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Is SkyPrivate The Perfect Live Cam Site? Chat With Sexy Girls On Skype.

Ask any porn lover what they think of cam sites and they'll all tell you the same thing - any good quality cam site beats standard porn videos any day of the week. Cam sites give us possibilites that regular porn sites don't. They're much more interactive. You can make requests. You can actually be part of the action. For many guys, cam sites are the most efficient ways to get their fix of filthy adult fun.

Today, we're looking at a unique site known as SkyPrivate. It's a cam site with a twist, and we think hardcore cam lovers might be very interested in this little hidden gem. What's SkyPrivate all about? How much does it cost? Will it atually connect you with real horny women? Wonder no more, because here's your detailed SkyPrivate review.

SkyPrivate - What Is It?

SkyPrivate is a cam site that does things a little differently. Rather than showcasing models directly through its site, SkyPrivate connects you with its performers through Skype calls. It's kinda weird, and it definitely raises a few questions as to how such a platform might function. Here's a quick overview from the SkyPrivate 'About' section:

"SkyPrivate works for Members on any device that can run Skype. You call the model exclusively via Skype and get charged by the minute from the balance of your account. There’s nothing to install on your device, just make sure you set up an account with us and load your account with funds. Copy the Model’s Skype ID from the profile, add it in your Skype application and talk to the Model about what you want. Call and enjoy!".

The site works on reservations rather than just going into any available room and requesting private sessions. Through the SkyPrivate site you'll find thousands of model profiles featuring pictures, videos and their basic information. Next to that you'll see their availability. Choose your desired session time, add the model to Skype and she'll meet you there. You'll have to pay for your session in advance but this is of course for the model's financial security.

First Impressions

SkyPrivate looks like a million dollars. The site is excellently designed and navigation is super simple. Due to its link with Skype, the site uses a similar blue and white color scheme, and even its logo is reminiscent of the Skype branding. The main page features your typical cam site elements; stock images of gorgeous models, hundreds of cam thumbnails, and a breakdown of the site's most impressive figures like number of active users and models.

You can't look around the website until you register, but this only takes a few minutes, and then you'll be prompted to login to the site through Skype. SkyPrivate is actually a Skype plugin and works closely in conjunction with it. This is good because it lends credence to the site's quality. This isn't some random platform that's stolen Skype's useability. They're actually affiliated with one another.

From this point, the site works kind of like an online store. There are no live cams available through the site. The site just advertises what's on offer. Dig into a model's profile and you'll see a list of her pictures and videos so you can get a taste of her style. Most of these videos will be from her previous cam sessions so you'll know what you're in for. Then just book your session through the in-built system.


Model profiles

Before you set up your little virtual date, you're going to want to know everything about your model of choice. Luckily, model profiles will tell you everything you need to know, including their age, location, sexual servies, sexual preferences, breast size, body type and everything else you could want to know. Basically, everything except their personal address.

In addition, you'll also find a ton of pics, videos and reviews of your model in question. All clips have been recorded during one of the models cam sessions so you'll know exactly what to be expect from a private show. You'll also see a list of prices, usually a pay per minute fee but some models offer discounts for longer sessions.

Model reviews

Reviews are everything in the modern day, and SkyPrivate is well aware of this. All of the models on here have a review section in their profiles so that previous viewers can praise or slam them, and they certainly do. Since SkyPrivate is something of a reputable site, we're fairly certain that all of the reviews on here are legitimate because they feature the user's name, session length and their payments details.

Another convincer is that not every review comes with high praise. Some viewers have incredibly high standards it seems, and it's rare to find any models that don't have at least one unhappy previous client. Of course, this is understandable given that these models probably do 10 or so private shows per day.


Booking a session is one thing, but if you're paying for some virtual sex, chances are you want something specific. Luckily, you can communicate with models once payments have cleared to let her know of any special requests you might have. Most models are happy to oblige providing the requests are reasonable and they're within the parameters of their service.

For example, a kinky BDSM model is going to be more likely to scold and humiliate you, while a vanilla college coed might be a little more hesitant. Before you send messages to a girl making a specific sexual request, be sure to check her bio and services to ensure it lines up with her skills and preferences.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Since all of the action is carried out through Skype, SkyPrivate's pricing system is a little different ot other chat services out there. Firstly, you'll need to purchase a premium account which is a one-off payment of $25, however, this $25 is also deposited into your funds for future use. Basically, you need a minimum deposit of $25 to get started, at which point you'll become a premium member.

With this, you'll then be able to browse the site, create your own profile and request private sessions through Skype. Every model will charge different rates, and it's usually on a pay per minute rate. For example, a lot of girls accept $1 a minute (the average rate on here), so if you request a 30 minute session, you'll have to deposit $30 beforehand.

The pricing system on SkyPrivate is actually really effective. With regular cam sites, models will try and prolong private shows as long as they can to milk every last penny from you, but that's not an issue on SkyPrivate because all monies are exchanged beforehand. It's good business. The only further costs are tips (like with other camsites) but these are optional.


Efficient system

The SkyPrivate system might seem like a gimmick on the surface, or perhaps even a way to skirt website overload, but the whole Skype approach works really well. Cam sites come with a ton of issues relating to over-activity and endless traffic, so taking your session away from a busy platform onto a personal application is a genius move.

It also means there's less time waiting around. Usually, you'll go into a models room, wait for her to finish a private session and then try and bag one of your own. It can sometimes take hours. However, SkyPrivate has figured out an incredible work around to this little problem, therefore propelling the cam girl industry to new heights.


SkyPrivate is as much a porn website as it is cam site. When you search through a model's profile, you'll find a LOT of pics, vids and links to her other explicit materials. These documents are usually taken from her previous webcam sessions so not only will you know exactly what to expect, but you'll get a ton of porn content as a byproduct too.

It's called a 'store' because you can actually purchase some of the lengthier vids in her profile. While they'll tend to give a few sample clips out to lure you in, most models have a few pieces of premium content that their fans can purchase and download to their devices. It's also a nice way to give the models a little extra cash.

Skype integration

SkyPrivate is much more than just 'a website that uses Skype.' It's actually a Skype plugin, meaning everything you do through SkyPrivate can be transposed into your Skype account. For example, when you book a session with one of these girls, your Skype calendar will be updated and you'll get a reminder 15 minutes before your session begins.

It also gives both you and your model more control over the whole process. You don't have to rely on the tools embedded within the SkyPrivate platform. It's also something of a reassurance that SkyPrivate and Skype are so intertwined because it means SkyPrivate have goen the extra mile to build that relationship between themselves and Skype.


Lack of anonymity

Since you'll be doing all of your video chats through Skype, there's a chance girls will be able to see a little bit of personal information about you. Most people use Skype for business reasons too, so some members might be a little wary about using Skype for virtual cam sessions. We can definitely see the conflict, especially as most Skype profiles feature the users' real names.

Not only this, but Skype is connected to your Google account, meaning it might be linked to other essential accounts on your desktop or device. Additionally, if you want to use the site's support team, you'll have to do that through Skype too. Simply, if your Skype account has any personal details about yourself, others will be able to see it too.

1-on-1 sessions only

One of the most appealing aspects of cam sites is the ability to view webcam shows with other members. As weird as it sounds, there's often a vibrant community running throughout cam sites, but this isn't so much the case on SkyPrivate. On here, you're reduced to watching these models solo. If you're into that, great, but it leaves a lack of options in the long run.

For example, you've probably heard of group shows or 'Gold' shows. In these kinds of sessions, all watchers band together to reach a common payment amount so models perform specific sex acts. That's not possible on here, which is a little bit of a downer. Don't expect to make a connection with any like-minded users either since there's no option to chat with other users.

SkyPrivate - Unique Cam Site For Virtual Fun

Unlike so many other sites, SkyPrivate is out here pushing the webcam scene into new and exciting directions. SkyPrivate is one of the most unique places to find your next private show, and its fresh approach is not only attractive to lapsed cam site users, but the whole system actually works incredibly well. The Skype approach isn't just a gimmick - it's a useful feature.

Furthermore, the costs are low and the services are more personalized than other sites. Since you've paid for your time in advance, you don't have to rush your session to save money. SkyPrivate is the virtual equivalent of hiring a sex worker for the night, except you can utilize everything on here from the comfort of your own couch. No pay per minute stuff, no waiting around. SkyPrivate is the answer to your cam site prayers.

As one of the most efficient cam sites on the scene today, we really can't speak highly enough of SkyPrivate. Since all the action takes place through your personal Skype, the features will always work properly and you'll be able to stay safe from fakes, pay-per-minute scams and overloaded chat rooms. For a cam site with a difference, check out SkyPrivate today.

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