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TNA Board - Find A Legit Hookup Or Is It A Scam?

Sometimes, you just need to hire an escort for the night. Everyone knows that dating is a total waste of time, especially when paid sex workers offer the same benefits, and usually cost a lot less than an expensive dinner anyway. And if you want to find escorts, there's no shortage of available platforms in today's vibrant scene.

But not every escort listing site is a goldmine of hussies. Some are a lot better than others and we're here to separate the paradises from the ghost towns. Today, we're looking at a site called TNA Board. Is it any good? Will you actually manage to find talented sex workers on here, or is it another dud? Here's the best TNA Board review you'll read anywhere.

TNA Board - What Is It?

TNA Board is an escort listings site that helps clients find available sex workers in their city. There's a TNA Board for every region (TNA Board Idaho, TNA Board Portland, etc) to make it easier to find these pussy sellers. It's not a dating site, although it does offer a number of hookup and dating services too. However, it focuses mostly on connecting escorts and clients.

Such a service is not unique by any means, but the TNA Board services are a little more in-depth. The place does its best to create an adult community that offers a wealth of entertainment services, although these are just minor little additions to keep you coming back to the TNA platform. However, we can't deny that they work.

First Impressions

There's no denying that this Internet site looks like absolute crap. The TNA Board web page is a total clusterfuck of text, pictures and mismatching elements, so it's clear right away there's a lot going on here. According to the site's logo, TNA stands for 'Truth In Advertising,' which A) implies the creators can't spell and B) has nothing to do with escorts. Obviously, the mods just wanted the tits n' ass connection, which we understand.

Once you go through the free registration process, you can start devouring everything the site has to offer (and there's a lot). If you're on TNA Board in the first place then you're probably looking for hookers, so you'll first need to find your state / city / town from the drop-down list on the left hand side. Once you do, you'll be taken to the main TNA panel for your area.


Sex worker ads

You'll spend most of your time here browsing through escort ads, trying to find one that grabs your attention. Since TNA Board is quite an established Internet site, it's got good moderation, and that means good escort profiles too. These hookers include a ton of relevant details.

Through these ads, you can either contact sex workers through the TNA messaging system or you can contact them directly. Most girls put their external contact details in their ads (phone numbers, email addresses, social medias) so you don't have to rely on in-house messaging.

Agency ads

As well as serving as a bulletin board for indepedent escorts, TNA Board also lets agencies use their platform to promote their services. It's real easy to differentiate between escort and agency posts since most agencies are upfront about what they're doing.

Why is this good? Well, there are a LOT of escort agencies out there and finding them through Google can be quite difficult (search engines don't like escort agencies, especially the smaller ones). TNA board offers a way for these agencies to grow their reach.

TNA Board reviews

Is reviewing someone's sexual talents weird? Yes it is, but that doesn't stop these TNA Board members from doing it. If you dig into an escort's profile, you'll find that people who've used them have left glowing (and some not-so-glowing) reviews of their dick riding skills.

It might sound a little trashy, and maybe it is, but these ladies offer a service and services require feedback. It also helps the cream rise to the top since those with more positive feedback will get more clients and more popularity in the long run.

Local singles section

TNA Board is 80% dedicated to sex work, but it actually has a couple of dating services sprinkled in here too. The local singles section basically functions as a personals page where people can hunt for new partners and romantic connections.

Is it worth it? Not really, since the only other users on here are other guys. You'll rarely find a single woman on here looking for fun, and if they are looking for fun, they're scouring the Meet & Fuck Section, not the lonely hearts page.

"Meet & Fuck"

Speaking of which, the Meet & Fuck section is exactly what it sounds like. If you're on the hunt for a consensual one night stand, the Meet & Fuck page is the place to make it happen. You can put your wallet away too because escorts aren't allowed to advertise in here.

Does it work? Sure it does. Hookup sites exist for a reason and this little section is basically a condensed hookup site. Yes, most of the other members on here are dudes, but you do occasionally find a few local women looking for easy dick in here.

Live sex cams

As well as being an escort-come-dating platform, TNA Board also has a section dedicated to live sex cams. Well, it says it does, but it actually redirects to a completely different web page. However, it delivers on its promises because this sex cam site is pretty good.

It's not the most unique cam site by any means, but it does everything you'd expect from such a platform. Real women getting themselves off for your viewing pleasure. Some free rooms, some paid private shows, but overall pretty decent.

Porn games

Just when you think TNA Board can't throw any more shit at the wall, they hit you with a porn games section too. Unlike the live cams section, these sex games are actually embedded into the page so you don't even have to leave the TNA site to play them.

They're not the most in-depth games by any means. They're fairly simplistic, mostly badly-rendered 3D sex games and sex simulators. They're a decent way to kill an hour if you've got nothing else to do, but don't expect to be sucked in (or off) by any complex storylines.

What Does TNABoard Cost?

TNA doesn't cost anything to use. Absolutely everything is free, from browsing to messaging to interacting with other users. However, there are a couple of options available that will indeed cost you. The first is 'TNA bucks,' which are basically virtual currency than you can tip escorts with via the site. New users get 10 free TNA bucks when they sign up.

You also have the option to pay escorts in advance for your sessions through the website. Some members opt for this because it shows you're committed to your session and won't flake out at the last minute. Some escorts prefer this method, some prefer cash on delivery. However, the option is there for those who want to use it.


Easy registration

The complete registration process is a breeze. It only takes a couple of minutes to get it done and dusted. The site requires your basic information (birth date, email address, general location) and it doesn't ask you for any identifying details like your name or address.

Other sites in the escort listing niche don't always require registration. However, there are many advantages to creating a TNABoard account. Not only do you get access to a bunch of additional features, but you can also keep track of the escorts you've viewed and messaged.

All round entertainment

TNA Board is much more than an escorts listings website. It's a diverse adult entertainment hub with plenty of fun to be had. As well as meeting people, you can check out the live cams, forums, sex games and hookup sections.

It's these little additions that have made TNA Board such a popular platform. Sure, most users spend the majority of their time on the main page, but luring people in via sex games and live webcams is a good marketing ploy.

High activity

Sites like TNA Board die without activity. Fortunately, there's no chance of this happening here. TNA Board has around 2,000 guys looking for sex companions at any given time, and on average a new ad is posted every 20 seconds. That's a lot of sex work going around.

Of course, certain areas get more activity than others. According to data, the most popular boards are TNA Board Oregon, TNA Board Everett, and unsurprisingly, TNA Board Las Vegas. But if you live in any major built-up area you'll be fine.

Detailed escort ads

Since TNA Board has good moderation, expectations are quite high on here. That means a lot of escorts put some serious detail into their profiles because they want to stand out from the crowd. This includes age, breat size, pictures, sexual services and hourly prices.

Escort providers profiles are equally detailed too. They usually involve details about the kind of girls they have on offer (some agencies specialize in certain nationalities), an average price expectancy and a link to their website.

Hookup opportunities

Let's be honest, no one wants to actually pay for sex. We'd much rather get it for free, and if you're feeling lucky, TNA Board provides you with this opportunity. The Meet & Fuck section is a good place to start if you just want a no-strings one night stand with a local women.

Does this section actually work properly? Yes and no. You'll mostly find ads from guys looking for easy sex, but a real women occasionally slips through the cracks. Just be sure to check regularly and you're bound to come across one or two.

Search tool

TNA Board has a pretty good advanced search function. Not only can you search by keyword to help something specific, but you can also use the site's drop-down search filters to help narrow down your results to find exactly what you want.

Unlike a lot of other elements on the website, the search function is actually quite user friendly. It's real easy to perform a complexed search and you can also go between pages without losing your search results.

Payment options for escorts

In most cases, you'll pay your escort once you actually meet up with her in person. However, the TNA website offers you a couple of ways to pay your escort safely and discreetly. It has an escrow feature to help keep your money safe.

This is useful because not only does paying in advance show the escort that you're serious, but it saves you having to withdraw money at the midnight hour before your outcall escort arrives at your door. It also keeps your payments out of sight of the authorities.

No premium membership

Every Internet site these days requires a 'premium account' or a 'paid membership.' This isn't the case on TNA Board. You don't have to pay for a thing and you don't have to commit to a monthly subscription. There's no committment required at all.

That's not to say there isn't some paid options, but they're not required to get the most out of the site. You only need to register for a free account and doing so gives you access to all the main features plus a handful of third party websites that feature explicit content.

Diverse range of escorts

The services on offer range from classy, elite super-escorts to cheap amateur girls who sell their pussies as a side gig. It doesn't matter if you need an elegant piece of skirt for a business function or an affordable hussy for some motel fun - it's all available.

As well as vanilla services, there's a ton of mistresses, dominatrices and fetish services available too. Even if it's not straight up sex you're looking for, you'll have no trouble finding a dominant seductress to spank your bare ass.


Information overload

The TNA panel is, to say the least, very busy. If it's your first time visiting the site, your eyes won't know where to look. Everything grabs you by the balls, and for sites like this, that isn't a good thing. You want to know what you're getting into and TNA Board does't make it clear.

You'll get the hang of things once you start navigating, but for newbies this can be a massive turn off. 99% of people come here to find escorts and escort providers, and when you see links to cams and adult games it's kind of distracting.

Fake profiles

All dating sites have them. No one is safe from them. Fake profiles. They're everywhere, whether it's Tinder or Match, and they offer absolutely nothing. TNA Board is no different. You'll come across a few fakes on here so be sure to keep your wits about you.

But like other sites, you'll recognize a fake profile a mile off. First of all, they have minimal information in their profiles, but they also tend to have more reviews than real escorts because these reviews are fake too.

No company info

Who owns TNABoard? We don't really know. Even after scouring the website details from top to botom, it's still unclear exactly who the masterminds behind TNA Board are. Another TNA Board review claims its a service based in Las Vegas but that's all they could uncover.

Is this important? Not so much, but there's a chance the providers behind the website could be responsible for equally-impressive sites and we'd like to know about them. It might also be run by one of the big providers behind Tinder or OKCupid.

Is TNABoard Safe?

TNA Board is dedicated to the safety and privacy of its members. It has a number of security features and safety measures in place to ensure that identities, personal information and financial details are kept confidential. All messages exchanged can only be viewed by the sender and recipient. External administrators and moderators are not privy to these details.

According to credible feedbacks and TNA Board evaluations, the TNA Board website is encrypted with an SSL encryption. The administration deletes any content that doesn't comply with their rules and regulations. This includes underage content, sex trafficking suspicions, illegal content and harmful content.

TNA Board - Check It Out ASAP

TNA Board is an absolutely fantastic website that deserves a lot of love. If you're looking for an escort to spend the night with, there's no better than service than this one. It's one of the most active escort websites on the scene today, and the fact it comes with so many additional perks is reason enough to check it out.

If it's a hookup you want, we can't promise you'll find it on this website. You MIGHT do if you're lucky, but TNA Board is mostly for escorts and escort lovers. Providing you do things safely and discreetly, you'll have an excellent time here. Porn, adult games, live cams, great community and an endless supply of lot lizards - what's not to love?

We hope our TNABoard review has covered everything you needed. Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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