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SumoSearch Escort Site Review - Is It Legit?

Even if you've been using escorts sites for a while, you've probably never heard of Sumosearch. It's a brand new place to find escort services, escort listings and a whole bunch of other crazy shit. Male escorts, shemale escorts, and of course, plenty of female escorts to keep you busy.

Sumosearch - What's It All About?

When you first enter the site, you'll be presented with a search bar that asks you to input a phone number. Pretty weird. Why the fuck would you need to input a phone number on here? Well, Sumosearch is actually a phone number search engine, but luckily, it's not just a phone number search engine. You can still browse multiple escort directories like all other escort sites.

Like all the best porn sites and escort sites that want to stand out from the crowd, Sumosearch has a hook. That hook is its little phone number search gimmick, but you don't really have to concern yourself with it. Once you click past it, you'll be greeted a million semi naked sluts and escorts profiles. This is where the fun begins.

What's With The Weird Name?

Sumo Search. At first glance, you'd think it was a place to meet fat Japanese men, but the name is actually pretty clever. You see, the site is actually called Sumosear, and the domain name is .ch. Put it together, and you've got Sumosearch. Dot CH is actually the most common domain name in Switzerland, which is where the company behind the site is based.

Why use a Swiss domain name at all? Won't it alienate Americans? Maybe, but there's a good reason for it. If you're old enough, you might remember back in 2018 a bunch of escort sites got shut down because of some bullshit "harm prevention law" called FOSTA-SESTA. It was pretty complicated, but the government thought sites like Craigslist were being used for sex trafficking, because the government are a bunch of fucking clowns.

The move did more harm than good since it forced a ton of sex workers back out onto the streets, but luckily, other websites cropped up to save the day. Sumosearch was one of them. The fact it's based in Switzerland means that the site isn't bound by the same laws. So, not only is Sumoseach an awesome place for escort listings, it's also a middle finger to American lawmakers.

First Impressions

Sumo Search looks like a digital marketing agency rather than a place to a filthy female escort for the night. Although in recent years, multiple websites have taken this approach, maybe so it doesn't look sketchy when your boss catches you browsing for BDSM hookups and trans escorts. So, for a hooker site, it's a massive plus.

All you need to do is select your location from the drop down menu and you'll be greeted with all the pay-for-sex hotties within a 50 mile radius. You'll see right away that pretty much everything is on offer; standard hookers, body rubs, erotic massages, kinky shit, couples fun and a whole lot else.

Not only are all the major cities represented, but you'll find escort services in every backwater shithole across the entire United States. Sumosearch even uses your browser's location and other location-based searching tools to help you find your perfect escort even if you live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.


Even an escort site needs features. Sumosearch might look super basic on the surface, but once you dig past that mundane surface, you'll actually find a ton of amazing features that making finding your next hooker hookup a total breeze. Here are the main features you need to know about.

Aggregate escort listings

Sumosearch isn't just a regular escort site, it's actually an aggregate site. That means it searches through all of the nearby escort services to give you the biggest list of available escorts. The site works really well because it scours escort agencies and independent girls to provide more whores than you could fuck in a lifetime. Not many other sites do this because they want platform-exclusive hookers, but Sumosearch isn't quite so selfish.

Escort profiles

See a post that grabs your attention? Then you can dig into that escort's profile and see all of her vital details. Age, location, experience, sexual services, prices, images and whatever else she wants to put on there. You'll get the full page info of every escort you check out, not just a few grainy photos and a short bio.

Search by phone numbers

Like we said, Sumosearch gives you option to search by phone numbers. Why would you want to? Let's say you have a friend who you think might be selling her body, and obviously you want to sample her talents. Well, you can search her phone number, find her on the site and give her the old "oh, fancy seeing you on here" bullshit. Sure, it's dishonest but it means you finally get to fuck that slutty cheerleader you went to college with.

Multiple contact methods

More websites are encouraging this approach in recent years and it's super refreshing to see. Sites like Craigslist used to hold you hostage and make you use their shitty email system, but Sumoseach encourages escorts to list multiple ways to contact them. Email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook accounts and whatever else. It means you're not beholden to any one contact method.

Six basic categories

No one wants a ton of categories to scour through because it just complicates things. The six main categories on Sumosearch are Escorts, Female Escorts, Massage & Body Rubs, Male Escorts, Trans & Shemale Escorts, Fetish & Domination. Pretty straightforward so you can find exactly what you want without having to scroll through a million pages.

Trusted affiliate links

Sumosearch has three affiliate pages to check out, and they're all pretty good in their own rights. The sites are: Uber Horny, a free hookup site. Sugar Babies, a place for rich men to hook up with shallow young sluts. Hookup Now, another free hookup site. The site also occasionally plugs a few porn sites, but they're all pretty reputable and well-known.

Strippers, masseurs, dominatrices

Sure, most guys on here just want a quick fuck with a good looking female, but some people want a little more from their whores. Fortunately, Sumosearch covers the whole spectrum of nymphos, from massage specialists to lapdancers to chicks who'll spank your ass red raw. There's a big presence of fetish chicks on here, so if that's your thing, look no further.


The fact Sumosearch searches every escorts site in your city is a massive advantage. It saves you having to waste time scouring through every local escort website and hoping you find a filthy bitch who ticks your boxes. Sumosearch brings them all together in one convenient location.

You'll see escorts in terms of their recent activity. At the top of the page, you'll see the escorts who are either online right now or have been online in the last hour. Below them, the results will be organized by how long they've been offline for (days > weeks > months, etc). You're still free to message girls who are currently offline too.

Every posting must have images included. No photos, no listing. There's nothing worse than seeing a post that gets your dick hard and not having any visual stimulation to along with it.

Sumosearch doesn't shy away from gays, trans and other alternative types of sexualities and genders. That's what makes this such a great place - it's all inclusive. There's also a ton of male escorts on here too, and that's awesome because male sex workers aren't often represented on mainstream escort services.

Did we mention that access is completely free? No registration fee, no messaging fee. Put your money away, browse every category and send a million messages without paying a cent.


The website has no search bar. If you want to search by things like race, hair color, body type or anything like that, abandon hope right now. The only thing you can search by is phone numbers, which is really shitty if you're trying to find a really particular type of escort. All you can do is narrow down by town or city name.

No reviews section. As you probably know, services live and die by their reviews. Nearly every escort site offers reviews of some sort, but there's no such thing on Sumosearch. All you can do is hope that Destiny, 22 is exactly who she says she is.

Sumosearch Alternatives

Even if Sumosearch doesn't hit the right spot, there's an escort website somewhere in the world just for you. If you want alternatives, try these platforms instead. It doesn't matter what type of service you're looking for, these 3 sites will provide.

Backpage Pro

Backpage is back! If you were familiar with the old Backpage site, you'll be glad to know the site has risen from the dead. Backpage Pro is pretty much identical to the old website, and even has a few more interactive features to help you find escort listings with ease.

Mega Personals

One of the oldest and most trustworthy escort listings sites in the world, Mega Personals has more info than you could ever need. The site is still going strong after all these years and will help you link up with local women in no time at all.

Escorts Affair

Not an affairs site, just an appealing name. Escorts Affair is a worldwide escorts listings page to help you find women in our area. It's got high activity, with new listings coming in every minute of the day, and the site offers everything from strippers to massage specialists.

Sumosearch - A Total Legit Escort Site

The real measure of a successful escort site is whether it actually hooks you up with ladies of the night. We're happy to say that Sumosearch does exactly that, and does it in style. It offers an incredibly array of escorts pulled from different escort sites in your area, thus giving you a massive pool of potential whores to choose from. What more could a punter ask for?

The only downside to Sumosearch is the shitty search engine, but it's not a huge deal because you can just scroll through all the available escorts on the page. Even with this little con, Sumosearch is definitely worth a visit next time you're craving the company of a solid gold slut. As far as escort services go, Sumosearch is right at the top. This website won't let you down!

Did we miss anything about Sumosearch? Let us know in the comments!

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