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Slutty Dates Review 2022 - Real Hookups Or A Scam?

Slutty Dates is a semi-popular new dating site that claims to help people "find their love." But as we know, a lot of dating sites make big claims and don't always deliver. Is Slutty Dates one of them, or will this website genuinely get you laid? Here's the only Slutty Dates review you need to read.

Slutty Date - What Is It?

Slutty Dates is a pretty general dating site that helps members find like-minded people for romantic liaisons. It's a fairly new website on the scene, and to get the most out of it, you'll need to sign up and register for a premium account. Until you do, most of the features on the page are off limits.

Before we get going, we'll mention that Slutty Dates is indeed a genuine dating site. It's not a scam site like many others we've reviewed, and there are definitely real members on here looking for a good time. But is it actually worth investing in? Well, that's a different story altogether.

First Impressions

Straight away, you'll notice a real juxtaposition at play. With a name like Slutty Dates, you'd expect lots of explicit imagery and language, maybe a sexy brunette in lingerie next to a tagline like "easy casual sex at your fingertips!" Nope, there's none of that here. In fact, Slutty Dates looks like a Match or eHarmony style dating site.

There are a few mentions of finding "your real love" and lots of reassurance that your private data will be kept safe on here. This is not something you'd normally expect from a site with the word 'slut' in the name, so this definitely piqued our interest. Additionally, the site has a classy layout that's in line with modern, professional designs. Overall, not bad.


Swipe feature

SluttyDates is a swipe-based dating site, meaning you'll spend most of your time here swiping through thousands of individual profile photos. You know how the whole thing works by now. Like a photo? Swipe right. Don't like it? Swipe left. When you match with someone, you're able to browse their full profile and initiate conversation.

Membership required

There's no such thing as free members on SluttyDates. Even if you just want to create a profile, you'll need to join the thousands of members already signed up for a premium subscription. It's not ideal because it means you can't get a taste of the site before you commit, but it also helps keep away prying eyes.

24/7 support

Not many dating sites offer this, and even though you think you might not need round-the-clock support, it shows that SluttyDates are committed to giving its members the best and most secure platform possible. It's also useful in case you need to report any sketchy activity.

Chat rooms

After you register, you'll get access a number of chat rooms. Right now, there are 16 available rooms, but they're constantly updated with new topics and themes. It's a great way to meet people outside of the usual messaging system, and you can also link to their profile via their name in the chat system.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

A paid account is required to message other users. Without a premium account, you can't do much, even browse other members profiles. Free users don't get a whole lot of freedom. Here's what you can expect to pay for a premium account:

  • 1 Month - $35.70
  • 3 Months - $59.94
  • 6 Months - $94.20


Genuine dating site

The main takeaway here is that Slutty Date is a legit dating site, not some scammy platform designed to take your money. 99% of the profiles feature real people, so you don't have to worry about the hot girl in front of you actually being a dude.

Good activity

As of the time of writing, SluttyDates has 300k users. That's not a bad number any day of the week, and if you live in a reasonably-populated location, chances are you'll match with a few people who live in close proximity.

Safety in mind

The website seems to take safety quite seriously, which is good news. Profiles are only visible to paying members, so it's not like anyone can just sign up and look around. The website also claims to keep all of your data 100% secure, so you don't have to worry about your address being leaked to the world.


Mixed messages

As we've mentioned, with a name like Slutty Date, you'd think most people were here to fuck. This isn't the case. SluttyDate is more of a traditional place for people to chat and create connections before moving onto the bedroom.


In simple terms, SluttyDates is pretty damn expensive. As most people will opt for the 1-month account to check the site out, $36 is a lot to pay for such a privilege. Worse still, SluttyDates does not provide a trial option.

Some ads

SluttyDates has a few ads and external links dotted around their website, mostly in the form of giant sidebar advertisements. You'll also get a few popups as you browse through profiles, but in fairness, they're not overly intrusive. You can also keep them at bay with any efficient ad-blocker.

Slutty Dating - Is It Worth It?

Slutty Dates has its uses. You will find real women on here, but don't expect an inbox overflowing with sex requests. Most of the members here are looking for relationships and casual dating, not no-strings hookups. If you keep that in mind while you're here, you might get some use out of Slutty Dates.

But with that said, it's not like Slutty Dates is some revolutionary dating site. You'll need to become a registered member to even look around, so you can't even check the talent in your area before you sign up. In our opinion, the downsides outweigh the upsides on here, but if you're looking to take a risk, Slutty Dates isn't the worst dating site in the world.

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