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Slutty Matches Review - Find Hookups For Real Or Get Scammed?

When it comes to dating sites, it's a buyers market. There are more dating sites on the scene than there are people to use them, so flirty singles can pick and choose until they find the dating site that works for them. In this article, we're looking at a site called Slutty Matches. Will it get you the easy sex you crave? Find out in our detailed Slutty Matches review.

First Impressions

Slutty Matches looks like a standard dating site on first glance. The home page hits all of the typical dating site cliches, from explicit, overly-sexual language to an image of a classy, seductive blonde who'd never need to use a dating app in a million years. It's all present and correct, but once you dig past the surface, the cracks start appearing.

After putting you details and setting up your "free" account, you'll get a notification saying that the site uses something called a "Promote My Account" service. We'll cover this in detail later, but it's basically telling you that not all of the other members on here will be real. As it turns out, very few actually are.


Grid style browsing

Slutty Match is a grid style dating website. That means you can scroll through users at your leisure until you find a potential dating partner you like the look of, then you're free to message them. You don't have to rely on swiping and matchmaking before you can initiate conversations.

Location based service

This dating site offers a geographical feature to help you find potential hookup partners in your area. Simply turn the locations feature on in your phone and the app will automatically sync. Alternatively you can input your details manually.

Advanced search function

Slutty Match has a detailed search function that lets you narrow down users to the most specific margins. You can set search parameters for age, location, body type, ethnicity, education levels, sexual interests, height, weight and more. While all of this seems useful, it doesn't yield a whole lot of results when you're only searching through fake profiles.

Is Slutty Match Free?

No, Slutty Match is far from free. You can look around at some of the profile pictures on offer, but if you want to send messages (or view these online profiles in full), you'll need to purchase one of the three subscriptions on offer. Here's what they'll cost you:

  • 1 month (Bronze Membership) - $39.99
  • 3 months (Silver Membership) - $69.99
  • 6 months (Gold Membership) - $99.99

These are all non-recurring payment plans that can be purchased with any credit card, debit card, PayPal or Venmo. There are no trial plans on offer to sample the website before committing. As you can tell, these prices are not easy on the wallet, especially for a site that delivers absolutely no results.


Looks legit

We can't deny that Slutty Match looks like a good dating site. Everything is professionally designed and laid out. It's not definitely not an amateur effort. So, you'll have a nice time visually, it's just you'll find that things start declining when you start sending messages.

Decent layout

From the moment you register on the site, you'll never have trouble finding the sections you need. It's all very crisp and clear, and there's clearly been a lot of thought put into the websites layout. That said, this efficient design doesn't help you find a date, so it's worthless in the long run.


Full of fakes

If you get invited to an unrealistic amount of private chats within a few minutes of registration, then the website is definitely a scam. Unfortunately, that's exactly what'll happen when you sign up to Slutty Match. Just endless messages from the kind of women way too attractive to be using online dating.

Bad reputation

Slutty Match is run by a company name MidSummer Online that are based in Hong Kong. This company actually maintain a number of online dating sites, and they're all equally as scammy as this one. Therefore, it stands to reason that Slutty Match is going to continue that trend.

Negative reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Check out any Slutty Match review and they'll tell you the same things we have. This a scam website posing as a dating site. There are no real women on here, just bot users that'll promise you naked photos to get your personal details.


If you read the Prices, Costs & Memberships section, you'll already know that Slutty Match isn't the cheapest site in the world. In fact, it's hilariously expensive, especially for a site that delivers absolutely nothing in the way of quality or success rate. You should't have to pay $40 per month for a chance at MAYBE finding a date.

"Promote My Account" Service

When you sign up, new members are given a message stating that their profiles will be part of something called the "Promote My Account" feature. It states that your profile might be used to send enticing messages to new members to create the illusion of activity. Therefore, not only is the site full of scammers, but they also use REAL members profiles to send spammy messages too.

Slutty Matches - Should You Check It Out?

No. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, trans or alien. You've got more chance of winning the lottery than you have finding sex on here. 99.9% of users are these annoying "Promote My Account" spam bots, and the only real people on here are the horny guys who've been suckered in by false promises.

Bottom line: avoid like the plague. There are thousands of other online dating sites that'll actually get you laid, and they won't require you to remortgage to afford them. Stay away from Slutty Match.

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