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OnlyFlings Review 2022 - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

With the skyrocketing popularity of OnlyFans, it was only a matter of time before online dating sites started using the 'only' prefix. OnlyFlings is the first one to crop up, a new online dating site that specializes in casual dating, hookups and short term relationships.

We've got everything you need to know about this new platform right here, because that's what we do. We test dating websites, search for the best platforms and pass the knowledge down to you. Will OnlyFlings get you laid, or is it a waste of time? Here's our detailed review.

OnlyFlings - What's The Deal?

Before you get going, we encourage you to NOT read any other OnlyFlings reviews before reading this one. A lot of these reviews all say the same thing; that OnlyFlings is an insufficient dating website full of scammers and fake profiles. That might be the case, but OnlyFlings has recently undergone an overhaul and it's now a little different to what those reviews state.

With that said, OnlyFlings is a pretty simple casual dating site. It doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, it just tries to give online daters a decent platform to meet their next fuck partner. Is it the best dating site in the world? Definitely not, but that doesn't mean it's not worth checking out if you want to get laid.

First Impressions

The first thing you'll see on OnlyFlings is a gorgeous blonde in pink lingerie eyeing up the 'join now' button. Personally, we see this as a red flag because the best dating sites don't usually have to lure you in with raunchy imagery. Once you sign up for your free registration, this kind of explicit imagery continues into the landing page.

That's when things go from bad to worse, because the fantasy profiles and fake chat requests immediately pop up, a lot of which immediately push you towards the paid membership. While the site layout is decent enough, everything else about this dating site screams "subscription rip off," so going forward, our hopes weren't exactly high.


Browse members

OnlyFlings is a grid style dating site which means you're free to browse through members at your leisure. You don't have to swipe and match with users before you can begin chatting. To find members, you can either search or them by keyword or scroll through nearby members from the location landing page.

Featured members

Every week, OnlyFling showcases a few "featured users" of their site, which are apparently personalized for you and you only. In most cases, these are new members who've recently joined so the site gives you the chance to start sending messages to them before anyone else does.

Video chat

OnlyFling offers a video chat function to help take your steamy conversations to the next level. The video feature works like your standard Facetime call, however, OnlyFlings' video function costs you money to use. We're not sure why anyone would pay to use this feature when you can simply exchange phone numbers and do it for free.

Live cams

OnlyFlings is not only a casual dating website, but also an all round adult entertainment service. That's what it claims, at least. As well as video and text chats, you can also watch professional performers in its live cams section. Once you hit the cams landing page, you'll actually be redirected to a completely different site. Other details are available below.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

From the moment you go through the free registration process, OnlyFlings will constantly bug you to upgrade to the paid membership package. Of course, that's how casual dating sites make money so we understand, but the constant badgering to upgrade to premium membership is nothing short of harrassment. Here's what you can expect to pay to upgrade:

  • 1 Month Premium Membership - $29.95
  • 1 Month Highlighted Package - $8.95

The premium membership offers unlimited messaging, the option to add users to your friends list and access to certain users' private photos. Basically, the only real useful part of the membership is the messaging part. The Highlighted Package simply highlights your profile pictures to other users in search results.


Free to browse

The one thing OnlyFlings has going for it is that you can peruse everything without having to pay. Only when you see a member that catches your eye will need to pay for full access so you can message them. It's not ideal, especially considering the amount of fake profiles on here, but it beats having to pay before you browse.

Photo verification

This one (along with some of the other features) are actually a double-edged sword, because it showcases just how many fake profiles there are on this page. Real users are encouraged to verify themselves, which then shows a little badge next to your profile photo. This is quite common on any casual dating website, but the problem is that no one on OF has this badge.

Match feature

All online dating sites have a match feature and OnlyFlings is no different. On here, you can swipe from person to person and choose yes or no based solely on their appearance. Once you make a mutual match, you can begin chatting with the other person. However, as you might have guessed, a lot of these people are fake so don't expect a first date anytime soon.


Fake profiles

OnlyFling is a hub of fake profiles. It's almost impossible to find genuine other members because the amount of fakes are nothing short of staggering. In fact, the site's ToS even claims that the site is full of fakes: "You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site, may be fictitious and operated by the site or its contractors. This sute uses fantasy profiles and messages called Online Cupids."


If you want to do anything of substance on OnlyFlings, like video chat or send messages, then you'll need a premium membership. This membership will set you back a whopping $29.95 a month and there's no option to commit for longer to reduce monthly payments. Compared to all of the other dating sites out there, this is incredibly expensive.

Report user feature

The fact that OnlyFlings has this feature is a good thing... if the feature worked. With all of the fantasy profiles on here, you're gonna be reporting a lot of other members. The report feature just takes you to an error page that goes nowhere. This doesn't bode well for the site's already-bad reputation.

Minimal profile information

Most profiles, even the fake accounts, have completely bare profiles. If you're lucky, you might see a few photos and a few lines of bio, but apart from that, profiles don't give a whole lot away. Not only does it make difficult to search by keyword, but it just shows just how many fake chat operators are on the site.

Live cams

The live cams feature would be great... if it was actually a part of the OnlyFlings website. It's not. It redirects you to a completely different website and landing page. From what we can discern, this cam site has no affiliation whatsoever to OnlyFlings, so the site is basically trying to unofficially link itself to a bigger, more reputable site.

OnlyFlings Mobile App

Amazingly, OnlyFlings does indeed have its own mobile app. Quite surprising, right? Sort of, but not when you consider the scammy masterminds behind OnlyFlings are Deniro Marketing. If you've never heard of them, Deniro Marketing are behind a number of fake dating sites on the market, so it's no surprise OnlyFlings follows the same pattern.

As expected, the OnlyFlings app isn't very good. It's basically a carbon copy of the website, layout and everything. In fact, some links on the app actually redirect you to the OnlyFlings website, and some of the links just don't work at all. Like everything else about this site, avoid all contact.

OnlyFlings - Should You Check It Out?

No. This is one online dating site you need to avoid at all costs. Calling it a dating site at all is an insult to actual dating sites, because OnlyFlings is nothing more than a scam effort to extort $29.95 from you. You'll struggle to meet any real users. You'll just waste time talking to fake chat bots.

Don't get us wrong, there's a small chance of meeting real people through OnlyFlings, but you'll have to get pretty damn lucky to make it happen. Don't waste your time, and instead find a dating site that actually has real, paid members. Avoid this subscription trap at all costs and go elsewhere. The OnlyFlings experience is not worth it at all.

Alternatives To OnlyFlings

Want to find hookups with a little more passion? Then your first point of call should be Despite the name, this isn't a place to find serious relationships or your future wife, it's a place to meet someone who shares your desire for deep, intimate sex. Just real horny members, great features no fake chat bots in sight.

Adult Friend Finder

If you've spent any time on the Internet chat sites, you've probably heard of Adult Friend Finder. It's an adult community with a long and storied history, having amassed several million members over its long carer. It's a dating site, personals site and social media site all rolled into one. More importantly, it's not a subscription rip off like OnlyFlings.


It might sound crazy, but Reddit might be the best site to find a free hookup in today's online landscape. DirtyR4R is a totally free chat board with half a million active members, all of whom just want quick and easy sex with like-minded users. Great search function, easy contact, and no sign up required. Most people use Reddit for entertainment purposes, but it can actually reignite your dating life if you look in the right corners.

Sex Chat Avenue

Not a dating site as such, but still a website to help get your dick wet. Sex Chat Avenue is a chat website with 19 available rooms, and while that might not sound like a lot, it's an active platform with millions of members all on the hunt for virtual fun. No matter your age, location or sexual preferences, chances are you'll meet someone you'll bond with on here.

Slutty Flirt

Slutty Flirt is a hybrid website. It's basically an Adult Friend Finder rip off but it does a few things better. It's got chat rooms and forums to help connect with other members, but it's also got a dating site-esque approach that lets you browse profiles and send direct messages to other members.

Mega Escort

Let's be honest, dating sites can sometimes be a real pain in the ass no matter how good they are. Sometimes, you want to say forget the date, let's just fuck instead. When that's your mindset, you might just need a hot, fake-tittied escort to show you a good time. If so, you can contact one on Mega Escort within a few minutes.

OnlyFlings FAQ

Is OnlyFlings a good dating website?

OnlyFlings is generally not considered to be a good dating site, with many reviews referring to the platform as a subscription trap or a rip off site. The platform utilizes fake profiles in order to create the illusion of high activity.

Does my OnlyFlings subscription auto-renew?

Yes, your OnlyFlings subscription will renew every 30 days unless you cancel it. Head into your profile page and find the Subscription Details page in order to manually cancel your account. Be sure to cancel before your renew date as no money will be refunded.

How do I cancel my OnlyFlings subscription?

To cancel your OnlyFlings subscription, head into your Profile page and then click Settings. Go down to Subscription Details and click 'Delete My Account.' The site will not refund any money so be sure to cancel long before your auto-renew date.

How much does OnlyFlings cost?

An OnlyFlings premium membership costs $29.95 per month and this subscription will auto-renew every 30 days. You also have the option of a Highlighted account which highlights your dating profile in search results. You cannot contact other users with a free subscription.

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