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Rub Ratings - Try This Backpage Replacement Escort Site

Massage parlors have long been linked to the world of sex workers. You've no doubt heard of the fabled happy ending massage that many massage clients crave. While most massage businesses outright refuse to offer such erotic services, there are plenty of parlors out there that do, and these are the places you want to know about.

Rub Ratings is a site that tracks all of the massage parlors, spas and similar services to provide a comprehensive list of all the erotic hotspots in locations across the United States. The kind of places that won't hesitate to massage more explicit areas of the male body. Is RubRatings a trustworthy site? We've got the information. Here's your RubRatings review.

Rub Ratings - What Is It?

According to the site's introduction, RubRatings is a a modern service built for massage and body rub providers to advertise their services. Erotic massages, sensual body rubs, nuru massages, discreet happy endings - they're all on the menu here on RubRatings. Unlike other escort sites, the focus is solely on massages and bodyrubs on here on RubRatings.

That's not to say there aren't a few "hidden ads" on here. For example, while most ads detail massage parlors and individual establishments, some of these ads are actually for particular Asian girls. You just need to read between the lines to get the truth. We're not sure why they advertise things this way, but it might have something to do with the legality around escorting.

First Impressions

RubRatings is excellently designed and very visually appealing. It doesn't look like your average escort site by a long shot. It's got a classy black, grey and pink color scheme and it's been created with very modern vibes. The site definitely knows how to draw the eye, especially on the Internet today when looks and layout are more important than ever.

From the landing page, just click 'select your city' and you'll be taken to the main section. Here, you'll see a big list of US states which are then broken down further by town and city. Find your location, hit the link and see the list of all the stunning massage parlor girls willing to excite and delight you. The girls in these ads offer all the details you need to contact them directly.


Massage listings

Local masseurs post ads detailing their location, service and contact details. Some of these babes work out of massage parlors while some do it from the comfort of their own homes. It really depends on the escort although they'll detail everything you need to know in their ads. All ads include photos and contact numbers so you don't have to rely on an in-house messaging system to get a hold of them.

User reviews

Escorts offer a service, and every service provider should be reviewed. On RubRatings, users are encouraged to leave reviews for escorts or masseurs they've used, and there's a whole reviews section dedicated to people's findings. All of these reviews look legit (especially as not all of them are positive), which is great because it lets you know which women to avoid.

Sneaky escort listings

RubRatings is entirely dedicated to massages and bodyrubs, but escort sites are nothing if not sneaky. Some of the women on here, while they claim to offer massages, actually offer additional sexual fulfillment too. These babes won't say it outright, but they'll often leave hints in their ads that suggest they'd be up for doing much more than massaging your swollen joints.

Nearby listings

Not every city is overflowing with massage specialists and parlors. Some of the smaller towns might only have one or two listings, but if you scroll down the page, you'll see a selection of 'nearby listings' to your chosen region. These girls might be 20 or so miles away, but if you're desperately craving a body rub, it saves you having to hit up a local massage parlor and ask the awkward questions.

Is Rub Ratings Free?

Yes it is. RubRatings is 100% free to use. There are no subscription fees or credits systems or anything like that. There's an option to register with the site but this doesn't require any kind of payment either. Registered users are able to keep track of their viewing history, see the messages they've sent and contact other members should they wish.

The only time you'll have to spend money is when you employ the services of these massage specialists. There's no option to pay through RubRatings and all payment arrangements should be made directly with the escort or masseur. Generally, you'll find that these types of masseurs have low prices in comparison to high class and professional escorts.


Escort services

Like we mentioned, there are escorts hidden on this page as well as masseurs, you just have to dig a little deeper to find them. While these masseurs won't outright mention that they offer more than just massages, they'll put little hints in their ads so that you know there's more on the menu.

All cities represented

RubRatings really does everything it can to cater to every city in the country. Of course, not every area of the United States has willing masseurs, especially the less populated locations, but the 'nearby listings' section helps you find local ladies without the need for excessive searching.

Great search function

You can scour the entire site via the advanced search bar at the top of the page. Not only can you search the content of an individual massage ad, but you can keyword search through the entire master list to find exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you want something specific in Oklahoma City, head to the Oklahoma section of the website and crawl the entire thing.

Zero ads

You won't find a single advertisement here on RubRatings, which is very impressive for a modern adult site. Very few sites don't rely on ads for revenue these days, so we're not really sure how RubRatings manages to stay in operation without an income source. According to the 'Info' section of the page, RubRatings is a passion project of a group of masseur enthusiasts, so we can only assume the page is personally bankrolled.


100% Asian girls

This is a positive or a negative depending on your personal preferences. Obviously, the racial stereotypes of happy ending masseurs are very much present here. You won't find any Western girls or conservative country girls offering these types of massage services. Due to a mix of cultural and economic factors, all of the who advertise on this escort site are of Asian descent. Body types and hair color will vary, but ethnicity remains the same.

RubRatings Is Dedicated To Fighting Sex Trafficking

Escorts sites have had a bad time in the past few years (which is the reason Backpage was originally shut down). A 2018 law put a stop to mainstream escort listings sites out of fear they were being used for the purposes of sex trafficking unwilling victims. However, a new wave of listing sites have popped up that take every effort to fight this underground trade. ( Source )

RubRatings is one such site. The site's 'Info' section claims that it's part of the fight against human trafficking and encourages users to report any shady activity they might come across. According to this section, RubRatings delete dozens of posts on a weekly basis that they claim are suspicous in nature.

Alternative Backpage Replacements


Rubmaps is very similar to RubRatings in that it's a website dedicated entirely to massage specialists. Like RubRatings, it covers everywhere in the United States, but it actually covers even more cities than RubRatings does. The only difference is that Rubmaps also advertises regular escorts too, so you'll find all manner of sexual activities available through here. Massage girls, lapdancers, fetish service providers and much more.

Adult Look

One of the top escort sites on the scene today, Adult Look is the go-to place for clients looking for hot working girls in their cities. It's the closest thing we have to the original Backpage as of the time of writing, utilizing all of the features that made Backpage such a popular website. You'll find masseurs on here too, but the majority of ads will be from professional women who do this kind of gig for a living.

Utopia Guide

Utopia Guide is another top escort site, and might be the most convenient way to find easy sex for the evening. It works like your typical escort site, covering a wide range of countries, states and cities so you'll never have any trouble finding a working girl who lives in your area. The site is totally free to visit and doesn't cost a thing to use. Every ad must include photos too so you won't find any blank-profile nonsense on here.

Rub Ratings - Fantastic Place For Massage Services

RubRatings is an excellent place to help find that perfect girl to provide the happy ending you so desperately crave. This isn't your typical "popular sex dating" site, not by a long shot. RubRatings is a unique platform that showcases escorts and massage services in a new and innovative way. Really, we wish there were more sites like RubRatings.

There's a real good chance of finding a massage parlor or escort in your region, and the fact it's totally free mean you're able to browse profiles without having to worry about your wallet. The girls are gorgeous, the services are exquisite, and you're free to hire these talented girls directly via their contact details. If you're into satisfying massages, RubRatings is totally worth checking out.

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