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How to Find a Snapchat Hookup

Most people think Snapchat is a place to share pictures, chat and find friends who share similar interests. However, Snapchat is actually a great platform if you're looking to get laid. Perhaps moreso than most online dating sites, such as Snapsex that it has inspired. With so many active users, Snapchat actually blows a lot of other platforms out the water. Here's how to find a real life hookup on Snapchat tonight.

Find Snapchat Hookup Usernames

To start meeting people on Shapchat, the first thing you need to do is find some accounts to follow or add as friends. You won't get much out of Snapchat if no one adds you back, after all. If you want to find local users, try using the "add nearby friends" feature. This allows you to view names and photos of other locals who are also signed into Snapchat. Once you've found someone interesting, send them a message.

Most girls can sense what you're looking for, and once they realize you're interested in getting down to business, most girls will jump at the chance. These young girls are looking to hook up just like you, so you might be surprised how willing they are to meet up. It's very easy to find new friends on Snapchat.

Start with text, then go with videos and photos

Once you're both interested, start sending each other messages. These should be short and sweet, but they should also reveal that you have common interests. Don't just ask what their favorite food is – show off your own knowledge by asking them about something you know they love. For example, maybe they like Harry Potter or wrestling. Use these questions as conversation starters, and eventually ask something sexual.

Don't forget to include pictures of yourself as well. If you don't, you could easily miss out on a great opportunity because you failed to make a good impression. The trick here is to send only semi-nude photos. Your face should always be visible (unless you're in a selfie), and you shouldn't post anything too revealing.

After a few exchanges, take it offline

If everything goes well, it's time to move things away from Snapchat. Try to meet up somewhere public where you can talk. Be prepared to follow through on whatever promises you made when messaging each other. If you said you'd give them a naked picture, then do so. And if you said you wanted to fuck them tonight, then bring condoms and lube along. There's nothing wrong with safe sex.

Go for drinks or dinner first, then head home together

Once you're alone at your place, it's time to hit the sheets. But before you get down and dirty, you might want to try something different. Instead of jumping straight to sex, you can take a more casual approach and go for drinks first. This will let you get to know each other better, while giving you a chance to see if there's any chemistry between you. And if you don't feel it, you can politely decline and leave without getting awkward.

Make sure to set boundaries from the start

Another important step is setting clear boundaries from the very beginning. You don't want either of you feeling uncomfortable during the hookup. Whether you're looking for a one night stand or a long term relationship, make sure everyone knows where they stand from the start. That way, you can avoid awkward situations later on.

Always Use Protection With Snapchat Hookups

After the hookup, remember to use protection. Even if you trust the person completely, it's better to play it safe and wrap it up. You never know what diseases they might have, and you can't control how many times they've been tested recently.

Keep it casual

Just because you hooked up once doesn't mean they're obligated to stay in contact. If you want to see them again, just ask them out for a drink. You don't have to act like they're your boyfriend or girlfriend after just one meeting. A casual hookup is all about having fun without any strings attached. You can always stay friends afterwards.

If things go south, move on

Sometimes things won't work out as planned. Maybe you didn't click, or you had different expectations. Whatever the reason, you need to move on. There's nothing wrong with trying again, but you should only do so if you truly feel like you want to. Otherwise, it's best to just walk away. There's plenty of choice on the app, so don't just chase one person.

Pick your Snapchat username carefully

This is especially true if you're looking for a hookup on Snapchat. You don't want to have anything weird or embarrassing in your name. Choose something simple, and preferably something that describes your personality. Also, make sure you choose a username that's easy to remember. Don't make anyone guess how to spell your name, and avoid numbers and symbols if possible.

Snapchat usernames should be simple and snappy. Alternatively, sign up with your Facebook profile to show your real name as your username. Technology is all interconnected now, and that comes with advantages. Connecting your Snapchat account to your Facebook profile will also show some personal information, like your age and location (and that's an advantage).

Don't spam other Snapchat users with messages

When you first start using the app, you might want to reach out to multiple people. But it's a good idea to stop after a few days. Spamming random strangers is annoying, and it may even lead to you getting blocked. If you really want to connect with someone, wait until they're actively interested before sending another message.

Don't overshare

Some people don't want to hear your life story. Keep certain info to yourself, for your own safety. Your location, school, workplace, friends list, phone number, real name. You don't want something stupid to happen. This info might come out naturally during your communication, but keep it confidential to the best of your ability.

Never send unsolicited Snapchat pictures

Snapchat is generally pretty safe, but that doesn't mean you should send unsolicited nudes. If you want to send a nude photo, you need to ask first. The same goes for sending any kind of sexual content. If someone sends you something you don't want to see, block them immediately. A Snapchat hookup should be safe and secure.

Don't be overly forward

Snapchat is all about being casual. While you can be direct with some people, it's better to remain reserved with others. Just because you're horny and ready to fuck doesn't mean everyone else is. If someone seems hesitant, be respectful and take your time. Overly forward approaches can scare people off, so keep it casual.

Send discreet snaps

Snapchat is all about swapping pics (or snaps as they're known). You should always be careful whenever you send a snap, because there's always a chance your snap could leak. You don't want everyone in your location to see your junk, right? Or even worse, your friends? When swapping pics with girls (or guys), try to keep your face out of the shot.

Ready to find Snapchat usernames and hookup?

There you have it – everything you need to know about finding a Snapchat hookup. Now you'll be able to use the app to quickly find the type of partner you're looking for. It takes patience and effort to build a strong social network, so don't expect instant results. But if you follow our advice, you should be able to find someone you can have a lot of fun with on Snapchat.

You can use the advice here to find hookups on a number of similar sites too. Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook. Hookup culture has permeated all of social media, so if you have an account elsewhere, feel free to try your luck on there too. You don't have to spend money to find a hook up in today's world, not when social media sites literally give you access to the same girls you'll find on dating sites!

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