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SextWithSluts Review - Is Legit Or A Scam Site?

Today, we're looking at an online dating site known as SextWithSluts. Now, the name gives the premise of this platform away immediately - it's a place to talk dirty with hot chicks from all over the world. It's a simple concept and one that'll sure attract millions of curious members worldwide.

But how does SextWithSluts compare to similar sites out there? Will you have a fun time chatting with all the profiles available, or is it a total scam you should avoid at all costs? Read on to find out. Here's everything you need to know about Sext With Sluts.

SextWithSluts - What Is It?

Note the name. This is a place to sext with sluts, not have sex with them. To some people, the difference might be minimal, but in the modern age, sexting and IRL hookups are two different things. Some ladies out there have pure sexting partners that they only get naughty with virtually and never actually meet up with in person.

SextWithSluts is apparently a place to find that real person to dirty chat with. It's a very basic dating site that doesn't offer much in the way of unique features of gimmicks, but to be honest, we like that in a dating site. We don't like being bogged down with unnecessary crap and SextWithSluts keeps things minimal - almost too minimal.

First Impressions

SextWithSluts is a very sexy dating site. It's got your typical pink and blue neon color scheme and the main page features a hot chick canoodling with a jacked-up stud. Basically, the exact kind of people who'd never use a dating app in a million years. But that seems to be the standard imagery these days, so we'll go with it.

Right away, the bullshit erupts like a volcano made of feces. Right at the top of the page, it says "100% free!" but then when you go through the registration process, it asks you for your credit card details. It then gives you a little table of what you'll be able to do if you purchase a paid subscription: send messages, browse pictures, meet a "single real woman." Hmm, yeah, this doesn't look good.


Instant messaging

If you want to start sexting with strangers, you're gonna need an instant messaging system. Of course, Sext With Sluts has one, and while it's not great, it does the job. All messages are kept in your inbox which you'll need to navigate to a separate screen to access. It's not perfect, but it's simple.

Browse users

Even before you upgrade to a paid account, you can browse the site in full and check out all of the available (fake) women. You can see their bios and their basic info, but as a free member you can only enlarge one of their photos. You'll need to upgrade if you want to see the rest of their snaps.

Find A Date

Sext With Sluts has a 'Find A Date' feature, which seems a little unnecessary on a... dating site. Surely that's just like putting a hat on a hat? Regardless, this little service lets you find women who are ready to date right now! Apparently these women are dressed in their best just waiting for a guy to contact them on a sparsely-populated dating website.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Any site that has two different payment systems is a definite red flag. Alas, Sext With Sluts has exactly that. You can opt for a monthly subscription which will give you access to everything the website has to offer (not much), or you can buy tokens whenever you want to message someone. Both are a complete scam, but in the interest of fairness, here's how it breaks down:

  • 1 Month - $10.00
  • 3 Months - $25.00
  • 6 Months - $39.00
  • 12 Months - $45.00

Here's what coins will cost you:

  • 10 coins - $15.00
  • 25 coins - $35.00
  • 50 coins - $65.00
  • 100 coins - $120.00
  • 200 coins - $200.00

Every message you send on the site costs 1 coin, so that's 10 messages for $15, 25 messages for $35, etc. Really, these prices are dreadfully high and are just another indicator that everything on this dating site is designed to sexually assault your wallet.


We can't think of any

This website will waste your time, empty your wallet and leave you with blue balls of frustration. Giving this website a single positive would not conform to our standards of morality, so we're not going to give it one. There are hundreds of dating websites out there that really care about their user bases and this isn't one of them. Go elsewhere.



Sext With Sluts does not have a valid SSL certificate. If you're not a nerd, an SSL certificate secures the communication between your computer and whatever website you're using. If there is no SSL certificate, communication is not safe. This means your credit card info, personal data and all of your info could be exposed to third parties.

Sketchy company

Sext With Sluts is run by Mountain Top Digital and let's just say they don't have the best reputation in the world. Their trust rating is very low and they also run a number of other platforms that receive the same criticism as this one (don't just believe our review, check out any other review too).

Weird payment options

Sext With Sluts has no shame, especially when it comes to siphoning that little bit of extra money from your wallet. The site will continuously lure you into buying more and more tokens, and when you realize these multiple purchases are molesting your bank account, you'll opt for the subscription, thus wasting more money.

Negative reviews

Consumer reviews for Sext With Sluts have been universally negative. Barely any review site has a good thing to say about it, with almost every single one claiming that Sext With Sluts is nothing but a ghastly rip off plagued with ads, fakes and bots trying to separate you from your hard earned money.

SextWithSluts's Fictitious Profiles

We hate this part of the site so much that we've dedicated an entire section to it. If you dig into the FAQ section of the website, you'll find this little nugget:

"We use fictious profiles for testing behavioral/social studies and for entertainment purposes. The profiles posted on the Website are fictious and are associated with our “Fantasy Entertainment” service. This Digital Fantasy service is part of our efforts to stimulate conversation with users to encourage further and broader participation in all Website's services."

These so-called "fantasy profiles" are hot commodities in the dating site world today because it allows platforms to openly use fake profiles as opposed to luring in real women. And why not? Even if they simulate the "dating site experience" they still get your money either way. It's a win-win for the website, and a lose-lose for all the others using the site.

Alternative Sexting Dating Sites

As you can probably tell from our comments, Sext With Sluts is a giant waste of time solely created for the purposes of fucking you in the mouth with your own dick. If you want to try some real websites that'll actually get you some sweet punani action, we've put together a short list of genuine, reliable services.


SweetSext is our favorite sexting website at the moment because it's got real women exploring real dating options. Not a scam user in sight. Sign up for free and start sexting, exchanging nudes and getting hot and steamy on the video chat function. We've got a SweetSext review on our website too so be sure to check it out.

Chat Avenue

Everyone hates dating apps, so why not try a chat room website instead? Chat rooms are back in a huge way thanks to the recently-resurrected sexting craze, and while Chat Avenue only has a short list of rooms to choose from, it means all these sex-hungry ladies are condensed into a single area.

321 Sex Chat

321 Sex Chat is another chat room service, but this website has literally hundreds of rooms to help yo find that perfect (real) person. The website is completely free to use providing you're over the age of 18, and it has local rooms so you can find someone within fucking distance to potentially meet up with IRL.

SextWithSluts - Is It Worth It?

SextWithSluts is one of the worst online dating sites we've used in a long time. It might look like a charm, but the site is nothing more than advertisements disguised as female profiles. Aside from a little bit of adult content, you won't find a whole lot to do on here. It's a fake site (lol) from top to bottom, so don't bother.

There are a million other adult dating sites around to get your fix of hot sexting; sites that don't have a hundred negative reviews to their names. Man, woman, trans, whatever - don't waste you time on here. Other websites do everything SextWithSluts and does it better. Avoid at all costs.

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