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Want To Trade Nudes? Try These Sexting Sites & Get Nude Selfies.

Whether you do it with your partner or a total stranger, sharing nude pictures is a thrilling way to get your kicks. These days, it's pretty normal to trade nudes whether you're single or married, but you need to ensure you're staying safe when you do it. That's why you need to trade nudes on the right platform.

In this article, we're going to show you a few places to not only find sexting partners, but we'll also advise a few sites that'll help limit your nudes to only the people you want to see them. Here's your ultimate guide to sexting sites and swapping nude pics.

Best Encrypted Apps For Nude Pics

If you're in a relationship or you're already chatting to a potential sexting partner, you'll need a place to ensure your sexy photos don't reach the masses. Here are the best encrypted messaging apps to get the job done and keep you safe when sharing nudes.


When it comes to security, very few apps can rival Signal. This messaging app is as secure as Fort Knox, so you'll never have to worry about your pics being leaked out (unless you're chatting to a particularly nefarious woman). Signal also has a locations feature so you can find group chats in your nearby area.


Sometimes, it's easier to just pay for sex than find it the old fashioned way. On Arousr, it's very easy to find a willing woman to trade nudes with, but you'll have to pay her for her services. That's right. The ladies on here are professional sexters and nude-swappers, so it's guaranteed you'll have a good time.


There's no safer platform to share pics of your dick than Telegram. The site is encrypted to the nth degree so you'll never have to worry about your photos reaching the masses. You can join the app for for free, and it also has a 'People Nearby' section to help you meet potential new sexting friends.


Okay, so WhatsApp isn't the best place to trade nudes, but it has one advantage over the other mentions on this list - everybody uses it. It has millions of users in every country in the world, so if you want to take your sexy conversation off your dating site of choice onto a more personal platform, WhatsApp is usually a safe choice.

Best Hookup Apps To Trade Nudes

So, you want to find someone to play these sex games with? There's a huge choice of free dating or sexting apps out there to meet new people. Here are some of our favorites, and they're all free to sign up.


This simplistic dating site puts a massive emphasis on nude trading. As you'll tell by the name, SweetSext was actually originally created purely for virtual fun, but it's since evolved into a hookup app to find easy IRL fun. It functions like a typical dating app, but the men and women on here are more than happy to add some visual stimulaton to their chatting too.

Fast Flirting

Fast Flirting is a very simple, streamlined dating platform that specializes in lonely dating, divorced dating and single parent dating. But of course, single moms get horny too, so you'll find plenty of opportunities to trade nudes with these cock-hunting ladies. Better still, the site is completely free to use.

Adult Friend Finder

Not only is it a place to find a fuck partner, but Adult Friend Finder is an excellent place to meet girls who are into the whole pic-sharing scene. Adult Friend Finder has been a powerhouse in the dating site world for decades now, and the advent of trading nudes has only increased its popularity. Sign up today for a world of easy nudes at your fingertips.

Swinger Zone

Swinger Zone is a versatile user friendly fuck site that connects swingers, hotwives and general sex-sharers together. Naturally, these couples are big on sharing explicit pics, and Swinger Zone gives you a direct line to these filthy bastards. You might have to chat to a guy or two, but it's worth it in the long run.

Best Forums To Send Nudes

Anon Sharer

Anon Sharer is a totally anonymous nude sharing platform full of pictures of real women. Some call it revenge porn, some call it ex-girlfriend porn. Whatever it is, there's a big market for it. The search function on this app is pretty great too. It allows you to search for content via age, body type, ethinicity, breast size and more.

Our Hotwives

Our Hotwives is a free forum site dedicated to the art of hotwifing and cuckolding, and these kinky guys and girls love nothing more than showing themselves off (or guys that love showing off their wives). There's also a ton of women on here looking to hook up in real life too, so not only is it a sexting site, but it's a fuck site too.

Dirty KIK Pals

Dirty KIK Pals is a website that helps guys find KIK usernames. Once you get them, you'll have to take your conversation over to KIK, but any women who are freely giving out their KIK usernames are going to be pure filth. There's a sext paradise on the horizon, and you can get amongst it if you join Dirty KIK Pals.


Godpussy is an interesting little Subreddit. On here, women are encouraged to share close-up photos of their pussies. Nothing else. No tits, no faces, no feet. How does this translate to sharing nudes? Well, a lot of the women on here are real girls next door and amateur pornstars, so once you slide into their DMs, anything is possible.

Sex Chat Rooms For Nude Trading

321 Sex Chat

As one of the biggest collection of chat rooms on the Internet, 321 Sex Chat is a goldmine of potential sexting partners. The site has tons of rooms broken down by topic and sexual interests, and gets an average 50,000 visitors every single day. That's a lot of horny chatters, so make the most of it.

Meet In Chat

Meet In Chat is a dating site chatroom hybrid, which therefore doubles the amount of hot girls you'll have access to. The site has several hundred rooms available, all sex-based, and it's completely free to interact with other members. It's a relatively new site on the scene, but it's already got hundreds of thousands of regular users.

Sex Chat Avenue

Sex Chat Avenue might be the most popular sex chat site around today. It's got a user-friendly layout, thousands of available rooms and more nude-sharing fun than you could need in a lifetime. There are rooms dedicated entirely to swapping nudes too, so finding your next sexting partner is easier than shooting fish in a barrel.


A little different than standard chat websites, r/DirtyPenpals is one of Reddit's hidden gems. Basically, this Subreddit is a hub to meet like-minded people for dirty chat, and of course, nude pics are par for the course when it comes to sexting. With a whopping 500k registered users, you'll have your pick of the pussy on here.

Mainstream Apps To Trade Nude Pictures

If you want a huge pool of potential sexting partners, sometimes it's a good idea to hit up a mainstream website. Here are our top choices.


Instagram is absolutely overflowing with attention-seeking women who love sharing pics of themselves, and plenty of them are happy to do it in private too. Sign up to Instagram, target girls that aren't too famous (but want to be), and slide into their DMs. You'll be surprised how many of these horny girls are willing to give a little.


As the most active social media site on the web, there's naturally millions of horny Twitter members looking to get naughty with strangers. The good news is that it's prety easy to find women looking for fun on here, all you need to do is search by some popular hashtags. For example, members might tag their tweets with #nudes or #nudepicsharing.


No site is more synonymous with nudes than Snapchat. The app was invented for the sole purpose of anonymous pic sharing, and even a decade after its conception, sending 'a sexy snap' is still very much a staple of hookup culture. Snapchat also makes it easy to find the next person to sext with because of all its social features. You can try subreddits such as r/DirtySnapchat to find Snapchat sexting partners.

Facebook Messenger

Much like WhatsApp, everyone on the net has Facebook Messenger. So, not only is it a universal platform to trade pics on, but Facebook Messenger is the source that'll help you slip into your Facebook friends' DMs. That chick you went to school with whose pics you always jerk off to? Facebook Messenger lets you shoot your shot.

The Final Word In Trading Nudes

Trading nudes is a whole ton of fun, and if you join any of the websites or apps listed above, we have no doubt you'll find a willing person to trade spicy snaps with. It doesn't matter if you're single or in a relationship, everyone should exchange a few explicit shots now and again. Have fun and always remember - stay safe!

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