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Palimas - Free HD Porn Videos & Other Tube Sites

The porn industry had progressed to a point that there are now porn sites for every filthy, perverted fetish and kink out there. However, there are still guys out there who just want some simple big-tittied babes riding dicks raw. There's where Palimas comes in. We've devoured this simplistic porn site for your review pleasure.

Palimas - What Is It?

Take Pornhub and minus all of the weird fetish, fart porn, BDSM femdom stuff and you'll get Palimas. This site takes a very vanilla approach to concept of porn consumption by giving viewers the standard stuff; gorgeous girls, big tits, hardcore fucking - just your basic dick-in-vagina action.

First Impressions

Palimas gets off to an explosive start. Right away you'll see all the videos currently available in the form of gigantic thumbnails, and you can either scroll through content or search for the kind of stuff you want to watch. The website has a classic white-on-black color scheme, basically a rip off of other sites in the same niche.


Palimas is laid out exactly like you want to a porn site to be laid out. Endless videos right in front of your eyeballs and a million categories on the right hand side of the screen. Navigation is super easy and there are links in a bar across the screen to help you jump between pornstars, videos and categories with ease.


Long form videos

You won't find any short 30-second cockteases or samples on Palimas. The videos are are all 10-45 minute porn epics that feature a lot of the hottest pornstars on the planet today. Lots of lengthy clips that include a lot of unnecesary plots, but it means there's more content in the long run.

Pro studios

There's not much amateur stuff on Palimas, so if you're into the big studio outputs, you're in luck. You'll find videos from big online producers like Brazzers, Naughty America, Reality Kings, MYLF and more. While everything here is free, a lot of it has been ripped from paid sections on pro studio sites.

HD quality

Everything you watch will be full HD - at least 720p, but the majority of clips can be watched in 1080p and sometimes 4K quality. You'll be able to see everything, from the jizz stains on the bed to the acne on the guy's face.

Endless categories

On the right hand side of the screen you'll see a whole list of categories sorted alphabetically. You'll see the regular results like anal, amateur, big tits and creampie, but also some more niche porn videos like babysitter, kitchen sex, squirting and yoga sex.


No weird stuff

If you're the kind of person who prefers vanilla stuff, you'll do just fine on Palimas. The porn videos are all the kind of stuff you'd discover in your dad's secret stash. No weird fetish stuff, no chicks cosplaying as goblins, no dominatrices pissing on guys' faces. Just good old fashioned fucking the way God intended.


You can watch all of the porn videos on here for the total price of nothing. There is a premium option available which will set you back $4.99 per month (or a one-off payment of $49.99 for lifetime access). The only perk of a premium membership is that you can watch without ads. It's definitely worth considering since these ads suck, but it's not a massive deal.

Favorite videos

The favorite vids section lets you watch your most-loved clips over and over again. Just add a video to your favorites and they'll all appear here - no searching required. It saves you having to scour your browser history for that one video that made you nut in 30 seconds.


Some link ads

This is the only real downside to the website. Sometimes when you watch a video you'll be either A) redirected to an affiliate website or B) shown a popup. It happens every time you open a video so be prepared to click off a few ads during your time here. It's annoying, but manageable.

Palimas - Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. If you want to see gorgeous girls get fucked with no frills or bullshit, you can jerk to your heart's content here on Palimas. You'll have to click off a few in-video ads while you're here, but it's hardly a big deal. For some of the best free porn videos anywhere online, you'll find it on Palimas.

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