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Slutty Flirt Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Ready for some slutty flirting? Want to try a sex site with a difference? Well, on Slutty Flirt, you don't have to worry about maintaining eye contact or positive body language because all the sexy flirting is done behind a screen.

If you're one of those guys who's sick of the dating game, then you might fit right in here. But how does Slutty Flirt compare to other sites on the scene? Will you meet the woman of your dreams, or perhaps multiple women for endless fun? Here's your ultimate Slutty Flirt review.

Slutty Flirt - What's It About?

Don't get the wrong idea, Slutty Flirt isn't just about flirting. It's a platform for guy-on-girl conversation, raunchy sexting and it's a place to find your next IRL hookup. In fact, flirting is only a small part of it. You don't have constantly smile, brush your hair off your head or put your best cologne on, because most girls on here are down to fuck tonight at a moment's notice.

Slutty Flirt is very much a hookup site, not a dating site. While other men are taking girls out to dinner and discussing their feelings, you can use Slutty Flirt to talk about the thing that matters - sex. So, the simple question is: are you ready to start meeting attractive, slutty girls from the comfort of your phone screen?

First Impressions

The Slutty Flirt website looks like a million bucks, and that's obviously a good sign. The first thing you'll see is a smiling brunette with glossy lips looking seductively at the registration bar, and we'd be lying if it said it didn't temp us to sign up immediately. But while the visuals captured our attention, this positive impression quickly fell by the wayside.

The site then falls deep into suspicious territory. Lots of ads. Numerous pleads to 'join now.' At this point, it looks like an obvious scam, but we perservered and came out on the other side with a new perception. First impressions were a mixed bag; attractive layout ruined by a few sketchy shenanigans. We didn't hate it, but it didn't fill us with confidence either.


Grid style searching

SluttyFlirt is a grid-style site, which means you can browse through other users at your leisure and message any woman you want. You don't have to rely on a swiping-system in order to get the conversation started. The reality of a grid-style system is that it facilitates many more hookups in the long run.

Swipe matchmaking

But for those who do enjoy swiping through faces, there's also a matchmaking feature that'll let you do just that. You'll find the same people in the swipe game as you will when browsing the site, but SluttyFlirt lets you choose whichever approach you prefer. The only difference is you can't see bios on the matchmaking screen.

Tokens system

Very few sex sites incorporate the credits system as opposed to the regular subscription model. But really, the tokens model is much better because not only will you only pay per-message, but it'll save you money in the long term. Also, it only costs a token to begin a conversation, after that, every message is free to send (to that same user).

Body language tips

Struggle to talk to a woman? Don't worry, most guys do, and SluttyFlirt isn't just a fuck app, they're here to help. The site has an in-house flirting advisor who can teach you the basics of sexy conversation. Eye contact tips, how to bite your lips seductively, how to give her the come-to-bed smile. He'll even give you personalized advice for that next hot date you have coming up.

Meet Now feature

Available for a date right away? Then simply turn on the Meet Now feature and you can connect with other members who are also interested in getting down to business at a moment's notice. It's a good way to separate the sluts from the time-wasters too, because users have to actively turn this feature on so you'll know they're genuinely good to go.

Search functionality

In our opinion, SluttyFlirt has one of the best search functions of any dating site we've come across. When you search on other sites, they sometimes throw up any old shit, but SluttyFlirt only gives you results that are actually useful. Results will be organized by location and from there you can filter down there (appearance, education levels, sexual preferences, etc).

Prices, Costs & Memberships

SluttyFlirt doesn't utilize the standard subscription model and instead uses credits. It's a nice change from the standard approach and definitely has its advantages. Data shows that sites with the credits system report higher success rates on average. Here's what you can expect to pay on SluttyFlirt:

  • 5 coins - $5.46
  • 8 coins - $12.14
  • 25 coins - $36.45
  • 50 coins - $66.83
  • 100 coins - $133.67

Every message costs 1 coin, but like we mentioned up above, it only costs to send your initial message to a girl. Every subsequent message is then free to send, so you can get to talking without having to shell out every single time.


High activity

The most appealing thing about SluttyFlirt is that there's a genuinely active userbase on here. Judging by the home page, you might think the site is a ghost town but you'll be surprised how many people are trawling its hallways. It has users from all over the world too so you'll never be short of someone to get flirty with.

Sexuality representation

Even if you're not straight, don't be afraid to get involved. SlutyFlirt has something for everyone. Gay, straight, trans, bi, fetish and whatever else comes under the dating umbrella. Not everyone is a total slut either. You might even find your friends cute mom on here too if you'e lucky.

Good payment system

The classic subscription can sometimes be a real bitch, but SluttyFlirt's payment system is super convenient. Simply register your interest with a person by messaging them, and since they'll know it's cost you to send them something, they'll be more inclined to reply.

Dating advice

The personal advice section is really useful, and it's nice to know that someone else is listening to your questions and providing professional answers. Of course, the coach isn't free, but he'll give you some personalized tips that'll turn you into a flirtatious sex god in no time at all. A 500-word message to the coach costs 10 coins.

Very few ads

We know we said that the site looked like an adfest at the beginning, but we were wrong. Once we got going, we found there were minimal ads and links dotted throughout the platform. There were some scattered around, but it's a compliment to the site's layout that we barely noticed them.


No mobile app

SluttyFlirt doesn't have a mobile app, which can be a bit of a problem if you're interested in flirting on the move. However, the devs are confident they'll have one before the end of the year, so you can go about matching with members while you're at home, on the train or at work. You can do it now, but you'll have to use the browser version.

Fake profiles

Every dating site has fake profiles and there's no way to get around that. SluttyFlirt has more than its fair share, but that's not the sign of a bad dating site. In fact, quite the opposite. Only the popular dating sites get influxes of fakers, but just be sure that that hot woman you're talking to is real before you go catching feelings.

No verification

If she's verified, you know she's real. Unfortunately, SluttyFlirt doesn't yet offer its members a way to verify their identities, which can be a bit of a hassle. So just be sure to get a real selfie photo from them before you agree to a date. If they're reluctant to send you a photo, you'll quickly know you're talking to a computer.


Yeah, we love the tokens system, but it can definitely damage your bank account if you're the kind of guy who likes to message every slut in sight. While the credits model makes a change from the usual dating site model, there's no denying it can get a little costly in the long term.

SluttyFlirt - Will It Get You Laid

SluttyFlirt is a great place to talk with women, make connections and potentially hookup. However, it's not exactly a hookup paradise like some other sites we've reviewed. In our opinion, SluttyFlirt is worth checking out if you prefer the credits model over a regular subscription, but if not, then you're not missing much.

By all means, SluttyFlirt isn't the worst platform out there. It's just there are thousands of other sex sites that do what SluttyFlirt does and does it better. But if you're interested in a simplistic platform that'll give you a 50/50 chance of getting laid, this site can do just that.

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