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SnapSext Review 2022 - Legit Casual Dating Or A Scam?

SnapSext. It sounds like a Snapchat-inspired social media site, but SnapSext is actually one of the fastest emerging dating sites on the scene today. In this review, we've dived into this hookup site to give you all the details you need to know. Does it actually work? Will it get you laid? Here's the only SnapSext review you need to read.

SnapSext - What Is It?

SnapSext is an online dating website with a heavy emphasis on text chatting, sexting and swapping explicit pictures. Outside of this, it's a pretty standard Internet dating site, although it does tend to focus more on hookups than any kind of long-term engagement. Most of the users on this particular service are just looking for casual dating and no-strings sex.

Before we get into the finer details, we'll tell you right away that SnapSext is a 100% legit dating Internet site. It's a shame we have to even say this at all, but so many online dating services these days are just subscription traps with no redeeming features or real users at all. However, SnapSext is very much real, so you can rest assured you're not getting scammed.

First Impressions

The SnapSext homepage is very easy on the eye. It's a modern-looking site with good design, featuring a hot brunette in glasses as their promo girl. There's a sliding bar of user profiles on the right hand side so you can get a taste of the other members on offer, and signing up is a quick and easy process.

Once you've created your free SnapSext account, you're free to browse through user profiles at your leisure. Navigation is simple, and while it's not the most incredible website in the world, not one person should have any problems getting around. Everything is clearly marked, from the user profiles to the special features like video chat.


Profile creation

Your first point of call will be to create your profile. Free users are able to do this in full too. There's a bio section to write a little bit about yourself, and there's a number of drop-down boxes to fill out the kind of details people are too shy to put in their bios. This includes your body type, education level, profession and income.

One particularly appealing feature of SnapSext is just how detailed profiles are. A lot of users are more likely to input their details if it's just a simple drop-down form, not to mention that most users seem happy to boast about themselves in their bios too. It's very rare that you'll get a completely blank profile here on SnapSext.

Free browsing

On SnapSext you're free to browse through other members' profiles as you see fit. It's what's known as a grid-style approach, as in you'll see all of the available users in grid form rather than having to swipe through faces (although that feature is available too). Once you find a profile that catches your eye, you can consume all of the details within.

The only drawback is that free members are only able to enlarge the profile's main photo, none of the others. You can still see the other photos in thumbnail form, but viewing them full-size is reserved for premium members only. This is quite common in modern dating sites though and isn't exclusive to this specific service.


Tinder changed the online dating industry when they introduced the now-famous swipe game. Ever since, every dating site has sported a variation of it and SnapSext is no different. If you prefer to swipe through faces rather than search for users the old fashioned away, you can do that on here too.

Swipe right if you like them, left if you don't. If you make a mutual match then a chat box will appear and you can begin chatting. The same users also appear in the grid-style approach too, but SnapSext lets you connect with other users in your preferred manner. The matchmaking feature is available free of charge but you'll have to upgrade to actually message people.

'Meet Now'

SnapSext's 'Meet Now' feature is ideal for those who are looking to hook up with someone the same night. As SnapSext puts a big emphasis on sexting and general virtual fun, this section is frequented by those users who actually want to get physical in the flesh. You can turn on the Meet Now feature from your profile settings.

The way it works is that anyone who enables this little function will then appear in the Meet Now section. Message anyone who catches your eye and you're free to arrange a real life hookup at your convenience. Just be sure to turn off the Meet Now icon when you're done (although it will turn off automatically after 2 hours).

User media

Since SnapSext encourages virtual connectivity, the site has a section dedicated to user-uploaded content. Imagine Instagram or TikTok but with a good dose of nudity and explicit acts. Expect pictures, videos and gifs of SnapSext users all showing themselves off for the viewing pleasure of millions.

This content also backlinks to the user who uploaded it, so if a particular picture or video gets your blood pumping, you can contact that member directly. It's like finding a pornstar who you really like and then being able to actually proposition them for a hookup. The only downside is that there's no way to filter this content by people in your area.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to do anything of use on SnapSext, you'll need to purchase a premium membership. Once you do, you'll be able to utilize the messaging and video chats function to connect with other users on here. Paying members also get an ad-free experience. There are three membership options available for premium members. Here's what they cost:

  • 1 Month – $40.00
  • 6 Month – $70.00
  • 12 Month – $80.00

Overall, these prices are good, especially in comparison to some other platforms out there. The one-month option is a little steep, but $70 for half a year is a fantastic deal and the one-year option is even better. Usually, sites that tier their costs like this (i.e. a massive saving between the cheapest and highest) are on the sketchy side, but SnapSext is just really good value for money.


Massive user base

SnapSext has a site active audience of just over 2 million, which is super impressive as far as modern dating websites go. This userbase is spread over the USA and Canada, and while the site is available in Europe and Asia too, this 2 million number isn't taken into consideration. Not too mention that the site isn't as popular across the pond.

According to website data, the SnapSext user base is made up of 59% men, 41% women, which is about average for most adult dating sites. There's a wide range of sexual preferences on offer, including gay, lesbian, trans and LGBTQ users. In short, the site boasts as many folks as you can get your hands on so you'll never be short of other members to chat with.

Mostly hookups

As we've mentioned, around 30% of the users on SnapSext are looking for virtual fun and nothing more. The rest of the users, on the other hand, are on the hunt for easy dick and pussy. If a woman messages you on SnapSext, you can rest assured she's not looking to be wined and dined, and this fact alone makes SnapSext worth checking out.

That's not to say that you won't find a long-term engagement on here, providing that engagement is based purely on casual sex. You'll find women looking for fuck buddies and friends with benefits just as much as you'll come across one night stand-seekers.

Sext-based environment

As you might expect from a dating online site named SnapSext, most users are on here looking for someone to spend the night with. They're not just on the hunt for a romantic date of any kind. Furthermore, there's a heavy emphasis on sexting and swapping hot pictures, and you'll find a ton of other users who just want some virtual fun.

Furthermore, user versaility is impressive too. While the main demographic is 21-36 year olds, you'll also find hot moms, cougars, divorced women and a general older crowd. Some girls even use SnapSext as a sugar daddy site, and as it turns out, it seems like a LOT of girls out there are looking for a sugar daddy.


SnapSext is a very low-cost website in the grand scheme of things. $70 for six months worth of features is one of the best bargains on the dating scene, and $80 for twelve months is an absolute steal.

If you look at the membership section up above, you'll notice that there's a massive drop between the costs of the one-month option and the following options. In most cases, a huge drop like this sugggests there's something shady going on, but in this case there's really nothing to worry about. It's just SnapSext's clever marketing.


Fake profiles

What dating site doesn't have fake profiles? It's very rare you'll find a platform without them, and there are more than a few here on SnapSext. Fortunately, fake accounts are pretty easy to distinguish from the other folks because their profiles are all alarmingly-bare. Either that or they're overly sexual and full of links to third party sites.

While this influx of fake profiles isn't exactly a big issue, it's indicative of a bigger problem which is a lack of moderation. Some of these fake profiles stick around for weeks on end, suggesting that the moderators sit on their hands for a while before doing anything about them. Usually, mods stamp out fakes immediately, whereas SnapSext take their sweet time.

Outdated interface

SnapSext's table of contents looks pretty similar to most online dating sites, but once you get a little deeper into the web page, you'll find loads of little bugs and elements that don't run so smoothly. For a site with such a massive userbase and plenty of subscribed members, you'd think that SnapSext might put a little more effort into their presentation.

Another similar issue is that it's pretty hard to find the details of your service membership. The site will prompt you to upgrade your account settings at every opportunity, but actually managing these settings proves a difficult task. This is less than reassuring for premium members, especially as it's hard to find the option to cancel.

Customer reviews

Aside from us, not many online reviews have been so kind to SnapSext. We're not sure why, since SnapSext has everything users could want from a dating service, but other bad-mouthed about a lot of things like the search feature, the lack of mobile app, lack of customer support and the clunky SnapSext website (although we agree on that last one).

But these reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. Not everyone has aquired online flirting addicting the way we have, but we can assure you our SnapSext review is completely impartial. If you've used SnapSext and found it decent, then feel free your submit your review rating through any review platform to help them out.

SnapSext - Legit Dating Site For Hookups

SnapSext is a great site that definitely gets results providing you spend an hour or two putting yourself out there. It's got some incredible features that really make it easy to meet like-minded people for virtual and real life fun, and that's precisely what we need in the modern era of endless scammy dating sites.

Is it one of the best dating sites around today? Not really, but it's not like SnapSext is some niche Internet site with barely any users. It's a genuine hookup website that facilitates casual hookups every minute of the day, so if easy sex is your mission, you should create a SnapSext account tonight.

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