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Looking for adult chat rooms that'll provide a quick fix when you're feeling horny? Good, because today we're looking at a chat room site called Chat Avenue (sometimes known as Sex Chat Avenue). It's a relatively established platform with a wide range of very active chat rooms, and we're here to give you the lowdown. Here's our in-depth Chat Avenue review.

Chat Avenue - What's It All About?

Chat Avenue is a collection of free online chat rooms allowing you to connect with like-minded random strangers in just a few clicks. Sites like Chat Avenue have suddenly skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years thanks to the modern obsession with sexting, video chat and all manner of virtual fun. That means free chat rooms are back on the scene in the big way.

The site functions like your standard chat site. There are 19 active chat rooms to choose from, and you can either chat with other users via the public board or through the private messages system. Rooms are broken down by sexual topic, such as adult chat, gay chat, live cam chat and more.

Unlike other sites like Chat Avenue, this site doesn't have endless chat rooms to choose from. It keeps things down to a managable number so that chat users aren't overwhelmed with choice, not to mention a more succinct room choice gives the biggest pool of available chat partners. You won't have any problems finding someone to private message when you're all in one space.

First Impressions

At first glance, Chat Avenue looks like the kind of site that'll steal your money and leave you with nothing to show for it. There's a picture of two hot girls with amazing asses messing around on their phones, with the implication that these are the kinds of sluts you'll meet on Chat Avenue. At first, it looks a bit cheap, especially combined with the site's amateur design.

You'll then be prompted to either register or continue as a guest, and once you do, the site changes drastically. It opens up into a simple chat page with a classy black-on-white color scheme. There are a list of adult chat rooms down the right hand side and a few of the additional features on the left.

Obviously, you'll want to jump right into the chat rooms, which you can do without the need to register. From here, it becomes pretty clear that Chat Avenue is a clean, simple chat service with no malicious intentions. Despite the sketchy, cliched imagery at the beginning, that all becomes a footnote when you actually dive into this online world of raunchy chat.


No registration required

You don't have to endure the registration process to get going on Chat Avenue. You can simply continue as a guest and access all of the available chat rooms. All you'll need is a username. You CAN register if you want, but this is primarily for the VIP users who want to access the site's premium features.

19 chat rooms

Chat only has 19 chat rooms to choose from. These are; Adult chat, Boys chat, Cam chat room, College chat, Dating chat, Gay chat, General chat, Girls chat, Kids chat, Lesbian chat, Live chat, Mobile chat, Music chat, Sex chat, Singles chat, Sports chat, Teen chat, Video chat, Video games chat.

Video chat

Chat Avenue offers users the option for video chats in one-on-one environments. Not every chat room has this function, but it's available in both the camchat and videochat rooms. Video webcams can be utilized directly through the site's software so you don't have to take your conversation outside of the Chat Avenue platform.

Completely free

You can do everything on the Chat Avenue website without paying a cent. Every chat room, webcam sessions and unlimited messaging are available without the need for a premium subscription. If you do want additional perks, then you'll need to upgrade your subscription to the VIP package, but it's not required.

Optional VIP membership

Free accounts can do almost everything on the website, but the VIP package offers a few additional perks. It's ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd (and there are often big crowds on Avenue Chat), and some of the perks can really add some spice to your naughty text messages (more on the VIP membership in the next section).

Prices, Costs & Membership

You don't need to upgrade, but the VIP package offers a number of perks to help you get the most out of the Chat website. Here's what you'll get when you become a VIP member:

  • Upload pictures to any chat room
  • Change your username
  • Create your own chat room
  • View chat history
  • Optional gradient colour username
  • Optional gradient colour text
  • Appear at or near the top of the user list
  • Special VIP icon next to your username
  • Post YouTube videos to any chat room

Here's what you can expect to pay for the privilege of becoming a VIP member of the website:

  • 1 month - $5.00
  • 3 months - $10.00
  • 12 months - $20.00
  • Lifetime - $25.00

In comparison to other chat sites (and even some of the best porn sites), these costs are incredibly low. Some sites ask for more than $25 for a single month, and Chat Avenue does everything those sites do and more. The value for money on offer is off the charts, and while the VIP package isn't required, it's worth getting for these prices.


High activity

A chat room is useless without active members, but luckily, Chat Avenue has more than enough of them. The fact that the number of available rooms is so condensed means every room is packed to the brim with horny dudes and dudettes, so you'll never have any issue finding someone to get nasty with.

Good moderation

As well as highly active users, Chat Avenue has has highly active mods too. The mission statement on the website states a number of strict rules and regulations, namely that Chat Avenue aims to provide a safe environment for people of every age, race and sexual orientation. Reporting abuse can be done securely and confidentiality.

Easy searching

Chat Avenue doesn't really need a search function, but it has one anyway. As well as being able to find a specific chat room, registered users can use the search function to scour their previous private messages. You can also search within the public chat section of a room for any keywords that might grab your attention. Searches load quick too so you won't be waiting around.

Sexuality representation

Even in the general rooms there's a big selection of sexual orientations and preferences on display. Gay users, lesbian users, trans users, kinky fetish bastards. There's no shortage of diversity and you don't have to head into the specific rooms to find them. There's just as much chance of finding a gay guy in the general rooms than there is in the gay chat section, although a dedicated gay site like B Gay Chat might have more gay men.

Mobile version

Chat Avenue has a dedicated app for your mobile device so you can indulge some chat fun on the move. The app has everything the website does, including webcam capabilities, friends list access and more. The Avenue Chat app is available for iOS, Windows and Android devices but must be downloaded from the Chat Avenue website (not the app store).

Webcam sessions

A lot of people come to Chat Avenue to talk, but even more of them come to the website for video chatting fun. There's no easier way to ramp up your sex chats than with one-to-one webcam sessions, and it only takes a few moments to fire one up. It's quick, hot, and beats exchanging phone numbers.

Reasonably cheap

Lifetime access to Avenue Chat costs a very reasonable $20, and we can't emphasize just how good that price is. A lot of modern chat sites costs more than this per month, so $20 is absolutely nothing compared to some of the competitors out there. Even if a lifetime membership isn't for you, you can sample everything for a month for just $5.


No age restrictions

This issue isn't restricted to Chat Avenue. It's a problem with every chat site. Basically, there's nothing stopping underage people signing up and joining this world of raunchy fun, and that obviously brings up a number of sensitive issues. While the site's mission statement claims it does everything to keep away unwelcome users, it's not always 100% adhered to.

No profile info

Chat doesn't have member profiles, even for those with a VIP subscription. That means the only way to get details from someone is to talk to them. Obviously this is expected from a chat room site, but sometimes it's nice to have the option to click into their profiles and see the basic information before initiating a conversation with them.

Some fakes

No site is immune from the horrors of fake profiles, Avenue Chat included. There are a number of bots and fakes in every room, and while the mods are quick to ban them once they're discovered, it doesn't stop them showing up again. They're quite easy to spot, but it's a crushing blow when you get a new message and then realize it's from a fake.

Alternative Chat Rooms


If there's one top alternative to Chat Avenue, it's ChatRoulette. You've probably seen this website advertised around since it's quite mainstream, but it's mainstream for good reason. ChatRoulette is the ultimate roulette-style site that helps you cam chat with total strangers from around the world, and it's totally free to use.


Flingster is another free cam site, much like ChatRoulette, but as you'll tell by the name it's much more geared towards sex than ChatRoulette is. Just spin the wheel and meet face-to-face with a total stranger, and while it's not a text-based chat website like Avenue Chat, it's still a great place to meet new people.

Slutty Flirt

Slutty Flirt is something of a chat / dating site hybrid, and that makes it a fantastic place to meet new friends (possibly with benefits). It's got hundreds of rooms to meet new people, much more than Avenue Chat, and the rooms get very niche indeed. If you're looking for very specific chat partners, Slutty Flirt can make it happen.

Rock Chat

For sex chatting on the move, Rock Chat is a great place to check out. It's specifically for mobile devices and comes with a huge number of rooms broken down by sexual topic and location. It's very similar to Chat Avenue only there's no option for webcam sessions, just text-based chatting. It's not available on browser so you'll need an Android phone or iPhone to access it.

Adult Friend Finder

One of the most reputable adult platforms on the Internet, Adult Friend Finder is a fantastic place to find steamy sex talk with like-minded adults. It's half dating site, half adult community, and you can meet new people in AFF's chat rooms, forums and personals pages. There's a reason that Adult Friend Finder has a massive 5 million users worldwide.

Chat Avenue - Worth It?

Absolutely it is! Chat Avenue is one of the tightest and most usable adult chat sites in the game today, and the fact it keeps things so simplistic is why it works so well. We really love that the site doesn't give you an infinite choice of chat rooms because we often find that leads to decision fatigue rather more than anything else.

You can get the most out of the site without the need for a VIP membership and the active moderators in each chat room ensures that spam bots are kept to a minimum. There are active users every minute of the day and the sex-based chat rooms aren't total sausage fests. The additional features really put the cherry on top too, so get actively involved on Chat Ave while you can!

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