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Sextfun Review - Real Sexting And Hookups Or Scam?

There's so many casual dating sites on the scene today that even the most seasoned dater won't have tried them all. And this abundance of dating sites covers a wide spectrum, from niche fetish hookups to purely-sext-based fun. Today, we're looking at a site known as Sextfun, a place to find dirty nude snaps.

Snapchat-based sexting platforms have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to the much-loved disappearing media feature. But how does Sextfun compare to its competitors? We've got your ultimate SextFun review right here.

SextFun - What Is It?

According to the homepage, SextFun is a place for "the hottest, naughty Kik and Snapchat sexting usernames!" Basically, that means slutty girls use this site to plug their Snapchat sexting usernames, thus allowing horny browsers to add them and indulge all of their assumingly-raunchy Snapchat content.

So, SextFun isn't really a dating site. It's a place to browse dirty nude snaps and increase the number of adventurous babes you follow on other social media platforms. Will that progress to a date or hookup in real life? Well that depends on a few things, and one of those things is whether or not this place is legit in the first place.

First Impressions

If websites could infect you, SextFun would give you AIDS. It's a visual mess right from the word go. It's full of ads, weird design elements, text and fonts of every size and a million different colors all at once. Then there are links to a hundred different affiliate sites, and you just know they're all as badly-designed as this one.

Then there's the other issue - what the hell is SextFun supposed to be? It's got a live cams section, it's got lots of stolen pictures claiming to be "real women," and it claims to have a "hookup forum" although we can't for the life of us find it. The main section of the page is an endless list of pictures with Snapchat usernames underneath them? Are they real? We very much doubt it.


"Real" Snapchat girls

This is the only real feature of the site. The homepage has a bunch of pictures, allegedly from girls who you can start sexting immediately. They do indeed feature Kik and Snapchat usernames, but if you actually add them on Snapchat, you'll just find that they're advertisement acounts for dating sites and porn sites.


At the top of the page you can switch between a number of categories, including live cams, porn vids, users, types of girls and different tags for the posts on the homepage. Unsurprisingly, the cams and porn vids links take you to completely different sites, although the tags section does seem genuine. Still, that's the only genuine thing about this website.

Does SextFun Cost Anything?

No it doesn't, and thank fuck for that because there's really nothing worth paying for on here. Most of the "nude snaps" you'll come across have been ripped from the Internet, and while some of the Snapchat sexting usernames are genuine, chances are they belong to a pro model who's trying to sell you more of those snaps for a price.

While there are some amateur girls on here, they're completely lost in the shuffle. You won't get any personalized sex pics in your inbox - far from it. The amateur girls who are advertising themselves already have thousands of Snapchat followers and they have no intention of chatting with you. They just want more followers.


Explicit photos

There's a ton of nudity here on SextFun, and that's one thing to be thankful for. Sure, you've probably seen most of them before since they're all semi-famous nudes you see in every sidebar and popup on the Internet, but we'd be lying if we said they weren't hot. Really, this is the most interesting thing on the site.

Some real usernames

Some of the users on SextFun are legitimate girls who want to plug their Snapchat accounts. You might find a few people to follow, although most of them do this kind of stuff professionally (or to make some money on the side). These girls don't really want to "chat dirty" with you, they just want what's in your wallet.


Ugly as hell

Your eyes won't know where to look. The SextFun website looks like it was created 20 years ago and hasn't been updated since. It certainly wasn't created by a professional design company. In fact, it's hard to find exactly who's behind the site because there's not much public information about it.

Endless links

The SextFun site is link hell. Everything you click on will take you to an affiliate site, be it a dating site, porn site or some other variation on an adult theme. Quite clearly, SextFun is just one big advertisement service hiding under the premise of a sexting platform. You can't navigate to any section of the site without being redirected.

Pro models

There's nothing wrong with cam models and pro pornstars trying to drum up business. But on SextFun, this is done under the guise of genuine virtual connections. These ladies use SextFun to advertise their online accounts, and once you've followed them, that's when they try and extort money out of you.

Alternative Sites To SextFun

Obviously, SextFun is a terrible website that won't result in any one-on-one interaction with real girls. However, there are plenty of other Snapchat-based platforms out there to find virtual fun, sexting fun and much more. Better yet, these ones won't redirect you to a million different scam sites. Here are some of our favorites:


The name says it all. This Reddit forum is a hub of explicit Snapchat materials, usually uploaded directly by the slut in question. Most posts involve a naked woman involved in some promiscuous situation, along with the classic Snapchat message plastered across the image. To browse dirty nude snaps for free, r/SlutsOfSnapchat is the top choice.


For whatever reason, cheaters love Snapchat. Maybe it's the whole disappearing media thing, but Snapchat is a cheater's paradise as this subreddit proves. Not only will you find snap sex pics from millions of horny users, but some of these naughty girls even put their usernames up for you to grab (and unlike SextFun, they're not fake).

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the best adult communities around today. Sign up for free, upload a few pics and a short bio and dive into this world of adult fun with like-minded users. It's not particularly Snapchat-based, but you'll certainly find a willing person to trade nude snaps with. Sign up today and you won't regret it.


If Snapchat messages are right in your comfort zone, then Snapsext will be right up your alley. It's a typical dating site, but it utilizes the Snapchat disappearing media element so you can keep your nude pictures safe from being leaked. For the ultimate in Snapchat / dating app hybrids, Snapsext is the number one website to check out.

SextFun - Should You Avoid It?

God yes. Avoid this like the plague. You won't snap sex pics with real girls, you'll just end up infecting your computer and potentially emptying your bank account. Even if you're an avid Snapchat user, there aren't new connections to be made here. The whole site is designed to sell you shit you don't need under the guise of Snapchat nudes.

If you want to trade nude snaps with real women, there are plenty of places to do exactly that. Does SextFun work on absolutely any level? Not really. You'll see some free naked pictures on the website but that's really all the site has to offer. And besides, there are a million other places to see that. In short, avoid SextFun and find a better site.

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