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SipSap Review & Other Escort Sites - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Escorts make it super easy to get laid and that's why we love them. These days, there's no shortage of places to find ladies of the night, but you'll quickly learn that some places are better than others. Today, we're looking at an escort listings site known as SipSap. Does it get results? Are these babes legit? Here's the only SipSap review you need to read.

SipSap - What Is It?

Sip Sap is an escort listings site, much like Craigslist, Bedpage and Backpage were before they got shut down. While the site is a little different from its predecessors, the concept is largely the same. Scroll through listings, finding an escort you like, contact her through one of multiple methods and arrange your meetup.

The site has a few other little features that help it stand out from its competitors, such as the option for clients to advertise their availability and a specific zip code searching function. Navigation is simple, despite the website looking like a visual mess, and many genuine escorts use the site to peddle their wares.

First Impressions

SipSap looks absolutely dreadful. It's designed like shit and at first glance, you might mistake it for a 404 error page. It's got a bunch of badly-rendered animations and so many different elements (text boxes, scrolling columns, ads, links) you won't know where to look first. You actually need the login form at the top of the page before you can do anything.

Once you sign up, you can start searching for local girls (or clients if you're an escort yourself). The only way to do this is via zip code. Stick it in, input your desired radius (default is 50 miles) and see what girls are available to hookup with. That's pretty much everything the website has to offer, so overall first impressions were a mixed bag to say the least.


Escort search

This is the main focus of the website. Input your zip code and you'll be shown all of the available escorts within your selected radius. You can then dig into each listing, find the necessary details and contact any desired escort directly. All escorts include a phone number to call or text them on, but you can also message directly through the website too.

Client search

If you're an escort, you can browse through potential clients in your area too. This is an interesting little feature that not many escort websites incorporate into their pages and we've often wondered why. Escorts need to hustle too, and this offers the perfect ways to do it. Potential clients can sign up through the clients section of the site.

Porn videos

If you like the idea of having sex with an escort but can't be bothered to actually go through with it, Sip Sap has a tube section full of porn videos to get your sex fix. The link actually redirects you to an affiliate page, but it takes you directly to the hooker section to save you time.


Cheap girls

We hate to generalize, but the ladies on Sip Sap aren't the kind of high profile elite mistresses you'd take to your boss's dinner party. These are the kind of nympos who do this stuff as a side gig while they work a part time job or something. Most of the escorts you'll meet aren't full time pro escorts, and that means they don't charge a whole lot.

Direct messaging

If you're not comfortable calling up a sex worker directly, you can first message them through the SipSap site or app. They'll then provide you with their availability and you can go from there. Some people also prefer this method because it helps them stay anonymous when dealing with ladies of the night.

Phone numbers

Most escorts put up their contact information so you can call or email them directly. While you have the option to connect with them through SipSap's messaging system, we're sure you'll agree that calling them is much quicker, plus with voice conversations you can discuss any issues you might have in detail (plus, some of these ladies don't read their emails).

100% free

The site and app are completely free to use, no strings attached. All of the things you see on here you can indulge without having to hand over any cash whatsoever. You'll need to create an account to see all of the data in full, but again, it doesn't cost a dime. The only downside to this freeness is that it means the site uses ads to make money.


"SipSap points"

We hate this feature. Basically, if an escort isn't responding to your messages, you can prod them by sending them "points." Of course, this costs money to do so, and it's as close to a scam feature as we've ever seen. You're already paying for a hookup so you shouldn't have to incur any more cost along the journey.

Lots of fakes

Every site has them and this one is no different. You'll come across a ton of fake profiles on here, all of which try to link you to some sketchy third party site with an overly-sexual name like Fortunately, these fakes are easy to spot a mile away so you should be able to avoid them.

Sip Sap - Is It Worth It?

SipSap is far from being the best escort website on the scene today. While it does its job as intended, the fact there's so many fake girls is a cause of concern. We're not sure why scammers would choose this platform to scam users since it's not exactly super busy anyway, but going through here, you'll find more fake ladies than real ones.

There are some legit escort services for grabs on here, but really, there are a million businesses that does what SipSap does and does it better. Feel free to join if you can't find what you're looking for elsewhere, but if it's easy sex you want, we recommend Mega Escorts, eBackpage and Backlist24.

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