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Want A Sugar Mommy? Ladies Are Looking For Younger Men Nearby.

In today's world of easy transactional sex, sugar relationships are fast becoming the preferred way for millions of men and women to get their kicks. Of course, most people are already familiar with sugar daddies and sugar babies as the two go together like ice cream and sprinkles. But today, we're looking at the rarest type of sugar relationship - a sugar momma relationship.

Not only are we going to explain everything you need to know about this little niche of the dating world, but we're also going to tell you where you can find a sugar momma for yourself. We've got a long list of the best sugar momma apps for your convenience. Here's everything you need to know about sugar momma websites.

What Is A Sugar Momma Relationship?

In contrast to the typical sugar daddy / sugar baby type relationships, sugar momma relationships consist of a younger man and a wealthy, older woman who exchanges comfort and luxuries for sex. The woman will usually pay for all the man's expenses while he provides the sexual gratification she so desires. It's a transactional relationship by definition, but with so many people choosing sugar arrangements over regular, they clearly work.

Typically, a sugar momma is a wealthy older woman, financially secure and usually too busy with work commitments to date. That's why she chooses a sugar cub (the male equivalent of a sugar baby) to fulfill all of her needs on demand. These days, a lot of wealthy women lean towards these kinds of relationships for their instant benefits and lack of hassle.

Origins Of Sugar Dating

The term "sugar daddy" was actually coined in 1903 by famous socialite Alma de Bretteville. That year, Bretteville caught the eye of a gentleman named Adolph Spreckels, the wealthy heir to the Spreckels Sugar Company. Despite their 25 year age difference, the two fell in love, and Spreckels gave Bretteville everything she desired. She began referring to him as her sugar daddy given his connection to the sugar industry.

Why Choose Sugar Relationships?

Sugar arrangements are, at their core, mutually beneficial relationships for both parties. These wealthy sugar mommas (or daddies) crave connection and sexual fullfilment like everyone else, but their schedules usually don't translate well to regular dating. Therefore, they basically employ someone to be their sex partner, and this sugar cub receives gifts, vacations and a monthly 'allowance' for their services.

With the explosion of online dating apps over the past decade, sugar daddy dating (and its sugar counterparts) have surged in popularity. A lot of people crave emotional and sexual connections without the unnecessary "dating" that usually comes along with it, so sugar relationships are simply a natural product of our primary wants and needs.

Sugar Terminology

Before we dive into this world of older women dating, it's important to understand some of the terms we'll be using. Here's a quick breakdown of the most common ones:

  • Sugar Relationship:  This is a mutually beneficial arrangement usually between a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy.
  • Sugar Baby:  This is a beautiful, young lady seeking a financial security provider, but may also, refer to a young man who is in need of a gay SD/SB relationship.
  • Sugar Daddy:  Commonly, a wealthy older man who’s willing to cater for a good-looking, young lady in exchange for her time, companionship, and attentions.
  • Sugar Mommy:  This is a wealthy mature woman, who is ready to provide for a young man who she’ll have a relationship with or a young, woman, in theory.
  • Sugar Honey:  This is a rich young woman, who can cater for a man’s financial needs in exchange for his companionship.
  • Sugar Pup:  This term is used in describing a male SB, whether in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship.
  • Sugar Bear:  A rich young man that can provide in exchange for companionship.
  • Budget:  The amount of money a SB requires/needs so as to make this arrangement beneficial to her.
  • Big Daddy:  A considerably rich Sugar Daddy who knows no limits to what he can spend on his SB.
  • A Splenda Daddy/Mommy:  An imitator/wannabe Sugar Daddy/Mommy, who isn’t actually wealthy enough to become a real Sugar partner. 
  • Salt Daddy/Mommy:  This is an entirely fake SD/SM, who is lying about how wealthy they are and hoping they attract a SB for a quick fling.
  • Angel Baby:  This is a beautiful, cultured, elegant SB who has turned the sugarrelationships into an entire career.
  • Tuition Baby:  This is a SB in search of financial backer to help her pay for her educational expenses.
  • Arrangement:  This is a formalized settlement between a SD/SM and a SB asserting what each will give in the relationship.
  • Sugar on the Side:  This is a SB belonging to a married Sugar Daddy.

Best Sugar Momma Dating Apps

There isn't actually a huge ton of sugar momma dating sites out there. Most sugar dating sites are dominated by sugar babies and daddies, so the sugar mummy scene is something of a niche inside a niche. Even so, there's an online dating app for everything, so if you're a younger guy looking for older women, here are the best sugar momma dating platforms to check out.

Sugar Book

Sugar Book is a place for all things sugar dating. It's the premier sugar site on the scene today, featuring a vast assortment of sugar mamas, sugar daddies and all manner of babies and cubs. It's got a vast user base of several million, and all users need designate their label upon sign up. Members can register as a sugar mama, daddy, baby, honey mama, sugar bear, or sugar cub.

Interestingly, Sugar Book is actually a free dating site... provided you're a sugar baby or sugar cub. Since sugar arrangements are based around cash, others will need to prove their wealthy status through the rather expensive membership. But of course, any quality sugar momma or daddy won't have any trouble swallowing the high prices.

Elite Meets Beauty

Elite Meets Beauty isn't a place exclusively for sugar mommas and daddies, but it's stacked to the brim with gorgeous older women, and a lot of them are looking for a younger companion to add a little spice to their lives. Elite Meets Beauty is basically a dating app for successful people, but this naturally lends itself to sugar relationships.

As you might expect, membership is by no means free, but Elite Meets Beauty is, as the name says, elite. It's one of the most efficient and safe dating platforms around today and makes finding your perfect wealthy, experienced woman a walk in the park. If you can stomach the high price, Elite Meets beauty is one of the best apps around today.

Cougar Life

If there's one online dating app that's awash with horny cougars, gorgeous MILFs and successful older babes, it's Cougar Life. As the name suggests, Cougar Life is your one-stop hub for all your older woman needs, whether it's a filthy mature babe to get naughty with for the night or a wealthy woman for a long term relationship.

While it's not a sugar momma dating app, plenty of sugar mamas use Cougar Life to bag their next catch. Simply state your intentions in your profile or search the site for potential sugar mummies and you'll be surprised what comes up. It's not the number one dating platform to find a sugar mummy, but it's well worth having an active profile on here.

Elite Singles

Not directly a sugar momma dating platform, but still a great place to find sugar mommas. Elite Singles is very selective about who it allows on its platform. To gain acceptance, you need to prove your worth, which can come in a number of forms. If you're wealthy, famous, upper class, outrageously gorgeous or a combination of these traits, you'll be welcome.

Don't think you can just lie your way in here either. Rich people need to provide bank statements. Famous people need to provide sources. If you're lucky enough to get inside Elite Singles, you'll be able to find a sugar mama pretty easily because this place is swarming with them.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement might be the most popular sugar momma dating site in the world. It's the go-to place for people looking to find sugar mummies or daddies, so much so that it boasts 8 million users in the United States alone. Those are some imressive figures for any dating site, sugar dating or not.

This dating platform has a bunch of interactive features to help you find that perfect match. The sugar mommas on here are the cream of the crop, usually rich, successful women who keep themselves in incredible shape. If you're a wannabe sugar cub, you're going to need to stand out from the crowd because the young guys on here are all shredded young studs.

Older Woman Dating

OlderWomanDating is a mature, successful woman paradise. It's not entirely dedicated to sugar momma dating, but you'll still be able to find a sugar momma on here because the place is awash with mature ladies looking for a young stud to keep them busy. It has a free sign up process, but there's a small monthly fee to use the site's premium features.

No fake profiles. No scam users. Just mature women and young men looking for real life hookups and mutually beneficial relationships. It's a classic grid style platform with plenty of interactive features and quick search options to help you start dating wealthy women at a moment's notice. If you can't find a sugar momma here, you won't find one anywhere.

Sugar Momma Dating Tips

More Than Sex

You might think that these sugar mommas just want easy sex from young studs. While they definitely do want that, they also want good conversation and good company. Keep in mind that you and your sugar mama will be spending a lot of time together, both in the bedroom and out, so it's important you're able to hold your own even when you're not inside her.

Keep Yourself Trim

Sugar mommas and sugar daddies don't want some slob who sits around playing video games and smoking weed. Sugar babies and cubs are basically trophy partners, so you're gonna want to keep yourself in good condition. After all, gorgeous mature women don't have any problem finding sex, so you need to give your sugar momma a few reasons to choose you over the others.

Be Good Company

You're gonna be on vacation with your sugar momma. You're going to be hitting business functions and spending a lot of time travelling. It's a part of the whole luxury dating scene. So, it's important you can hold a conversation. Sugar mamas want someone presentable, well spoken and intelligent. A big dick doesn't hurt, but a big brain will go much further.

Use Multiple Sugar Momma Apps

You won't find your ultimate sugar mama but using a single sugar momma app. If you want to increase your chance of connecting with multiple sugar mommies, you're gonna need to use seeveral online dating sites in conjunction with one another. Always remember that dating is a numbers game - even sugar dating.

Be honest

Some sugar mummies like to be upfront about the essence of the relationship, others prefer more of a playful approach. You need to communicate your needs for financial support, mentorship, as well as other things you want; but you should also discuss what you can bring to the relationship too.

The Final Word In Sugar Mama Dating

If you want to find a sugar momma for yourself tonight, we guarantee that one of the sugar mama apps up above will make it happen. You might not realize it, but certain online platforms are swimming with sugar mommas on the hunt for their next younger lover, so you just need to be in the right place to find them. Good luck on your sugar momma hunt!

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