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How To Get Reddit Hookups? Follow These Subreddits

If it's casual sex you want, the Internet has your needs in mind. These days, it's possible to find hookups in the strangest of places, including social media and online forums. We don't have to rely on dating apps or personal ads anymore - casual hookups are anywhere and everywhere.

One such place to find casual encounters is Reddit. LIke the anonymous Internet forums of old, Reddit communities are hives of anonymous people, most of whom are looking for easy sex just like you. So, time to ditch the other dating sites and fuck apps, because if you want one night stands tonight, get involved in a Reddit community. Here's what you need to know.

The Dating Scene In 2022

Every day, there's a new dating site on the scene. For a lot of people, it's actually quite exhausting, despite the massive choice on offer. Finding the right hookup app for you can actually be a chore these days, because we're all suffering from excessive decision fatigue. That's why so many people are disenfranchised with online hookups.

But places like Reddit are actually adding a little fun back into local hookups. Hookup culture tends to favor the most attractive people, but Reddit gives people of all looks and age groups a chance to get their sexual needs seen to. Popular subreddits like r/dirtyr4r are not only completely free, but actually give people a voice rather than doing the talking with their looks.

What Is Reddit?

Sure, you've heard of Reddit, but you might not know exactly what it is. Basically, Reddit is a collection of individual forums, all based around different interests, activities and niches. For example, you'll find places on Reddit dedicated to your favorite TV shows or video games, just as you'll find a subreddit dedicated to your specific sexual preference.

It doesn't matter if you're a young guy looking for sexting buddies or an older transgender woman seeking exclusively oral encounters, you're guaranteed to find a particular subreddit that suits your needs down to the ground. Reddit is a very far reaching platform, so you'll never be short of places to visit on here.

What Are Subreddits?

A subreddit a subcategory inside the Reddit community. "Subs" are vital to the inner workings of the site, covering everything from world news to (extremely) niche topics. Quite often, if someone has a niche interest they want to discuss, the first place they'll come is Reddit. Imagine 4chan but with more level-headed users.

Just like everyone else on the Internet, a large chunk of Reddit users are perfectly horny individuals. That's why there are so many subs dedicated to sex, hooking up, nudes sharing and sexting. In fact, some of the most popular subreddits of all are sex-based, just as the famous R4R or GoneWild. That's why Reddit is such a great place to find your perfect partner.

How Will Reddit Get Me Laid?

Like we mentioned, Reddit is full of horny people, adult content and local singles. Not only does it have countless users from every corner of the globe, but the average Reddit user is a little more... switched on, than you might find on other social media sites. For example, Twitter is a cesspool of arguments and crazy people, whereas Reddit is more friendly discourse.

Reddit is basically a place to post personal ads that people can respond to. You won't browse through users like you would a dating site. Instead, you'll just post your wants, needs and sexual desires and wait for your inbox to start filling up. Better yet, your posts remain active for months, so people can continue to find you a long time after you've posted.

The Best Subreddits For Casual Sex

For all its faults, Reddit has one massive thing going in its favor - its vast popularity. Meeting people on here is easier than you'll find on most dating sites because most people have flocked to Reddit at some point or another in their lives. Everyone knows Reddit. It's one of the most popular online platforms of all. That's what makes it such a great casual sex finder.

In our list of the best subreddits, we're going to look at the super popular subs as well as some lesser known subs to find easy sex. Additionally, unlike Tinder users, Reddit users are free to post their ads on as many subreddits as they like, drastically increasing your chance of finding one night stands. And of course, it's all completely free!


It doesn't matter where they're from, everyone on GoneWild speaks the same language: nudes. GoneWild is one of the most popular subs in the world, with an incredible 3.8 million users subscribed to the subreddit. Those kinds of numbers are rarely seen outside of the big name free dating sites like Tinder and POF.

From the GoneWild about section: "Gonewild is a place for open-minded Adult Redditors to exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure." Basically, it's a place to post nudes, but that doesn't mean you won't find fuck partners on here too. Plenty of casual hookups are facilitated through the sending of hot photos.

Most women who post also include their locations in their posting for this very reason. All you need to do is search for your city in the search bar and you'll find explicit pics of sex-loving hotties in your area. Send them a private message (it's completely free to do so) and take it from there. GoneWild also has various subreddits related to it, such as GoneWildUK.


When it comes to finding hookups, most redditers hit up r/DirtyR4R (which stands for dirty redditor 4 redditor). This sub boasts a mighty 870k thousands users(!) with around 2000 online at any one time. You'll struggle to find a hookup app (aside from the major ones) that boasts these kinds of numbers anywhere.

This is Reddit's most popular adult community for good reason. On average, there's a new post every 30 seconds - that's a whole lot of people on the hunt for no strings attached fun. Simply include your age, location and a few details about yourself in your post and wait for the women to start messaging. It's really that simple.

DirtyR4R also offers the option to tag your posts with certain keywords, allowing people to find you a little easier. For example, tag it with 'LGBTQ' or 'gay' to help LGBT people find you right away. You can filter down by these tags on the main page to help you find exactly what you're looking for without having to scroll through a million posts.


Matching mouths to cocks. That's the motto of this subreddit. And with almost half a million registered subscribers, that's a whole lot of people getting sucked off. Although despite the name, r/RandomActsOfBlowjob isn't entirely about oral pleasures. It's basically a personals section with an attractive name.

For example, here's one post: "30 [F4M] - #NYC by way of Jersey - it’s my 30th birthday and I want to be a size queen. Fucking, sucking, I don't care!" You'll find a lot of posts along the same lines as this. Most newbies to the subreddit believe it's all about sucking dick, but there are just as many people looking for pure sex partners too.

The rules state that every post must include an age, location and sexual preferences (gay, straight, bi) before they're posted. At any given time, there are around 4k active users on RandomActsOfBlowjob, and that makes for a whole lot of potential fuck partners.


Word of warning, the Hookup subreddit is 100% NSFW. Seriously. A lot of subs blur their content out, but r/Hookup is a total barrage of explicit photos and filthy gifs right from the word go. Dripping cocks, gaped assholes, massive tits - it's all on display for your visual pleasure. It's a place to view adult content just as much as it is to find a hook up.

"Hookup, one night stands, FWB, NSA, whatever you call it, this is the place for college girls and guys to come together and meet one another." As simple as you could ask for. This sub is a hookup transposed into forum form, and with 123k users, this place is getting people laid left, right and center. Just sort the page by 'New' to see exactly how many posts are made every minute.

Despite all the dirty media on display, posting photos isn't a requirement to list your ad. Most posts actually don't include any media at all. All it asks is a location, age and sexual preference. The specific rules about using the sub are fluid, so as long as you're using it to seek hookups of some kind, you'll fit right in on here.


The "About" section of NaughtyFromNeglect says it better than we ever could. "Our goal is to create an environment to replace the long lost Craigslist site. This is an adult oriented subreddit designed for individuals in relationships that are feeling neglected and want to be "naughty" or looking for something outside."

Basically, this sub is the Reddit equivalent of Ashley Madison. If you're looking to find sex partners who are already taken, this is the place to aim your posts. With 87k users and around 200 online at any one time, subs like this are the reason people are ditching Tinder and migrating to Reddit.

You'll find new posts every minute of the day, and posters are encouraged to include as much detail as possible. All posts must have an age, location and gender in the title so people can decide whether or not they're interested right away. If you're in a sexless marriage and you want to fuck elsewhere, NaughtyFromNeglect will help you find your next hook up.


Everyone on Reddit admits that they're only on here for one thing: sex. And it's pretty clear by the fact that r/Cumsluts has one of the biggest communities of any subreddit. There are a whopping 2.3 million users on this sub, with around 5k active at any one time. Even sites like OKCupid would struggle to match these kinds of numbers.

Cumsluts is actually a place for people to post pictures, videos and gifs of hot girls covered in spunk. It's not really a place for hookups, but that doesn't mean people don't use it to find hookups regardless. The sub is basically one big adult community, and that comes with plenty of chat and user interaction.

One of the biggest advantages of r/Cumsluts is that lots of women post pictures of themselves coated in jizz, and any woman that does that will make for an excellent fuck partner. Plenty of these ladies use Reddit to find their hookups, so all you need to do is slide into their DMs and strike up conversation. Who knows where it might lead?

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about hooking up on Reddit? Here are the most common queries.

Is hooking up on Reddit safe?

Reddit is mostly a safe platform to use. Most subreddits have rules in place to prevent harassment. As the site is free, it naturally attracts bots and phishers, but on the whole, most men and women in these Reddit communities are real.

Is Reddit better than dating sites?

Reddit has a number of advantages over traditional dating apps. It has a better search function, it's completely free to use and the chat function is streamlined. Your posts can also found be found for months after it's gone live.

What's the best subreddit to find sex?

The best subreddit to find a sex partner is r/Hookup or r/NaughtyFromNeglect. On these subs, you can get straight to the point and begin a chat with someone looking for the same things as you. These subs also have millions of active users at any one time.

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