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RoyalCams - Best Free Site For Live Sex Cams?

Cams, cams and more cams. How many cam sites is too many? In our opinion, there's no such thing. Cam sites give porn lovers the opportunity to get up close and personal with gorgeous models in a safe, virtual environment. It blows away mainstream porn a hundred times over, so we say keep the cam sites coming.

Today, we're looking at a site called Royalcams. It's a long-running cam site that you might have seen advertised on lesser-known porn sites in the past, and we're here to let you know how it fairs against the major players like CamSoda and Chaturbate. Does it suck? Does it have the best sex cams of all? Here's the best Royal Cams review you'll read today.

Royalcams - What Is It?

Royalcams is, at its core, a cam site. Users can interact with cam models, enjoy private shows and make requests for personalized content. However, Royalcams has a ton of additional features too, including free porn videos and even a dating section. It's something of an all-rounder, although cams are the main focus of the site.

The good news is that Royalcams is indeed a genuine cam site. It's not some scammy piece of shit that's going to steal your cash and leave you with blue balls. It's got some great adult cams to get lost in and while it's not completely free, the costs are reasonable. Therefore, there's a decent chance you'll find your perfect free sex show on Royalcams.

First Impressions

Cam sites are not known for their fancy designs and Royalcams is no exception. At the risk of sounding overly harsh, Royalcams looks like absolute garbage. It's designed like shit and there's enough text rolling around the screen to give you a headache. Information overload is putting it lightly, and to make it worse, the site has a bunch of mismatching elements. Different colored texts, different sized fonts, clashing colors, etc.

But most people aren't here for the layout, and once you start viewing some of these cams, you'll find the site is pretty good providing you can ignore the visual mess that is the website design. There are literally hundreds of cams to choose from and all of the public rooms are free. Very few models charge to watch them outside of private sessions.


Free cams

Almost all of the the models on Royal Cams offer free viewing to entice people into their private shows. From the main page, you'll see a huge list of thumbnails with all of the available private shows at that moment, and there are usually several hundred to choose from. This list also updates in real time in case a model goes offline.

Private shows

Private shows are how the website models make money, so obviously they do everything they can to entice you into a personal one-on-one session. Private shows on Royal Cams cost on a per-minute basis, and these prices vary depending on the model in question. Cam2cam and phone sex shows are also alternative options.

Gold shows

Gold shows are a little different to standard private shows. Rather than one-on-one interaction, gold shows involve a group of viewers pitching together to reach a designated goal. Viewers combine their money to a certain amount set by the model, and these goals can range from $100 to $500. Once the target is met, that's when the model will perform certain actions.

Porn videos

It seems that Royal Cams has listened to members deliver advice, because the site has a decent porn section. Why does a cam site need a section for this? We're not 100% sure but we guess it's for the guys who can't find a cam model that gets them hard so they can just jump straight to the porn section instead. The site also probably get affiliate payments for everyone that refers the pornsite.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to get anything done here on Royalcams, you'll have to purchase credits. Credits are used to either tip models, watch private shows or watch gold shows. Credits must be purchased in batches via the Royalcams shop and the more credits you purchase at once, the less the cost will be overall. Here's how the costs of credits breaks down:

  • 10 credits - $4.99
  • 100 credits - $39.99
  • 200 credits - $69.99
  • 500 credits - $109.99
  • 1000 credits - $189.99

Purchases can only be made through credit or debit card or PayPal. There are no crypto payment methods available. Credits will mostly be used for private and gold shows and the costs of these will differ depending on the model in question. On average, expect to pay between 2-5 credits per minute.


Diverse range of models

Royal Cams has a decent model database that covers girls of every age, race, ethnicity and sexual preference. It doesn't matter if you're into vanilla strip teases or hardcore fetish stuff, you'll get acquire personalized care every single time.

Some of the models here are professional girls who do this full time, some are amateur girls who cam as a side gig. They're a mixed bunch, transsexual, actors, etc.You can tell which ones are which by how much they charge, since pros obviously cost a little more for their services.

Phone sex options

As well as cam shows and cam2cam sessions, Royal Cams also offers phone sex options. If you're not willing to show your face on cam, some models allow you to call them up, either through a standard phone call or online call and make your requests.

These are a little cheaper than cam sessions and they're perfect if you want to voice chat with your model but don't want to show your face. If you've ever seen the old Babestation videos, these phone sex calls work along the same lines.

Free shows

Free shows are the backbone to any camsite. They're the components that entice people into the private and gold shows which is obviously where the money is. Royal Cams has a huge number of free cams available at any one time.

In most cases, the cam quality is pretty good, and there's a diverse range of models to choose from. The list of available am models will be sorted by order of relevance and popularity, so if you want to find the less-busy rooms, just keep scrolling.



As you'll see from the prices section above, credits and gold accounts cost an awful lot, especially in comparison to some other cam sites on the scene. 1000 credits might sound like it'll get you a lot of filth, but the truth is that won't stretch very far.

Assuming the average model charges 3 credits per minute, that works out at around $2 per minute if you purchasing the 1000 credits package. It's even more if you buy the cheaper packages.

Bad layout

We can't emphasize enough how much the layout on here sucks. Just take a quick glance at the homepage and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. It's messy business from top to bottom, on both the website and mobile version.

That said, the mobile browser version is actually a little easier to use. You have less mismatching elements and more superior chat controllers. So, if you're going to use Royal Cams, it's a good idea to use it on your phone instead of a laptop or desktop.

Constant ads

Royal Cams is a total adfest. Everywhere you look you'll be bombarded with advertisements for affiliated dating sites, porn sites and other camsites. You'll even get ads during cam shows, which can be very distracting.

More annoying than these ads are the constant prompts to purchase credits. Every 5 minutes, you'll get a giant full-screen pop-up that tells you everything you need to know about credits, and of course it'll tell you how important it is that buy some more.

Dating site section

If you click 'Royalcams Dating' at the top bar, you'll be redirected to a completely different site that's apparently affiliated with Royalcams. According to the tagline, this is a dating site for unmarried guys to meet easy women. Strange tagline, but we're not judging.

Unfortunately this section of the site is a complete waste of time. It's easy to tell that it's not a real dating website by the language, imagery and other aspects on display. Avoid this section, because you won't anything other than a few worksheets and compensated out chats.

Royalcams - Decent Adult Cam Site

Royalcams is a middle of the road cam site that's worth checking out if you've already exhausted all the other big name platforms. It's got a superb mixture of models contained within and the porn videos are a nice positive, but the clunky layout and the expensive credits system will surely dissuade a few people from using it.

So it's not that Royalcams is bad as such, it's just that lots of other sites do whatever Royalcams does and does it better and more efficiently. That said, you'll definitely find some free rooms to get lost in here, and providing you can ignore the frequent adverts that'll come your way, you're sure to have a good time.

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