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Reddit R/CelebNSFW & Other NSFW Subreddits

Porn sites come in all shapes and sizes - it's not just standard gallery pages anymore. Adult content has permeated the Internet from every angle, meaning you can find hardcore fucking on social media pages, forums and literally anywhere else in the modern age.

One place that provides exceptional porn content is r/CelebNSFW, also known as Reddit CelebNSFW. As the name suggests it's a place for people to post explicit media featuring the stars of today, but how does this subreddit compare to other porn sites out there? Here's our detailed review.

R/CelebNSFW - What Is It?

There's nothing wrong with getting your porn through Reddit. In fact, Reddit is one of the most popular places for amazing porn content because there are so many finely-sculpted niches, subjects and categories to lost in, from general nudity subs to incredibly-specific stuff like freckled girls in sundresses. Basically, there's something for everyone on Reddit.

CelebNSFW is exactly what you'd imagine - leaks of celebs baring all, be it candid shots, professional photos or private snaps never intended to reach the public. It works like a forum, with every new post featuring a single photo of a nude celebrity. It's super simplistic but with 1.4 million registered users on the subreddit, it works exceptionally well.

Types Of NSFW Content

There are different categories of hot content available on this subreddit, and while the majority of it is leaked snaps (from either public or private outlets), you'll find a few other types of post as you scroll through the sub's grimy hallways. Here's what you can expect to find on this page.

Genuine nudes

A lot of celebrities willingly put their nudes out there for the masses to consume. Sometimes these taken the form of professional photoshoots, sometimes they're stills from movies, sometimes they're just social media pictures the celebrity has posted for their followers. These make up the majority of submissions on Celeb NSFW.

Leaked content

Celebrities are no different to you and me. They love sending explicit pictures of themselves to their significant others or whatever C-lister they're slamming at the time. Some of these pictures end up online either through hacking or revenge porn, and pages like Celeb NSFW then bring them to the mainstream.


Occasionally, a user will superimpose a celebrity's head onto a naked picture to give the impression it's a genuine nude photo. Most of the time, fakes are pretty obvious, but you sometimes get a particularly talented Photoshopper that makes everything blend together seamlessly. You'll get a few of these submissions per day, but not an abundance of them.


These are the rarest types of posts, which is lucky because they're kinda gross. Tributes involve pictures or videos of a user jacking off over a celebrity's photo until they glaze it with cum. It's quite disgusting and while these types of submissions are accepted, someone in the comments will usually chastize the person for being such a gremlin.

Is This Kind Of Content Legal?

The short answer is no. You can't get in trouble for viewing these kinds of things, nor will you get in trouble for saving any number of naked photos to your phone or desktop. There are sometimes legal issues around these things, but for the individual consumer, it's perfectly safe to enjoy this kind of content.

Occasionally, celebrities might take issue with the fact their nudes have been leaked to the world (since some of this content is private). However, the onus would be on Reddit rather than any individual users. Besides, celebrities are vain as fuck, so they probably love the fact that strangers are jerking off to their naked bodies. ( Source )

Does Reddit Cost Anything?

It doesn't and that's why we love it. You don't even need a Reddit account to browse all of the posts available on Celeb NSFW either. Even if you're not logged in to the page, you can still see all of the posts, comments and amazing celebrity porn on offer. Just another reason why this subreddit makes for one of the best porn sites around today.

There's only form of cost on Reddit and in all honesty, we hate it. Users can 'award' content they really like, which then boosts that post or comment to the top of its respective page. Every award costs money, which we think is kinda stupid because believe all social media should be free. We also think it's kinda wrong to be able to pay to boost certain content.


No account needed

You don't need a Reddit account to browse Reddit. Of course, you can create an account for free if you want to immerse yourself in this community of naked celebrities, but for the most part, you can browse everything without needing to sign up. The only downside is that visitors are defaulted to SFW mode, so all photos are out-of-focus until you register.

Super active

As it happens, there are tons of people out there who want to see naked celebrities. CelebNSFW has 1.4 million registered users, and there are new pictures, videos and gifs literally every minute of the day. That's not an exaggeration either. Rarely a minute goes by without new NSFW photos gracing the top of the page.

Very good photoshops

As we mentioned, some of the users on this page are incredible editors. You'll regularly find fakes that are almost indistinguishable from the real article. If you've ever wanted to see a topless Emma Watson or Blake Lively getting fucked in the ass, stick around on CelebNSFW long enough and you'll find it.

Great moderation

Reddit moderators have a reputation; that they're no-lifer virgins who take the Internet way too seriously. Usually this is something to make fun of, but they do an exquisite job of keeping r/CelebNSFW on topic. If someone starts posting things that don't fit the topic at hand, they'll get the ban hammer pretty quickly.

Great search feature

All users tag their posts with the names of the models in question, so you can find your favorite celebs without having to endlessly scroll. The search feature organizes results by recency, popularity or relevancy depending on your preferences. You'll also be able to search through posts dating back an incredible 11 years(!)



This might be a first for our reviews, but there's genuinely nothing to dislike about this subreddit. Who the fuck doesn't want to see hot naked celebrities? And for completely free no less? This isn't like some scammy dating site where you're wasting time and energy trying to get laid. It's just a carousel of amazing content, and we love that.

Other NSFW Subreddits

This sub isn't the only free NSFW celebrity subreddit out there. There are plenty of places on Reddit to see naked bodies, filthy celebrity sex and all manner of adult content. Even if celebrities aren't your kind of thing, there's no shortage of subs to enjoy. Here's a short list of alternatives.


If you like small girls with massive tits, you've come to the right place. BustyPetite is on par with CelebNSFW in terms of popularity, maybe because men crave this type of beauty the most. The subreddit features new posts every few minutes so you'll never be short of content.

There's also a whole bunch of subreddits in the Busty series. Busty BBWs, Busy Asians, Busty Ebony, Busty MILFs. There's no better sub-reddit for big tit lovers because it's just a constant stream of new pics, videos and gifs.


Who doesn't love getting a handjob in a parking lot, or maybe fingering a chick on the back of the bus? If public sex is your thing, Hold The Moan is the best subreddit to indulge your perverted desires. All of the videos here feature public fucking and sucking of some sort.

Why the name? Well, these chicks need to be quiet. You can't go screaming in orgasmic bliss while you're getting rutted round the back of Walmart. You have to keep things on the down low, as you'll see in all of the filthy videos on display.


Simplicity is always the best. Cumsluts is one of the most straightforward subreddits in the NSFW niche, because it's just a constant stream of filthy bitches indulging their love of manjuice. They love it on their faces, in their pussies and sometimes directly out of shot glasses.

Some of the nasty shit these babes get up to will blow your mind. While most of the content is exported from adult sites, some of the submissions are from real, amateur beauties posting their own homemade stuff for the masses.


For those who don't know rule 34, it's simple: if it exists, there's porn of it. No exceptions. You might think this is a broad stroke, but just look at some of the more niche subreddits out there (like DragonsFuckingCars). And as you'll see on Rule34, things can get very strange indeed.

TV characters, cartoon characters, video game characters, aliens, demons, beloved sports mascots. This subreddit features all of them involved in disgusting, explicit scenarios that'll ensure you never look the same way at Misty from Pokemon ever again.


Does anyone really have time to watch entire pornos, especially the big budget stuff? No one cares for the storyline or the character development - we just want to watch good looking people fuck. If you need to bust a nut but you're short on time, don't worry, this sub will sort you out.

PornInFifteenSeconds reduces tons of popular pornos down to a manageable, fifteen-second looped gif. It sounds like a crazy idea, but you'll be surprised at just how effective it is. If you've got a meeting in thirty seconds' time, this sub will help you fill the gap.

R/CelebNSFW - Worth It?

Hell yes. CelebNSFW is one of the best porn sites in the game today. You get exactly what it says on the surface - high quality pictures of nude celebrities. There's nothing more to say. You won't find any hidden ads or off-topic content on here because the moderators are quick to delete any shit that doesn't jive with the theme.

We know pictures aren't aren't the hottest thing in porn anymore, but for the most part, there's still a place for them on the adult scene as this subreddit proves. If you want easy content, lots of leaked images and super high activity, CelebNSFW is the best free NSFW celebrity subreddit around today.

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