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Uberhorny Review 2022 - Meet Horny Women And Hookup Tonight?

In this review, we're looking at a site called Uberhorny. With a name like that, you can expect a neverending stream of slutty women at your fingertips, right? Maybe, maybe not. We've digged deep into this dating site to give you all the important details. Does Uberhorny work? Will this site get you laid without issue? Here's the only Uberhorny you need to read.

Uberhorny - What Is It?

Uberhorny is an established online dating site that brings together like-minded people for casual sex, one night stands and all manner of short-term engagements. Unlike mainstream dating sites like Match and OKCupid, Uberhorny is solely focused on hookups as the name suggests (although the site has nothing to do with the Uber transport company as some people believe!)

We should mention right away that Uberhorny is a legitimate dating Internet site. In the modern era, so many online dating websites are just fronts for scam companies and advertisement services. Uberhorny, on the other hand, is absolutely genuine. It's full of interactive features that actually work and a varied userbase of real men and women from all over the United States.

First Impressions

Here's how Uberhorny describes itself. This is taken from the landing page of its website:

"With over a decade on the internet, UberHorny is the most trusted brand for adult dating. UberHorny offers a quick and easy signup process so you can start having fun in minutes and meet someone new and start a relationship within hours. The steps are simple. Upload a profile picture, write a few words about yourself and you are good to go. This site does not require you to answer thousands of personality trait questions to get started."

That pretty much tell you everything you need to know about this hookup site. The website utilizes a simple black, white and purple color scheme, and everything is laid out well and easy to find. It's a pretty incredible website to say the least, and the site remains efficiently-designed even after you've created your Uberhorny account. Overall, Uberhorny is a very welcoming platform and it's tough to find any problems with its presentation.


Swipe feature

Uberhorny is a strictly swipe-based web page. Anyone who's used Tinder will know the drill, and the format has since been copied by a million hookup dating sites over the years. You'll be given an endless stream of profile photos and if you like the look of one, swipe right. If they don't take your fancy, swipe right. Once you mutually match, you're free to begin chatting.

Unfortunately, there's no other way to connect with horny members other than the swipe chat approach (apart from the group chat rooms), so you should only come to this particular service if you don't mind swiping through a million faces. This matchmaking feature is available with a free account, but actually chatting to online members requires a paid Gold account.

Search function

This platform has a great advanced search function to help you find that perfect partner for the night. Oddly, swipe-based sites don't usually include a search feature because you're only supposed to find people through swiping their pictures, but Uberhorny takes a different approach. Search results come at you in the form of a swipe game too.

For example, if you search by a particular location, you'll be shown all of the profile photos of those who match your search criteria and you can swipe through their pictures as you would regularly. It's a little different than your usual, but the search feature is excellent and allows users to search by keyword, body type, location and more.

Mobile app

These days, most Internet conversation is done through mobile phones. Luckily, Uberhorny are very aware of this and so they've transposed their website into app form so horny users can utilize all the features while they're on the move. The site's app is decent, streamlined, and is basically a carbon copy of their website - just in app form.

One great side-effect of this app is that it proves Uberhorny are dedicated to providing a worthwhile experience. Most scam sites don't bother transposing their particular platform into app form because it's a waste of time for them. However, Uberhorny have put the effort in to give their users the best experience possible. You can download their app from their official website.

Group chat

Most dating sites offer a method of connecting with multiple people at once, and with Uberhorny, it's their interesting group chats feature. We've never actually seen a feature like this on any other dating site. It's a little weird, but we appreciate that this site are trying to do something a little different than the standard chat rooms or forums approach.

Group chats are user-created rooms that are accessible by invite only. Users can invite anyone they like (whether they've matched with them or not), and then everyone inside the room can talk to each other. It's basically a collection of chat rooms that users create themselves, usually with a specific topic at the heart of them.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

To use any of Uberhorny's messaging features, you'll need to become a Gold Member. A Gold subscription comes in five different forms, including two trial options for those who want to sample the site before committing. Here's what you can expect to pay for an Uberhorny Gold account:

  • 2 Day Trial - $0.99
  • 7 Day Trial - $9.99
  • 1 Month Gold Membership - $34.99
  • 6 Month Gold Membership - $69.99 ($11.65 per month)
  • 12 Month Gold Membership - $79.99 ($6.67 per month)

All payments are taken in one lump sum and will auto-renew at the end of each cycle (so a 1 month subscription will renew every month, a 6 month every 6 months, etc). If you want to cancel or change your membership price at any point, head into the relevant section in the Account Settings page. Overall, these prices are fair considering what you get for the money.


Decent user base

According to Uberhorny's figures, the site currently has 2 million users with an Uberhorny membership. This is actually an incredible number (and it seems genuine), and while it's spread out across the entire USA, it's a still fantastic figure for a dating site of any size. To put it into perspective, OKCupid has 7 million and that's one of the world's biggest dating apps.

The figures also reveal that 64% of these users are men, 35% are women and 1% identify as an alternative gender. These are pretty typical fiutes for any dating platform (there's always more men than women). Overall, the user base is vast, versatile and covers almost every region in the country. Cities tend to have more users than rural areas on Uberhorny.


As you can probably guess from the name, Uberhorny attracts the kind of members who are looking for something casual. Uberhorny members tend to be on the risky, impulsive side when it comes to getting laid, which means most of the other members here aren't looking to be lavished with expensive gifts and luxury dinners. Most of them just want to fuck.

Providing you live in a populated area, the chances of you finding local horny girls on Uberhorny are pretty damn high. There's a versatile range of relationship types and sexual preferences on offer too, from local cougars to fetish lovers to younger college girls. Some of the younger girls even use Uberhorny as a sugar daddy site substitute.

Cheap membership plans

Uberhorny is a relatively cheap platform, especially in comparison to other dating sites with the same kind of audience. A 12 month subscription for $79.99 (which breaks down to $6.67 per month) is an incredible price, but even the 6 month option is good for those who aren't comfortable committing to an entire year.

Better yet at the trial plans. While oddly-priced, the fact that trial memberships exist at all reassure members that the site is a genuine platform and not some scam effort. Scam dating sites try to take your money before you realize it's a scam, and most members tend to sample the trial options before purchasing a full membership. Therefore, it confirms Uberhorny is legit.

Customer support

The Uberhorny website has fantastic moderation and a reliable customer support team that ensure you never have any issues. These moderators stamp out fake profiles almost immediately so you can rest assured that you're only ever chatting with real life people. Very few internet sites can boast supported dating online as good as Uberhorny.

Uberhorny are actually run by a company named Global Personals LLC who run a number of worldwide connect partners, all of which have great reputations. The only downside to them is that they're sometimes a little TOO efficient, as they often cancel customer reviews that don't paint them in a good light (although reviews like this are rare, admittedly).


Low male to female ratio

As we mentioned up above, there's a lot more guys than girls here on Uberhorny. Of course, head to any adult site on the world wide web and you'll find much of the same. Women don't have to search as hard to find sex, so that's why the gender balances are always a little off, but it's perfectly normal even though it's not ideal by any means.

Even so, with 3 million nationwide users, this means there's still around 1.2 million women looking to rev up their sex life through Uberhorny. That's a pretty decent-sized pool of users to choose from for everyday dating, even if it's not as high as some similar sites in the hookup niche.

No free features

If you come to Uberhorny with the intention of just using the free account option, you're going to be disappointed. The only thing you can do as a free member is swipe through faces, but good luck trying to actually communicate with your matches. There are no free membership features whatsoever. If you want to do anything, you need to be a paid member.

A premium membership will open up every available feature, but it would still be nice if you could do at least something useful as a free member. Most other sites at least let you view people's profiles in full, but on Uberhorny, it's paid membership or nothing. While it's a little disappointing, the trial membership options make up for it.

Bare profiles

Just what are dating profiles for if not to advertise yourself? Profiles are everything on a dating website. They're the difference between getting laid and spending the night at home alone. Profiles should feature photos and videos and bios and everything else that showcases your desired traits to potential fuck partners.

Unfortunately, that's not the case on Uberhorny. Maybe because it's a strictly swipe-based site, but most profiles on here are completely barren. Most girls tend to just upload a few pictures of themselves and call it a day. Sure, the site is based on physical appearances, but it would be nice to learn a little something about the other person before engaging in conversation with them.

Uberhorny - Average Dating Site For Hookups

Uberhorny is one of the fastest-emerging online dating sites for good reason. It's got a hefty user base, a ton of other members to chat with, and the focus is not on Internet dating but on purely casual arrangements. For thrill-seekers who crave a revolving door of sex partners, Uberhorny is one of the few online dating services that'll actually make it happen.

With that said, Uberhorny isn't the most outstanding site on the scene today. There are plenty of hookup sites out there that best Uberhorny in most areas, but Uberhorny is certainly worth checking out if you're looking for a no-frills swipe game site ala Tinder. Put simply, Uberhorny is what Tinder used to be, just with halved user base.

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