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SikSok - TikTok App For Porn and NSFW Videos

Posting nudity on TikTok is a severe violation of their terms and conditions, but since TikTok's rapid rise to fame, a number of sites have jumped in to cement themselves as "the TikTok of porn." One such platform is Sik Sok.

Siksok - First Impressions

Sik Sok is the most stripped down site we've ever used, quite literally. There's no menu, no search bar, no account creation and it doesn't come with a number of features. It's basically just a single screen that lets you flip through nude TikTok vids. There's absolutely nothing else to do on here, and we'll let you decide whether or not that's a good thing.

The video quality is excellent, and all of them include explicit materials in some way. There's a huge number of clips to scroll through, and it seems a lot of them have been pulled from the regular TikTok for violating the terms of service, so they've found a new home on Sik Sok.


No account required

The app is so simple a monkey could use it. There's no menu, no categories, nothing like that. It's just a constant feed of naked TikTok videos, sort of like scrolling through a social media page. Despite the name, it's actually more like Instagram than TikTok because you can't search or anything like that. What you see is what you get.

Varied clips

As it happens, not all of the content has been pulled off TikTok. Sure, a lot of the content is stuff that TikTok has banned, but a number of clips are just short porn segments filmed by amateur models for their OnlyFans and FanCentros.


Not much choice

We personally see the simplicity as a good thing, but it might dissuade some people from using the service. Some people want a number of choices when it comes to TikTok porn and we can't blame them. Sik Sok doesn't provide that. You can only see what the site wants you to see.

Siksok - Does It Work?

It works better than a number of other sites out there. For TikTok-based nudity, there's really no better place to check out. You don't need an account, you don't have to search through endless pages to find the content you want. You get what's given to you, like dinner time with a strict parent. For simplicity and minimalistic porn like nowhere else, get on here today.

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