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Strip Cam might be the most popular cam website in the porn scene today. It's a cam2cam site that lets you video chat with real girls and professional models from all over the world, allowing for all manner of steamy fun. But even though Strip Cam has been around a while, does it still hold up in the modern day? Here's our detailed Strip Cam review.

Stripcam - How Does It Work?

Strip Cam is a sexually explicit cam chat site that connects users with real models, some amateur girls, some pros. According to recent data, it's one of the most active cam sites around in 2022, rivalled only by other big-name chat platforms like Chaturbate and Random Chat. The site boasts a wide range of categories, from standard cams to gay cams to fetish fun.

One thing that sets Strip Cam apart from the crowd is access is completely free for all users (providing they're over eighteen). All cams and videos can be viewed without a premium subscription. Instead, payment comes in the form of tips, although this isn't required for all webcams by any means. A large majority of the shows are completely free to watch.

First Impressions

The website gets right down to business from the opening notes. From the home page, you'll see a list of currently-available cam girls, each section broken down by category to give you a sample of what's on offer. Just hovering over each thumbnail will give you a little preview of what's happening inside without the need to jump into a live room directly.

The site's design is a little sleazy, but really, isn't that what we all want? This is a place to watch filthy women get themselves off, so it's understandable that the page doesn't exude class and elegance. Overall, the website is real easy on the eye and offers a convenient, simple layout that'll help you find exactly what you need with ease. Creating a free account then offers instant access to all of the free live rooms.


Free cams

Over 70% of the cam shows on the website cost absolutely nothing to watch. The only fees you'll incur is when you enter a private room or tip a girl, and these are both optional for all users. A ton of ladies on here simply do it for the love of the game, and that's good news for both your dick and your wallet.

Private shows

For more personalized fun, you'll want to check out the private shows. These come in two forms; group private shows and personal private shows. Both are much more intimate than regular sex cams, and your chosen stripping girl in question will be much more responsive to her live viewers. Private shows cost tokens to join (amount dependent on the model).

Tokens system

The website uses a tokens system as opposed to a regular subscription model. While you can browse through chat rooms at your leisure, you'll need to use tokens if you want to take things to the next level. Most public rooms don't require tokens to watch, but some of the more popular models will require tips and donations before they get naked.


Cam2Cam allowers users to partake in the naked fun as opposed to simply watching. This feature works like a private room and offers you the chance to interact with your chosen model face-to-face in real time. It's the closest thing you'll get to virtual sex anywhere on the Internet, especially with such stunning beauties.

Famous models

Strip Cam is home to professional models, professional pornstars and amateur pornstars. A lot of semi-famous performers make side cash through cam sites like this, so don't be surprised to see a few familiar names in the live rooms. To see all of the available popular performers, just click the Pornstars section on the left hand side of the website.

Diverse range of models

Every category of model is represented. MILFs, 18 years models, BBWs, ebony girls, couples, trans models and more. From the left hand side of the page, users can filter down by age, body type, country of origin and type of sexual service available. This really helps you narrow down to the types of naked ladies you enjoy.

Prices, Costs & Membership

You don't HAVE to hand over any money during your time on this website, but if you want the ultimate experience, then it's sometimes wise to tip the models to show your appreciation. Furthermore, tips serve as incentives to get the model's attention, allowing you to then make requests in the chat section.

In addition to tipping, private cam sessions obviously cost tokens too. You need to purchase these tokens beforehand, which is a useful approach since it prevents you from overspending (it's real easy to drain your bank account with some of these gorgeous women. Here's what you can expect to pay for tokens:

  • $9.99 – 90 tokens
  • $19.99 – 200 tokens
  • $49.99 – 520 tokens
  • $99.99 – 1,000 tokens
  • $199.99 – 2,200 tokens
  • 100 free tokens for 24 hours when you first create an account

You can select how much you want to tip the models as there's no set amount. The girls themselves will set the price for private cam sessions, but on average, they cost around 5 tokens per minute. For a standard 10 minute private session, that's around $6 in total. Not bad for a reasonably-lengthed session of personalized porn.


We found there's a whole lot to love about the Strip Cam website. It only takes 5 minutes to make an account and all it asks for is your basic information. Age, location, email address and your consent to see lots of explicit adults.

The choice of webcams girls on offer beats out most other chat camsites. Amateurs, professionals, girls next door, older girls, younger girls. Doesn't matter what your sex preferences are, you'll find someone you love watching with minimal effort.

The site doesn't charge much for tokens. 200 tokens (for $19.99) is plenty enough to give you a good idea of the type of sex fun on offer, and this would translate to around an hour of personal content. It might not sound very long but you'd be surprised how far it can stretch.

Another reason for Stripcam's popularity is that many cams, even free ones, allow for HD watching. The live feeds aren't some grainy, pixelated crap. You can interact with these sex-hungry nymphos in full 720p and 1080p.


Surely, there must be a negative or two? Well there's only really one major downside to the site, and that's the fact that it's sometimes hard to get a model's attention in the live rooms. In the busier live chat rooms, the model probably won't acknowledge you because her attention will be pulled between all of the willing users in there.

Users need to be eighteen in order to access horny chat, but the site doesn't ask you to provide any form of ID. This isn't a huge concern for you, but if you're a parent, we're sure you'll agree it's a little concerning that any person of any age could view this type of content quite easily.

Strip Cam - Worth It?

100% yes. Strip Cam is a worthwhile chat site that offers a whole galaxy of fun and adult play. Within minutes of creating an account, you can watch gorgeous girls stripping for your visual pleasure, and you can do it all without paying a cent. Of course, if you're wanting the good stuff, you'll need to pay a little, but it won't exactly cost you hundreds of thousands.

Strip Cam is actually run by the support team behind XVideos, one of the top sex sites on the scene, so you know you're in good hands. Providing you're 18 years of age, men, women and even couples will find plenty of content to enjoy on Strip Cam, secure in the knowledge that it's all safe and above board.

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