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SelfieBBW Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Who doesn't love a chick with a little meat on the bone? If you're into the larger lady, SelfieBBW might be the online dating site you need in your life. It's supposedly a place to meet gorgeous BBW babes, but does it live up to its end of the bargain? How does it compare to other dating sites in the BBW niche? Here's our honest SelfieBBW review.

SelfieBBW - What's It About?

SelfieBBW claims to be a premier BBW dating site, helping connect fatty lovers with large women all over the globe. It doesn't really offer anything unique, which is odd because for a site operating in such a heavily-populated niche, you think they'd do whatever they could to stand out from the crowd. But no, Selfie BBW is a simplistic, straighforward BBW hookup site.

That's really all there is to say about SelfieBBW. It doesn't have a lot to shout home about. It doesn't have matchmaking features or BBW chat rooms or anything like that. All you can do is direct message other members and arrange meetups. Does it actually work? Well, that's another story entirely.

First Impressions

Selfie BBWs doesn't look bad on the surface. It's got a weird coffee-colored design that we've never seen used on a dating site before, and the layout looks decent enough. However, any dating site connoisseur will immediately recognize the red flags on display. Right away, you can tell that SelfieBBW is full of fake profiles.

You'll immediately see a disclaimer stating: "By creating a profile I am 18+, agree to terms & use of online cuties and third party contractors, who may contact me for entertainment purposes, updates and offers." Yup, that's got fake women written all over it. Once you register, things don't improve a whole lot. It's pretty clear right away you'll struggle to find a real person on here.



To send messages, you'll need a paid account. But when you do sign up, you're free to send messages to all of the big beautiful women on the site without limitations. We're not saying you'll find a whole lot of them, but if you do, you can throw as many messages them as you like.

Search function

Selfie BBWs lets you search members based on keyword. That means you don't have to rely on a location-based system to help find people nearby. Search results are then filtered by nearest to your location (and there's no way to change this).

Support team

We don't believe this one, but it's one of the features listed on the Selfie BBWs site. Apparently, they have a 24/7 support team available to answer any queries you might. It also says you should inform admins of any fake profiles you come across.

Friends list

Selfie BBWs lets you add other members to your friends list so you can strike up conversation without having to search for their profile. The idea of a friends list on a site like this seems a little pointless, but it exists regardless.

Prices, Costs & Membership

Selfie BBWs has no free membership whatsoever. If you want to do anything at all on the site, even browse through the profiles listed, you'll need to shell out for the paid membership. Not that there's much point doing so since everything on this website is a waste of time, but for those who like wasting money, here's a cost breakdown.

  • 3 Day Trial - $8.91
  • 1 Month - $34.95
  • 3 Months - $83.97
  • 6 Months - $119.94

Premium membership prices are extortionate, almost offensively high. They're double what you can expect to pay on competitor dating sites, and those dating sites might actually get you laid. This one won't, so don't waste your time.


Easy navigation

There's one decent thing about Selfie BBWs and that's the fact it's easy to get around. The site is actually designed quite well and it's appealing on the eye. You won't have trouble finding any section you need (if you decide to spend more than 30 seconds here), and we guess that's a good thing.

"Online cuties"

Don't get us wrong, these "online cuties" themselves aren't a positive. However, all of these online cuties come with yellow stars that signify they're not real women. The fact they exist at all is a pain in the ass, but at least the site gives a little indication that they're all bots or fake profiles.


Completely fake

This con alone renders all pros about this site obsolete. Selfie BBWs is run by the same company that hosts a bunch of other sites, the majority of which are scammy subscription traps. Any dating site that utilizes 'fantasy profiles' is to be avoided at all costs. You have more chance of winning the lottery twice than you would finding real women on here.

Third party links

In addition to all of the fake profiles you'll come across, Selfie BBWs also has a ton of hidden redirecters scattered throughout the website. Right from the account creation page to the messaging system, you'll constantly have to navigate your way around hidden hyperlinks and advertising links to third party dating sites.

Ghost Site

Outside of the website itself, there's almost nothing about SelfieBBWs anywhere online. Most platforms have some kind of social media presence somewhere, but it's impossible to find any mention of SelfieBBWs services anywhere. Just more evidence that it's a fake chat site. Take our advice and keep your distance.

Alternative BBW Hookup Sites

As you can probably tell by this review, SelfieBBWs is a typical scam dating site that won't result in anything substantial. The only users you'll meet on here are guys who've also fell for the site's little tricks. If you want a real BBW hookup site that'll actually get you easy sex, here are some sites to check out.


When it comes to big beautiful dating, WooPlus is probably the first site you should put on your list. It's the largest collection of large people in any one place on the Internet and remains the number one fatty dating platform even 15 years after it emerged.

The site isn't free, but you don't have to spend a ton of money to get going (and you'll spend a LOT less than you would on SelfieBBWs). Very few fakes, great communities and hundreds of thousands of real people from across the globe.


A member of the OKCupid family, BBWCupid is a reputable, trustworthy dating platform that does what it says on the tin. As it comes from a reliable name in the dating industry, you can be sure that you're in safe hands.

BBWCupid puts a great emphasis on community building, and we should mention that it's more of a dating site than a hookup site. Will you find instant sex on here? Maybe, but most BBWCupid daters are interested in something a little more substantial.

Large Friends

Large Friends is less of a dating site and more of an all-encompassing adult community of large people and large people lovers. While it certainly functions as a meetup and hook up platform, that's not its sole intention. Think of it as a Facebook for fatties.

Users can upload pictures, videos, contact other members and post updates to their profile. Members can limited messages to other users with a free account, but will need a paid membership to use the site to its fullest.


The only reason to use Selfie BBWs is if you're a masochist looking to endure some serious torment, and ironically, there are much better dating sites to do that. SelfieBBWs is not a dating site, it's a scam trap that tries to part you with your cash at the first opportunity and then never deliver on its claims.

The site is as carny as it comes. Target a specific niche of daters, get them interested with explicit imagery and hit them in their wallets. You'll get a ton of messages on this website, but they'll be from fake users who just want to redirect you to another scammy website. If you want real BBW sex, this isn't the place to find it.

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