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SexyFuckGames - Free XXX Porn Games

Sex games are the next logical step in virtual porn. Why watch videos when you can control the action in crazy shit like virtual strip poker, hentai games and virtual fucking simulators? If you want to ramp up your masturbation game, we've got what you need. We're reviewing a site called Sexy Fuck Games - a new colossus in the XXX games world. Here's everything you need to know.

SexyFuckGames - What Is It?

More and more sites are discovering the advantages that porn games can offer. These days, with their HD graphics, realistic renderings and real life fucking simulation, sex games are more interactive and thrilling than simply watching porn videos. From the moment you start playing these things, it's pretty hard to put down your joystick (and your controller).

Sexy Fuck Games is a network of free porn games, with over 300 titles currently free to play right this second. The games cover every genre available, from realistic 3D fucking simulators to parody games to Japanese-style anime titles. No matter what your preference, or whether you don't even play games at all, you'll probably find something on here.

First Impressions

Sexy Fuck Games looks exactly as you'd expect a sex games site to look. The homepage features thumbnails of all the available games alongside a little description of what each game involves. The website is crisp, clean and incredibly well-designed despite it being an amateur outfit. There's a few ads, but we can overlook them.

The left hand side features all the available categories (lesbian, cosplay, pokemon, slave, tentacle, etc) and there are a few additional features on the right hand side that link to affiliate sites. From the homepage, you just need to select the game you want to play and wait for it to load alongside your browsing options.

Popular Titles

Fuck Ahri

Fuck Ahri is a very simple game. Basically, you're hooking up with a gorgeous redhead babe named Ahri and she's quite difficult to please. Your goal is to fuck her senseless until she certifies you a bona fide sex god. It might sound boring, but once you get going you'll discover how much fun it is to fuck a virtual character's brains out.

Horny Police

In this game, you assume the role of an overly-horny police officer who can't control his raging libido. Two things then happen. Officer Denton has to fuck his way out of a few tricky scenarios, and eventually he uses his dick to catch the big bad at the end of the game. It's a surprisingly wholesome game, despite most of it taking place inside a jail.

Cursed Overlord

Cursed Overload is what you'd get if you crossed World of Warcraft with hentai sex. As one of the most popular porn games on the site, Cursed Overload actually has a massive community behind it, and you can play online alongside other horny elves, dwarves and orcs. And unlike World of Warcraft, you don't have to pay for the privilege.

Strip Poker

This game pretty much speaks for itself. It's not so much a porn title as such, but you'll play against CGI babes who have to undress whenever they lose a round. It's actually perfect for poker lovers who want to spice up their online games, and unlike real poker, it won't cost you any real money. We played this game a TON when we we're doing our review.


Sexy Fuck Games has a huge collection of porn games that'll keep you busy well into the night. All of the games can be played within the website so you don't have to worry about installing third party software on your PC or anything like that.

The search function on the site is really good. Not only can you search by porn title, but you can search by categories and tags. Tags include little details that aren't included in the title, such as lesbian, visual novel, MILF, sex simulation, etc.

Free, free, and more free. Every single porn game on this site won't cut your bank account in half and even more amazingly, doesn't even try to drain money from you. You might be saying but surely there are microtransactions, right? Nope, the creators of this site have gone to great lengths to ensure their users don't have to spend a penny.

Load times are really short, so you guys can dive right into the action without having to sit around twiddling your dick. Every page loads up smoothly and quickly and of course, in full HD every time.


This is just a personal gripe, but the kind of porn games we really love are parodies of popular games. Other porn game websites have titles like Call of Booty, World of Whorecraft, Gland Theft Auto and so forth. SexyFuckGames doesn't have any direct porn parodies, perhaps due to licensing issues.

There are LOTs of visual novel games. If you're not familiar with visual novels, they're basically erotic stories with accompanying visuals. They usually consist of two characters constantly talking and it often takes fucking ages before they get their clothes off. Most users aren't interested in these types of games, so it sucks that there's a lot of them on SFG.

Sex Fuck Games - Should You Sign Up?

Without a shadow of a doubt, you need to check out Sexy Fuck Games right now. There are thousands of sites similar to this one, but Sexy Fuck Games cuts out the bullshit and gets right down to the nitty gritty. It doesn't try to assault your bank balance and the games are varied, enjoyable and in some cases, quite challenging.

There's fun to be had at every turn, whether you're into shoot 'em ups, RPGs, parody titles, sex simulators or hentai madness. You don't have to spend a penny and there are barely any ads to fight off. Access is free to anyone and everyone and the majority of games blow away regular porn any day of the week. Quite simply, we can't recommend SexyFuckGames enough.

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