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TheOtherBoard Review & Other Escort Sites

If escorts didn't exist, a lot of guys wouldn't get laid. That's why escorts should not only be encouraged to sell their seductive wares as widely as possible, but they're vital to a functioning society. Hookers make finding casual sex easy, and that's why there's no such thing as too many escort sites.

Today, we're looking at a website called TheOtherBoard. This place claims to be a one-stop place to find attractive working girls (or clients if you're coming from the escort side) with ease. Does it work? Or is it another scammy website that doesn't lead anywhere? Here's your detailed TheOtherBoard review.

TheOtherBoard - What Is It?

According to the website tag, TheOtherBoard is a place for 'reviews, references, ads and discussions.' You'll note that nowhere does this description used the word escort or sex work, and that's usually a good thing because it keeps away prying eyes. However, it doesn't matter here, because TheOtherBoard isn't the kind of website it claims to be.

Before you dig into our report, we'll mention right away that TheOtherBoard isn't a very good place to find local women, hookers, or anyone else you might want to hook up with. It's all just a front for an advertising company to redirect you to their other sites, so don't expect much from here. That said, TheOtherBoard has SOME advantages, so read on if you're interested.

First Impressions

TheOtherBoard website looks like any other escort site. It's a simple white background and black text with a smidge of colored elements, and that's more than enough for what the site offers. In keeping with this theme of mundanity, you'll see a long list of locations, broken down by country, state, city and town. So far, pretty standard stuff.

The idea is that you locate your area from the list, dig into it and scour listings for all of the available escorts in your area. The only problem is that about 98% of these pages are completely barren, and the ones that do have listings are all from months ago. Basically, activity is so low that certain sections have never had activity at any point, ever.


Escort listings

This feature works the same as any other escort listings site. Local working girls will post ads detailing their age, location, availability and sexual services, and then you're free to message these girls through whatever means you desire (usually email or phone number). Some girls also provide 'references' to show they're genuine.


TheOtherBoard has an escort reviews section. Once you've sampled one of the "escorts" on here, you're free to share your experiences with other users on the site. Are these reviews legit? That's a question for the 'cons' section, although this probably already gives the answer away.


TheOtherBoard has a forums section for users to connect with each other and share their stories. Interestingly, it's the most active area of the website, and you'll genuinely find a decent amount of discussion on here. You won't find a whole lot of women here, just guys talking about their passion for banging ladies of the night.

Is TheOtherBoard Free?

Yes, TheOtherBoard doesn't cost anything to use. The only time you'll need to pay is if you (manage to) hook up with any of the working girls who advertise on here, although we suspect that's a rare occurrence. You also don't need to join up or register for an account. You can browse the entire service for the low cost of nothing at all.

With that said, there is a 'GFE Club' membership option, but this takes you to a site called Secret Benefits (as do many other links on the site). Secret Benefits appears to be a so-called hookup site, but chances are this is just for marketing purposes. Judging by the explicit imagery and language on offer, we doubt Secret Benefits will actually get you laid.


'Most Recent' listings

This is both a pro and a con, because while this escort site does indeed have a FEW real escorts, the 'Most Recent' section shows just how deserted this site is. Almost all of the site 'activity' takes place on the forum, and most of it is 'escorts' talking to each other. The actual listings are noticably absent.

Some real escorts

Yes, you'll find some real escort listings on this site, but you're gonna have to dig deep. If you live anywhere other than the most populated cities on earth, you're going to have a tough time finding girls to hook up with. And even if you do happen to live in New, Colorado, California or Florida, you're better off using a completely different site anyway.



Aside from the forum and review sections, there's very little reason to visit TheOtherBoard at all. The inactivity is obvious. Just pick a few sections at random (even in sex worker-populated regions like the Midwest) and you'll find literally nothing in some sections. If you were hoping to dive into a world of talented sex workers, you can forget about it.


Most of services listed on here are not legit. Chances are the listings will ask you to click a link to book the escort in question, only to redirect you to a third party page. Quite simply, this is an advertisement site disguised as an escort site. In some cases, it doesn't even try to hide the fact. The only other "members" you'll meet on here are guys who've also been fooled.

Bad design

While the listings section is relatively straightforward, the rest of the site is difficult to navigate. The review section in particular is super confusing, and at some points you won't be sure what to click to get to the area you need.

Misleading search function

Dating sites and bad search functions. Name a more iconic duo. You can indeed search TheOtherBoard, but there's something about this function that'll really sand your ass crack. It's got this massive, convoluted search engine that you think is gonna pull up thousands of results, when even the most basic terms (like 'blonde) will yield about two results.

Broken sections

Some sections on the site don't even work at all. The 'Hookup' link takes you to a completely different site called Secret Benefits, while the 'Contact' section just keeps you going round in a neverending loop of ads and popups. It doesn't exactly suggest professionalism and competent web design.

Lots of redirects

We've already mentioned Secret Benefits a few times here, and it seems that lots of links here direct to that page. It's obviously an affiliated site of some sort, but the people who join TheOtherBoard do so because they want hookers, not casual dating.

Fake reviews

According to the reviews section of the site, about a hundred men are using this site every day to find casual sex. Well, we fact-checked some of the information in these reviews (like the escort's profile, her location, the date she posted the ad), and couldn't find any compelling evidence that these reviews were genuine.

Alternative Escort Sites

Backpage Pro

Backpage Pro is the closest thing we have to the original Backpage site. Users have been screaming out for a replacement to the much-loved escort hub ever since it died in 2018, and Backpage Pro's high activity, free access and sleek user interface does a great job of replicating it.


BestGFE is what happens when escort users come together to create a harmonious paradise. As well as being a platform to find casual encounters, BestGFE also has a ton of escorts peddling their erotic services, and they're more than happy to reveal their phone numbers for easy communication. Great community spirit and cheap escorts. Perfect.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey is a hidden gem in in the escort listings world. It's a relatively new site that's gained a lot of traction real fast thanks to its unique design, high activity, personals section (for consensual casual sex) and user-uploaded photos and videos section. If you're interested, the site is free to join.


This is another Backpage replacement site, and it comes highly recommend by us (and many other online reviews). The service is more than adequate, offering regular listings, chat functions, free account creation and even a dedicated mobile app. For unlimited access to real women of the night, join eBackpage tonight.

TheOtherBoard - Should You Check It Out?

Not really. One half of TheOtherBoard is full of scammers, the other half is a ghost town. Unless you actually like wasting time, there's really nothing here for you. TheOtherBoard won't get you laid, be it with escorts or consensual partners. At most, you'll find some scam artists willing to take your money from you, but that's about it.

Sites like TheOtherBoard give escort listing sites bad names. The escort industry already has a less-then-stellar reputation, and places like this don't do it any favors. If you want our advice, steer clear of this one and go elsewhere. There are plenty of places to find real escorts. TheOtherBoard? No. Try an-other board.

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