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Slutty Hour - Free Dating & Local Hookups, Or Get Scammed?

Slutty Hour is a relatively new dating site on the scene that claims to provide unlimited, easy hookups with people in your city. Is it one of those dating sites that makes big promises and never delivers, or will you actually find a revolving door of fuck partners on this website? Here's your best Sluty Hour review.

Slutty Hour - What Is It?

SluttyHour is not a real dating site. It makes a lot of big claims, like you can register for free and that your safety is assured, but it's all a front for a scam service. You'll find all of the usual red flags; photos of porn stars, sections that don't work, empty searches, a million scam users. Put simply, there's nothing here that'll get you laid.

First Impressions

Slutty Hour looks visually impressive. The landing page is well designed and there's a little section telling you that the site is a real place to meet real women. It also boasts that it has 24/7 customer support and a wealth of interactive features to help you meet other members. The site seems genuine on the surface, but if you've read up above, you'll know the truth.


Free registration

Your first point of call on this site is to create your "free" account. Just fill in your basic information (date of birth, location, sexual preferences) and then sign in through the form. You're then free to start looking around the site at your leisure.

Open browsing

Slutty Hour is a grid style site so you can scroll through profiles as you see fit. The website doesn't have a swipe feature so this is the only way to meet other members. As a free member, you're able to see profile pictures and little information about the other person, but you're unable to message until you upgrade.

Chat rooms

Slutty Hour has a number of chat rooms available for premium account members. There are 16 chat rooms available, all broken down by different sexual topic. Unfortunately, the names in the chat do not link to that respective user's dating profile (which is a massive oversight by this platform).

Incognito mode

Users can choose to go incognito so that other members won't know you've viewed their profile. This is a pretty rare feature on dating sites, and a lot of users love it because it keeps their perving activities on the down low.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Slutty Hour uses the classic subscription model to keep members hooked in. Users have a choice of three membership options. All of them are taken in one lump sum payment and offers no monthly payment plans. There are no trial memberships available. Here's what each membership costs:

  • 1 Month - $24.99
  • 3 Month - $49.99
  • 6 Month - $69.99


Good design

In fairness, the Slutty Hour website looks pretty good. It doesn't use overly-suggestive language and the site is designed cleanly and professionally. The site continues to look good even after you've signed in, but really, this is the most impressive thing about the page as a whole.

Low cost

All things considered, SluttyHour is pretty cheap in comparison to other dating platforms. However, when you consider that there isn't a single real user on here, even one dollar per month would be too much.

App available

For some reason, SluttyHour has a dedicated mobile app. That means you're not limited to using the site on your computer or mobile browser. We're not sure why SluttyHour have put in the effort to make an app since it's a scam Internet page, but we guess it adds to the illusion.


Mostly fakes

We have to hand it to SluttyHour because, while the site is mostly made up of fakes, they've done a good job of hiding them. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, trans or anything else, chances are you won't find any real members to connect with. 99% of the users are not real people.

No search feature

You can tell a lot about a dating site by its search function, and the Slutty Hour search function is non-existent. It does have a search bar, but it doesn't return any results even with the simplest of search queries. Put simply, the search function is a dud.

Message overload

From the moment you create an account on this website, you'll get a LOT of messages. As expected, these messages won't be from real members. Just dig into the profiles of these people and you'll see a distinct lack of profile details. Most of them won't even have a profile photo.

Bad reputation

SluttyHour is owned by a company named Knowledge Gate, and these guys already have somethinog a dirty reputation in the adult scene. They run a number of dating sites, all equally shady, so it stands to reason that SluttyHour is no different.

Negative reviews

It's not just us who hates this dating website. Check out any other online reviews and you'll see that most reviewers have the same opinions as us. They all clearly state that the Slutty Date is just a money trap that won't yield any significant results whatsoever.

Can't cancel account

Once you go through the registration process, cancelling your account is near impossible. The service is hidden away deep in the settings and finding it takes a lot of fiddling about. You can't contact customer support either because there isn't one.

Slutty Hour - Avoid This Scam Site

Slutty Hour has nothing worth checking out. It's just another one of the many scam sites posing as dating sites. The website looks decent enough, but once you dig past the surface you'll quickly realize it's all just a waste of time. The only messages you'll get will be from bots, and it's not worth spending hours after hours looking for a real person. Avoid.

Have we missed anything about SluttyHour? Anything you'd like to add? Comment and let us know!

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