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SnapSex Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Another day, another dating site to review. Snapsex is a new casual sex site that combines Snapchat elements with general dating site features, and its USP is that it guarantees sex with local girls within a day of signing up. Sure, a lot of dating sites make big promises, but not all of them deliver. Is the Snapsex site worth your time? Here's our unbiased review.

Snapsex - Not Your Average Dating Site

Snapsex brands itself very clearly right from the off - this isn't a dating site. It's a place to find a fuck tonight and find it fast. Of course, these kinds of platforms have to make big claims to draw in new members, and in reality, Snap Sex falls under the banner of modern sex chat, fuck app, sexting sites. You can find your next fuck buddy or one night stand here, but a lot of users just prefer chatting or exchanging naughty pics with other members.

Are there hot girls on here? Absolutely. It's easy to see right from the home page that the site is swimming with real users. Just a quick glance at their profiles will tell you these aren't your standard scammers with Internet-stolen pictures. It's clear that once you join Snapsex, you'll have a decent chance of genuinely meeting people online.

The sign up process is quick and simple. You just need to input your basic details like name, age, email address and location, then you're free to create your profile. All it requires is at least three pictures and a short bio about yourself. Only after that does the website ask for your credit card info, which is required for access. However, it won't charge you right away.


As far as dating sites go, Snapsex has more features than most. While it's a simple scroll-and-search site (no swiping like Tinder), it's also got a few little additions to help you find your next free chat partner. Here's an example of the kind of things you'll find on Snapsex:

Free Account Creation

It's free to sign up and take a look around the site. You can check out all of the local women on offer before committing; you can view their profiles, pictures, videos and vital info. The only thing you can't do with a free account is message people (but this is par for the course with most dating websites).

Unlimited Messaging

There are no limits to how many people you can message. Some modern sites make you pay for additional swipes and stuff like that, but Snap Sex lets you go wild providing you're a premium member (more on that in the next section). However, you can "boost" your messages to the top of the recipient's inbox for an extra dollar.

Active Userbase

As with any dating site, Snapsex is nothing without high activity. Fortunately, it's a very busy platform, with several thousand active members online at any given time. It's not the most active hookup site in the world by any means, but for a new website on the scene, Snapsex rolls with the best of them.

Disappearing Media

Like Snapchat, Snapsex offers a disappearing media feature - perfect for keeping your nudes safe. Like we said, lots of people are drawn to Snapsex because of its connotations with Snapchat and sexting, so there's plenty of nudes pictures going around. This little feature keeps them as secure as possible and helps prevents leaks.

Limit Personal Information

Some people on Snap Sex don't want their entire lives out there for everyone to see. That's why you can choose what information you share with people, including your real name, age, location and sexual preferences. The only thing that's always visible is your username.

Costs & Membership

All new users get two days trial membership free. This is 100% legit, no strings attached. Everyone who signs up can use the service for 48 hours without paying a penny. However, after two days, your credit card will be charged $6 per month up until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time and your membership will end on the next renewal date.

In comparison to other sites on the hookup scene, $6 per month is a very reasonable cost for full access to Snapsex. Given that the platform has a ton of active members and good, usable features, this is one of the more appealing costs out there. Additionally, there's nothing stopping you cancelling your subscription before the trial is up so you don't have to pay anything.


There's a lot to love about this hookup site. First and foremost, navigation is easy. Everything from the log screen to browsing profiles to messaging is streamlined and simple, and you're never cluttered with ads or links or anything like that. It's also real easy find whichever section of the site you need thanks to the minimalistic design.

You'll find every demographic on Snapsex, despite the name sounding like something that would only appeal to younger girls. There are plenty of older women to dilute down the college coeds on here, so if you're on the older side, you'll fit right in.

There's a diverse range of sexual opportunities on offer, from casual relationships to no-strings meet and fucks. However, a lot of members are on here for sexting fun, and we can't blame them. Sexting is more popular than ever today, and Snapsex has found a way to capitalize on the trend.

$6 per month is a pretty good price. Even better, you don't have to commit to a full year or anything like that. The subscription works on a rolling basis, so you can join and leave at any time you wish.

Unlike most modern dating apps, Snapsex has no feature to make matches. Let's be honest, we're all sick of playing the swipe game, and Snapsex knows this better than anyone. The only way to meet people on here is by scrolling through locals and messaging them directly.


Every dating site has its fake profiles, and there's really no escaping them these days. Even on paid sites like Snapsex, you'll occasionally get spammed by bots and fakes, but the good news is that they're quite easy to spot. Usually, they're VERY forward, sending messages like "hey, I'm a filthy XXX slut who loves anal sex, want to be my girlfriend?"

Professional models. Amateur stars. You'll run into a few of these types on Snapsex, and they're not looking for sex talk. Most of them just want to plug their OnlyFans and FanCentro links, so you'll need to tell these eager ladies that you're not interested.


Snap Sex is a decent hookup site that gets results providing you put the time in. Is it the best site in the world for instant hookups? Definitely not, but it's good for meeting someone to chat dirty with and help scratch that sexual itch for the night. The low cost also draws in a lot of people, so you'll rarely be short of chatting buddies.

Overall, Snap Sex delivers on nearly all fronts. If there were more members looking for IRL meetups, it would be right near the top of the list, but if you're looking for steamy sexting with a stranger, there isn't many better platforms than this one. So, put down the porn and find a real girl to get textual with tonight.

Did we miss anything in our Snapsex review? Comment and let us know!

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