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Smooci Review - Does This Escort Site Really Work?

The escort industry took a big hit back in 2018 with the new sex trafficking laws that came in, and ever since, escort girls have been clambering for new places to sell their seductive talents. Many escort sites have come and gone since then, and today we're looking at one escort website that's actually a little different from the rest.

Smooci doesn't work like your average classifieds site. In fact, there's no other escort service quite like this one, so any escort punter out there might be curious to check this one out. If you're interested, we've put together everything you need to know about this quirky new service. Here's your ultimate Smooci review.

Smooci - How Does It Work?

Smooci is a very interesting platform that doesn't follow the status quo when it comes to escort listing sites. On here, you're not able to search through all of the escorts in your area. Instead, you can only see the girls who are available at that very moment (or in the next few hours). The idea is that you come to Smooci when you want to bag an escort right away.

You have to input your basic details (location, sexual preference, availability and preferred session length), then Smooci will throw up all of the available escorts that fit your critera. You can then book that escort through the Smooci system (or contact the escort directly if you're a premium member). It's a weird system, but it's a nice change from the usual approach.

First Impressions

Smooci looks incredible. It's got a classy white design with a spatter of neon blues and pinks, and the layout is crisp and clear. On the homepage, you'll see a randomly-generated sample of escort photos and below that you'll see all the recent escort reviews left by genuine punters. It's nice to look at it and it's easy on the eye.

Just click 'Meet An Escort' then you'll be taken to the wonderful escort-finder feature. Input your details and you'll see all the girls currently available in your chosen area. Smooci is actually an escort aggregator site, meaning it searches all escort services to give you the biggest choice of working girls possible. You're not just limited to one agency's pool of girls.


Booking features

Smooci works like an intermediary service between clients and escorts. You're able to take an escort booking through here like you would through any escort site or agency, and all the same features are in place. You'll see a list of services and locations the ladies cater to, the only caveat is that you have to be ready to book right away.

Real time updates

When you do book an escort through the site, you're given regular updates regarding the whereabouts of your escort (if you've opted for an outcall service). We hate to compare it to this, but it's the same as when you order takeaway food. You'll see when your escort is ready, when she's left the house and regular updates on her location.

Real reviews

All reviews are completely real feedback from genuine clients. How do we know this? Well, obviously a lot of dating sites give themselves fake glowing reviews all the time, but you'll find just as many 1-4 star reviews as you will 5-star ones on Smooci. Plus, some escorts actually respond to the user reviews too.

Services list

Every escort profile features the kind of information you need to know before booking. Age, height, body type, languages spoken, measurements, and most importantly, the sexual services on offer (A-level, CIM, COB, couples, rimming, massage, etc). All girls must upload a minimum of two pictures too (and a lot of them throw up videos as well).

Prices, Costs & Membership

While Smooci's free account will let you browse escorts, see pictures and take bookings, the premium membership opens up a lot more options. With a paid account, you'll get access to all the features, including; search offline escorts, chat with them directly through the site and uncover their direct contact details. Here's what you can expect to pay for Smooci Premium:

  • 3 days trial - $9.99
  • 1 week membership - $14.99
  • 1 month membership - $24.99
  • 1 year membership - $99.99

The one-year premium membership is pretty good value for money. The others aren't fantastic, especially as the site is usable without a paid account, but the trial might be useful for those who just want to sample the site for a short while.


Unique system

The way Smooci approaches the whole escort booking process is quite creative, and we're happy to finally see an escort site that breaks the rules a little. Just check out any Smooci review and you'll see that most people can't speak highly enough when it comes to the Smooci site design.

Escort search aggregator

Smooci isn't just limited to independent girls. It's an aggregate escort platform which means it searches all of the escort agencies (and independent girls) in your area to provide the biggest range of available girls at any given time. It means you don't have to trawl through multiple escort directories to find your next lady of the night.

Real girls

Smooci has the least amount of fake profiles we've ever seen on any escort page. The Smooci team really do everything in their power to ensure that no fake photos slip through the cracks, and the number of verified profiles on here rivals even the most elite escort agencies out there.

Book through the site

With the real time online searches that Smooci provides, it takes out the hassles of finding beautiful girls to hire for the night. The site offers an escrow service so you can rest assure that your money will be kept safe. Outside of agency work, it's the safest way to book girls online.

Escort reviews

Only premium clients can leave reviews - just another reason why this site is so appealing. Clients are encouraged to leave an 'honest review' after every experience, and some of these guys don't pull any punches. These genuine reviews are a little too honest sometimes, but that just proves that the fake reviews are kept to a bare minimum on here.

Very selective

While any escort online can sign up to Smooci, the site is actually quite selective about who it admits. According to the site's main page, only the best girls can become Smooci girls. We're not sure how true this is since Smooci scours escort sites to populate their listings, but we appreciate the effort to appear courteous.

Live escort updates

Another thing we found interesting was the ability to track your escort's whereabouts after booking. It seems a little big brothery, but it's nice to know how much time you have before she arrives at your door. It means you can prepare yourself for your upcoming night of intense passion.


Can't see all escorts

Unless you're a premium member, you can't see all the escorts in your area. You're only able to see the ones who are available at that very moment, so it's not like you could book a sex session 24 hours in advance or anything like that. Is this a problem? For most guys, not really, since most of them only search escorts when they want to hook up right away. But we guess there are some folk out there who want to do things a little differently.

Some agency girls

Any escort agency can sign up to Smooci and advertise via their escort directory. That means you'll sometimes be dealing with an agency without actually realizing it. It's a little dishonest especially as the prices for these girls will be higher (so you might think they're more elite than they actually are).

Premium required

If we're being honest, no one really wants to book an escort through the Smooci app or site. They'd rather book escorts the old fashioned way - by calling them. Unfortunately you need a VIP membership to do this, but while the short-term premium memberships are costly, committing to a longer subscription is actually quite cost effective.

No search function

Even premium members can't do this. Obviously, different girls will offer different sexual services, and if you're looking for something specific, it can be quite hard to find it through this website. For example, if you want a girl who offers A-level (anal, basically), you need to check every individual profile to find a girl that offers it.

Alternative Escort Booking Sites


One of the most trustworthy sites for escorts, eBackpage is a hooker paradise. You don't have to worry about booking escorts through the site because all of these girls happily put up their phone numbers for anyone to grab. The site also has one of the highest activities of any listings site, so you'll have no problem fulfilling all your fantasies through here.


Another top escorts site, Backlist24 is a reliable platform that connects clients and escorts directly. You can contact your future companion directly without having to utilize any online service or escrows or anything like that. Backlist24 is the virtual equivalent of the days when sex workers used to write their phone numbers on toilet walls.


Whilst still a relatively new escorts platform, Yespage delivers the goods when it comes to finding escorts. It's got a discreet system to help you find girls, required photo verification, and a live location tracker so you know exactly when your escort is about to hit your doorstep. It's free too, so that's a massive tick in the positives column.

Smooci - Is It Worth It?

Smooci is exactly what the escort business needs. Smooci offers a fresh approach to the way escort bookings are made and it's much more effective than trawling every escort site in your area to find a hooker for the night. For that reason, Smooci is well worth checking out the next time you're craving the company of a working girl.

The only thing we're not a fan of is the premium membership requirement. We think Smooci would be the ultimate kick up the ass the escort world needs - if it was accessible to everyone. Obviously a lot of people are going to be reluctant to swallow the premium costs, and paying for a subscription as well as an escort isn't exactly cost effective. Even so, Smooci is worth a visit for any would-be punter.

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