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How To Use Switter Listings & Other Escort Sites

Ever heard of Switter? Once upon a time, Switter was the number one place to go for sex work. Whether you were a sex worker or a client, Switter was the number one escort directory to help you find someone to hook up with for the night.

Unfortunately, Switter got shut down, meaning sex workers had to migrate to other sites to provide their service. If you're still mourning this top escort site like we are, then we've got good news. We've put together a huge list of alternative sites to get you your escort fix tonight.

What Happened To Switter?

Back in 2018, Switter fell victim to a "harm reduction" law. It's a long story, but the government administration at the time believed that sites like Switter were hotbeds for sex trafficking and violence against women, and it ended up shutting down a bunch of places like Switter, Craigslist and Backpage. From that point, it became really hard to find providers of sex work.

Switter created a safe space for escorts to peddle their services, and at the time, it was the most popular site on the Mastodon Network. It was basically Twitter for sex workers and kept things pretty stripped down. It was a social media site that had all the basic tools; profile, search bar, messenger service.

Where Did Sex Workers Go?

Since Switter closed, clients and sex workers were forced to go elsewhere. Some escorts advertised on social media, some joined agencies and some, of course, went old school and hit the streets. However, a number of other free listing sites cropped up to take Switter's place, and some of them really took off.

If you're still searching for the ultimate escort location, we've got a list of places that should see you right. We've covered a bunch of dfferent niches so you'll be able to find a site that addresses your needs. No matter what country or city you're in, these sites will help bring some filthy escorts into your life.

Switter Alternatives

There are loads of alternatives to get your Switter fix, it's just about choosing the one that's right for you. Where are you based? Are you looking for high-class sex workers or some cheap hooker to pump and dump? And what about you horny bastards over in Europe? Fear not, because there's something for everyone in our Switter alternatives list.

Backpage Pro

Backpage used to be a sex work paradise, but it got hit with the same bullshit as the Switter listings did. However, Backpage ressurrected under the name Backpage Pro, and now it's back to being a hotbed of sexy listings and interactive features.

There's a $10 registration fee to get started, but that just makes Backpage Pro an even better provider in the long run because it keeps away scammers. It's a standard personals page that specializes in hooking up escorts and clients no matter your country or location.

Mega Personals

Mega Personals, not to be confused with Mega Escort, has remained one of the hottest providers of sex work for many years now, and it's gone from strength to strength in that time. Now, it's one of the most active pages for sex workers to meet clients and it's completely free to get involved.

The listings on here cover every city in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. It's got exposure all over the world and gets heavy activity every minute of the day. Not only can you use it to find escort listings, you might also find a consensual hookup on here too.


Craigslist used to be the number one place for sex workers. It had new listings every second of the day and nothing was off limits. It was one of the best providers of everything, let alone escorts. But obviously, Craigslist had to remove the personals listing from their website.

But even so, some rebels still use Craigslist to advertise their services. They just post them in a different sections. The main problem is that these types of posts get removed pretty quickly (keyword bots take them out), but if you're fast, you can usually catch one.


Bedpage was hit by the same laws as Switter, but unlike Switter, Bedpage just didn't give a fuck. Since 2018, Bedpage has continually found ways around these limitations, some of them legal, some of them not so.

And that makes Bedpage a great location to arrange your next sex worker date. It's a little crazy on there and there's quite a few fake ads, but it's a good all-rounder if you just want to find a local honey without the hassle (and for free).

Escorts Affair

Married guys suddenly start paying attention when the word 'affair' crops up. Escorts Affair is another escorts directory, but despite the name, it's not a place to find affairs (unless you're a married guy who fucks hookers).

Escorts Affair is exclusively limited to America, and the page attracts some of the newer and more eager escorts on the scene. While the seasoned sex workers tend to stick to the mainstream platforms, Escorts Affair is a great page to find a cheaper slut for the night.


Sumosearch is one for the Europeans (hey, the world is bigger than just America!) This page is actually called Sumosear, but the .ch is there because it's the domain name for Switzerland websites. The website is based in Europe, which means it isn't affected by the harm reduction laws.

All of the listings are posted by the escorts themselves, and they cover pretty much every European destination. Most ads are posted in English too, so if you happen to find yourself on the other side of the Atlantic, Sumosear.ch can hook you up.


Locanto is a top search page with an extensive adult community, but it's basically a Craigslist copy. You have the ability to find gorgeous escorts in any city in the world, but it's also got sections dedicated to everyday shit like buying and selling.

One thing that seperates Locanto from the competition is how strict it is. You need to verify everything, from your age to your location to your pictures. That means you won't get any fake profiles trying to link you sketchy shit.


Looking to get kinky? Then Alt.com is a pretty great place to find sex workers and regular hookups. Not only is it a social media for fetishists, but it's got a personals section to help you find someone right that fucking second.

It's basically Facebook for kinky bastards. Make connections, add friends, use the search bar to find people you want to connect with. You can keyword search by your chosen fetishes and even pay sex workers through the platform.

What's The Best Switter Alternative?

It's hard to label any one of these providers as the 'best' alternative because they all cater to different kinds of clients. However, Backpage Pro pretty much ticks all the right boxes no matter what you're into. It's full of professional sex workers, it has a great search function and a very active community.

But really, any one of the prodivers above will help get your sex life back on track (apart from Sumosearch, unless you're in Switzerland). We hope our list of Switter alternatives helps you find a platform to meet your next fuck date. Good luck, and have fun!

Did we miss a site on our Switter listings? comment and let us know!

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