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SimpleFlirts - Real Online Dating Site Or Scam?

How many dating websites are out there these days? A lot. While there's no such thing as too many girls, there is such a thing as too many dating sites. With so much choice, finding the right site for you can be a tough road to navigate, that's why we're dedicated to reviewing them all. Today, we're looking at a casual dating site known as SimpleFlirts.

SimpleFlirts - What Is It?

SimpleFlirts is a new, suposedly-free dating site from Meteor Interactive B.V. The site claims to hook people up with their "perfect match," whether they're a man, woman, trans, or anything in between. It's not exactly a hookup site despite all the explicit imagery on display. It's a place to find that person you want to spend time with outside of the bedroom.

The site doesn't offer any unique gimmicks or features. It's a very straightforward dating platform, although it does utilize a credits system rather than the standard subscriptions model. That's the only notable talking point when it comes to features, but the bigger question is - will you genuinely find your ideal match on here? Well, that's a diferent story altogether.

First Impressions

SimpleFlirts looks real sexy on the surface. The homepage features a saucy blonde looking deep into your soul as well as a bunch of "real user" thumbnails of their new members. These thumbnails look legit as featue semi-hot girls, not 10/10 stunners taken from amateur porn sites. At first glance, SimpleFlirts looks decent.

But after you sign up, input your contact info and create your free profile, you'll immediately spot the term that every modern dater dreads... "fantasy profiles." Sigh. It all began so well. As soon as you see this phrase, it tells you everything you need to know about that dating site. In short, it's full of fake profiles that provide a "virtual online dating experience."

Fantasy Profiles - What Are They?

When you enter the Simple Flirts website, you'll see this message: "By becoming a member, I agree to the Terms and Conditions and the use of fictional entertainers' profiles, marked with a heart icon, with which physical contact is not possible. By submitting my account information, I understand that Meteor Interactive B.V. will process my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement."

So, what this means is that the site openly utilizes fake profiles to give the illusion of high activity and personal interest in chatting with you. SimpleFlirts terms this a "fantasy entertainment service," which basically means you're using a dating site for the sole purpose of using a dating site. It's like standing in a queue simulator. There's no end result.


Sign up

Before you can start browsing the services on offer, you'll need to sign up. The SimpleFlirts registration process is actually quite straightforward and only requires your basic information; age, location, email address, password. Verify your email then you're ready to go. Given the site's reputation, this part is quite surprising.

Tokens system

SimpleFlirts uses a tokens system when it comes to messaging. Instead of paying for a monthly membership, users need to buy credits as and when they need them. In the long term, credits systems tend to cost less money overall, but of course it depends on how many messages you're sending. More on this in the next section.

Browse profiles

You're free to browse the entire SimpleFlirts website without having to hand over any money. That's rare for modern dating websites, so it lets you get a taste of things before you commit to buying credits. For a site of this caliber, it's probably not the best idea, since most people will run away when they realize all the other members are fake.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

SimpleFlirts is free to browse, but if you want to message users you'll need to purchase credits. Every message costs 1 token, even subsequent messages that follow to the same user. Since there's no video or voice chat options, the only thing that costs on Simple Flirts is sending messages. Here's what you can expect to pay for credit packages:

  • 3 Credits - $3.00 (one-time offer for new users)
  • 10 Credits - $21.67
  • 200 Credits - $328.49

Most people would opt for the one-time offer to send their first few messages out, and this package is a reasonable price. However, over $20 for 10 messages is a hell of a lot to ask. That's barely an introduction and a few lines of small talk. Needless to say, very few people would opt for the 200 package because that's way too much money to spend in one fell swoop.


Good design

We can't deny that the site is well-designed and laid out. For a dating service, it's pretty professional all things considered. You'll have no problem navigating around should you wish to, and the whole thing is fast and smooth. The site obviously has a ton of problems, but site design isn't one of them.

Free to browse

We're not sure why the company behind the site opted for this approach since it's not conducive to an effective scam. Members can visit every page on the site, browse profiles, view pictures and search for other members. It only asks you to pay when you want to send a message. We guess this is a good thing because you can figure out for yourself that it's a scam.


A lot of sites DON'T put up a disclaimer that their service is full of fake members. Well, dating sites have to by law, but they usually hide it in some size-8 text on some hidden area of the website. So in a way, we appreciate that SimpleFlirts tells you right away that you'll be chatting with robots from the moment you register.

Dating Tips

If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you'll see regularly-updated dating tips. We were quite surprised about this, because these tips are actually pretty good. It seems to us that SimpleFlirts goes to great lengths to convince you their service isn't a "fantasy service," then hopes you fall for its lies.


Fake profiles

No dating site is without fakes, but as you've probably guessed by now, Simple Flirts is swimming with fake and scam profiles to the point that you'll struggle to find a single real user. While the scam users are easy to spot, it still doesn't make it any less of a kick to the nuts. Some fakes do a real good of looking legit right up until you start chatting with them.

"Fantasy entertainment service"

This "fantasy entertainment service" or "fantasy profile" seems to be a hot new trend in the online dating scene. It's very, very weird, and we personally do not see the point of it whatsoever. The idea is to mimick the experience of using a dating website, but nobody WANTS to use a dating website in the first place. It's just a necessary evil to help meet women.

Negative reviews

There's a lot of negative reviews for Simple Flirts out there on the Internet, all of which wax lyrical about the same problems we have. It's expensive as hell, it won't get you laid, and the site is like that town in Japan that's completely made up of mannequins. So, it's not just us who think this website sucks ass.

Difficult to delete

You'll inevitably want to delete your SimpleFlirts account once you realize this website is a waste of time, but actually doing it is a tall task. You have to dig into your profile settings, find the (hidden) option to delete, input your login and password details, verify your identity and then wait 24 hours. It's a real pain in the ass.

Alternative Dating Sites To Check Out

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is a free sex chat service that lets you connect with horny chatters from all over the world. While it's not a dating site as such, it doesn't mean you won't find some steamy fun on here, be it IRL or virtual.

This chat site only has 19 available rooms so you'll be thrust into virtual environments with thousands of potential chat partners. It's real easy to find someone you'll connect with, and it doesn't try and extort money from you.


Bumble is like Tinder but it gives the woman the edge for once. You'll swipe and match just like most modern dating servics, but when you get a mutual match, it's up to the woman to make initial contact. It's a nice little gimmick that works really well in the long term.

This means that all you need to do is swipe and wait for the mesages to roll in. It also greatly increases your odds of getting laid, because if she's messaging you (and not the other way around), chances are she's into you.


Sometimes, you can't be bothered with the dating game, or even the hookup game. If you just want an easy, guaranteed fuck session with a woman who knows her way around the male genitals, you might be tempted to hire a lady of the night.

Backlist24 is a dedicated escorts website that'll help you find the company of an experienced sex workers in your local area. It's a super active platform that you don't need to join to browse. Just find an ad, give the girl a call and get down to business.

Slutty Flirt

With almost a million members already signed up to the app, Slutty Flirt is well worth a visit. It's something of a dating site / chat site hybrid that offers multiple ways to contact potential fuck partners for the night. It's got thousands of available, localized chat rooms to get lost in.

As the name suggests, the members on Slutty Flirt are eager to get down and dirty. With very few fake profiles and multiple ways to interact with these daring sex-seekers, Slutty Flirt is a good choice for any would-be dater looking for a good time.

SimpleFlirt - Will It Get You Laid?

No. The SimpleFlirts website is a timesink and subscription trap that won't get you laid in a million years. Most of the other members are not real people and obviously, that's enough of a reason to give this platform a miss. There are plenty of other dating sites that will actually get you laid so check those out instead. Don't waste your time with this one.

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