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Tryst Dating App Review - Is Tryst.Dating Legit Or A Scam?

Another day, another dating app review. There's no shortage of apps these days so we've got a lot to get through, and today we're looking at a relatively new dating app known as Tryst Dating. Is it one of the best dating apps around? Or is it a waste of time? Here's the only Tryst Dating review you need to read.

First Impressions

Tryst Dating hits all the right notes. It looks decent, it's easy on the eye, and the homepage features a lovely looking couple staring at the ocean. This is a sign that you're on a dating app, not a hookup app, so don't come to Tryst expecting a revolving door of hookup partners. Sign up for free, create your account and then you're free to starting having fun on here.


Browse users

Even if you don't have a premium account (that comes later), you can check out every section of the site without being prompted to upgrade. You can browse (limited) profiles and get a flavor of what's on offer, although you can't startup chat with anyone until you've shelled out for the paid membership.

Advanced searching

The app has a fantastic search function to help you talk with people of interest without having to scroll through a million profiles. You can search by city, body type, age, ethnicity or any keyword that might be in a prospective user's profile. It makes finding a date with your ideal partner that little bit easier.

Go incognito

Don't want women knowing you've snooped on their photos? You can go incognito so that you leave a clean crime scene in your wake. Not many companies offer this function since it discourages communication but Tryst offer it for free. It's ideal if you want to spy on someone you know and don't want them to know.


Online dating rituals vary from person to person. Some people prefer the grid style approach, others prefer the Tinder-style swiping approach. Tryst has both options available so you can use whichever one makes it easier for you to find a date.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to do anything of note on the site, you'll need to purchase one of four premium membership packages. Until you've paid, you can't send messages or browse profiles in full, nor can you even respond to messages you've received. Here's what you can expect to pay for a subscription:

  • 1 month - $10
  • 3 months - $25
  • 6 months - $30
  • 12 months - $50

Overall, these prices are pretty good. Most customers buy the 1 month package to get a taste of the site first since there's not a huge price difference between the packages.



Tryst might be one of the simplest dating sites we've ever come across. If you took OKCupid and removed all of the bells and whistles then Tryst would be the end result. For a lot of people, simple is good, and we agree for the most part.

Relatively cheap

The monthly subscription packages are excellently priced, especially in comparison to some of the other items we've seen out there. Although there's no trial option, $10 for a month's membership is more than adequate.

Few ads

Tryst barely has any ads whatsoever. Since the app makes its money through subscriptions, there's no need to bombard you with popups or annoying sidebar ads. That's a positive in anyone's book.


Lots of fakes

While Tryst isn't your average scam startup app by a long shot, it has more than its fair share of fake profiles. Tryst also doesn't partake in the recent trend of "fantasy profiles" either, so we're unsure whether these are scammers who've found the site themselves or whether they're utilized directly by the site creators (both are possibilities).

Not very active

Sure, there are a few real people on here. Providing you find the right people, there's a possibility you might hook up with one or two. However, Tryst really isn't the most active sex app in the world. We can't find any exact figures, but we'd guess there are less than a few thousand men and women on here.

Tryst Dating - Is It Worth It?

Not really. Tryst is a very basic, minimalistic online dating app that doesn't offer a whole lot that more mainstream dating services don't. There are a million other sites that do what Tryst does and does it for free, so there's no real need to download Tryst when there are way better options out there. If you're an American male looking for sex, try elsewhere.

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