide has been around for quite a while (as you'll see from the terrible site design). During its long and storied career, its amassed a big and fiercely loyal fanbase that seem to post things on a daily basis. That's a positive for any site.

High traffic

For a forum site, Utopia Guide gets a very high amount of traffic. Some of the general discussion forums and threads get several hundred replies per day, as do the busier forums like California, Florida, and Long Island. The only exception to the rule is that some of the less-populated sections have been left to die.

Mouse-over previews

Every forum should do this. When you mouse-over a thread topic, the content of that thread will pop up so you can sample it before you click inside. It's only a small little feature but the amount of time it saves really adds up.

Totally free

Utopia Guide costs nothing to use. The only thing you'll have to sacrifice is a little bit of time when you first register (if you choose to do so). The site won't ever ask for your credit card details or anything like that either.


Very confusing

We'll be honest, Utopia Guide uses some very confusing language. We're not sure if these are code words to help conceal the site's true intentions, but we're not sure why they'd bother doing that. There are sections called "In Today's Hate Mail" and "Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt" to name a few, and the threads in here seem to be bizarre mish-mashes of topics and discussions.

Not ideal for escorts

Let's be honest, if you're looking for an incall or outcall escort, Utopia Guide won't be the first app you hit up. There are way better platforms out there to help meet working girls right away, and Utopia Guide isn't one of them. Sure, the discussion forums are fun, but there's really no reason to find an escort through here.

Alternative Escort Pages


A new favorite of ours, Backlist24 is a versatile-yet-simplistic escort listings page that gets right down to business. Just click around, browse through escort ads and contact them either via phone or directly through the site itself.


No nonsense, no-frills escort listings, and you can't ask for much more. Unlike Utopia Guide, eBackpage doesn't bog itself down with unnecessary features and forums. It's simple, straightforward and gets new ads every minute of the day.

Backpage Pro

The closest we'll get to the original (and best) Backpage, Backpage Pro is one of the best escort sites we've had in years. Just sign up with your location and email and get access to the biggest collection of working girls your area has to offer.


No, not a site for fat Japanese hookers (although there's probably a site for that somewhere). SumoSearch is a standard escort listings site that happens to be based in Switzerland (the name is actually Sumosear.ch) so it's not bound by the US's sex trafficking laws.


Thought Craigslist was dead? Think again! You can still use this place to find local hookers, you just have to be a little sneaky. Most girls advertise in the "Jobs" section, so if you check it at the right moment, you might be in with a little luck.

Utopia Guide - Is It Worth It?

Utopia Guide is a very strange site. Like so many other platforms in this niche, it's very hit and miss. Some threads on offer fascinating pieces of sage wisdom (as criminal as they may be), while some are completely batshit insane concoctions of nonsensical bullshit. There are no rules to follow here, and that makes the site a tricky sell in our eyes.

Yes, you'll find threads posted by sex workers, and if that's your sole reason for being here then you'll be fine. However, there are hundreds of other sites purely designed for hooking purposes that do everything better. Our advice? Check the site out by all means, but don't expect to stay for long.

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