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How To Get Started Nudes Sharing: Tips and Tricks

Let's be honest, we've all exchanged a few sexy nudes at some point or another. With how permeated sexting is in today's world, exchanging nudes is a byproduct of the times. We've done it, you've done, and according to a recent survey, a whopping 36% of people have admitted exchanging a nude pic at some point in their lives.

But as much as we love swapping nude photos, it's not always a safe game. Plenty of peoples' nude pics have been leaked to the world, especially as not all relationships stand the test of time. Quite often, your naughty photos can end up all over the Internet, which is why we've put together this handy guide on how to exchange nude photos safely and discreetly.

Why Do We Love Nude Photos?

You might think the answer is pretty obvious: naked photos are hot. But what makes one naked photo different from another? Why do we covet naked pics that have been personally sent to us so much? You'd much rather see sexy pics of a girl you're chatting with IRL than the nude images of some random chick, right?

Absolutely. According to research, swapping nudes is not only hot, but it creates intimacy and emotional bonding between two people, much in the same way sex does. When you exchange nudes with that lady you're chatting with, you're not just turning each other on, you're creating a human connection that later translates to bedroom activities.

Staying Safe When Sharing Nudes

As we mentioned, we all like to send nudes, but doing so often comes with risks. It doesn't matter if you're sending them through video chat rooms, messenger apps or your dating site of choice, you constantly run the risk of your intimate photos being leaked out to the world. Hell, just Google 'sexy girls' or any similar term, and you'll see millions of stolen photos out there.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There are ways to ensure that nude image of you stays private, just like you intended. Sending nudes is a vital component of virtual adult fun, which is why you should take the time to learn the ins and outs of swapping naughty photos, especially when you're conversing with random strangers on a regular basis.

Your Ultimate Guide To Sexy Nudes

Whether you're new to the world of sending nudes or whether you've been misbehaving for a while, this quick guide will ensure your naked photos never fall into the wrong hands. It's not a lot to remember, and most of it is common sense (although common sense can quickly fly out of the window when you're thinking with the wrong head).

So, here's what you need to know about sharing nude pics. We'll tell you how to make sure your nude photos grab your partner's attention, as well as how to ensure your sexy messages stay between you and your intended recipient.

Send nude pics to people you trust

This one goes without saying. You should only send nude photos to people you're comfortable with. We know how tempting it can be to exchanging nudes with that local hottie you've just become acquainted with, but ask yourself a few questions before you hit the send button. You need to be sure that the person on the other end of the phone is trustworthy. You don't want your pictures ending up in a Dropbox nude leaks collection.

If you're not comfortable sending pictures, take a little longer to build up your relationship with the other person. You can always exchange pictures that aren't explicit until you're sure the person you're chatting with is who they say they are. After a while, it will become obvious if they're legit or not.

Use the right platforms

Staying safe when sending nudes often comes down to which platform you send them on. The best platforms to use are ones that offer self destructing messages such as Snapchat, but there are plenty of platforms that offer 100% privacy. Use a messenger service with end to end encryption like Signal or Telegram. Sharing nudes on Telegram will help to keep them more private compared to other messenger apps.

Equally important are the platforms to completely avoid. Don't use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram because they're targets for hackers. Don't send on a dating website because you usually can't delete your media after you've sent it. Snapchat is technically a social media site, but what makes Snapchat effective is that all photos disappear eventually.

Make use of disappearing media

Two platforms that are perfect to exchange nudes are the aforementioned Snapchat and WhatsApp. Not only are both platforms totally free to use, but Snapchat in particular has become a hive of dirty talk and nude swapping. It's got awesome features that really lend themselves to the the act of sending and receiving nudes.

WhatsApp is another great place to send and receive nudes because you can set any private message to disappear after a certain amount of views. Your chat partner also won't know that your media will disappear eventually, meaning you'll be (mostly) safe from screenshots. It's not completely fool proof, but it'll help you feel safe.

Hide your face

Sure, you want your chat partner to see everything, but staying anonymous is sometimes important. When you stay anonymous, it doesn't matter if your pictures end up all over the revenge porn sites - no one will know it's you anyway. That's why it's sometimes a good idea to hide your face and any distinguishing marks like tattoos.

It doesn't mean you have to forego all nudity in your photos, just take pictures from angles where your face isn't visible. Instead, put the main focus on a different body part, like your torso or your cock. Don't worry, the women will love it too, not to mention this is exatly what most women do in their own pictures too.

Only send directly to individuals

Sending a nude picture on a group chat is one of the most foolish things you can do. And we don't just mean a group WhatsApp chat or anything like that. If you upload your pics to a public forum or website, you're exposing it to a much larger audience, meaning that's a bigger pool of men and women to potentially leak your pics elsewhere.

Only send nudes directly to individuals in a private, encrypted environment. A lot of young people have made the mistake of posting their nude snaps on forums, chat rooms, blogs and personals pages, and you can be damn sure a lot of these naked photos have been stolen and posted on a random porn website.

Always get permission!

When you're in the heat of the moment, it can be tempting to send a few photo messages to heighten the mood. Sure, but just because you're both horny, it doesn't mean you should jump right in at the deep end. Remember, some other users might not be as outgoing as you, and they might be a little uncomfortable sharing their most intimate photos right away.

So, before you send photos, ask! It doesn't matter how horny you are, you need to be confident the person on the other side of your mobile phone wants your naughty snap. Before you dive in, talk and flirt a little, then ask your partner if she wants to exchange nudes with you. Always be careful, or you might end up scaring that new chat partner away.

Alternatives To Nude Pic Sending

Sending nudes might not be your kinda thing, and hat's fine. Not everyone wants to post themselves all over the Internet, and of course, there are plenty of alternative ways to heat up your adult chat without having to point your phone at your crotch. Here are a couple of ways to add a little fun to your conversations.

Call your partner up

What's wrong with a good old fashioned phone call? Talkin to women on the phone can be just as steamy as sex chat, because there's a few added layers of intimacy. You'll not only be interacting with each other in real time (no waiting around for your partner to respond), but the sound of your voices will add a little sensuality.

Video call naughtiness

A step up from the photo-sending world, why not video call that hot new friends with benefits in your life? A lot of the best sites even offer face-blurring features to help you remain anonymous when you videos call, so you can still sex chat in confidence without revealing your identity.

Texting role play

When you role play over text with like-minded people, you're both relying on your imaginations rather than nude images. For a lot of people, this is much more powerful because there are no limitations. All of the porn happens inside your head, and that's usually the best place for it.

Where to find sexting partners

So now you know how to keep your naughty images safe and secure, it's time to start browsing for your nude chat partner. No mater your looks, age, or location, we're going to show you the best site to find your next nude-sharing buddy.

Adult communities

Just do a quick Google search for adult communities and you'll find a site that delivers exactly what you need. A site like Adult Friend Finder is perfect for sharing nude pictures and videos with strangers, because everyone on there is looking for is casual chat and meetups. Most users on ther expect a nude photo or two in their inbox. If you know what subreddits to look on, Reddit hookups are also a great option.

Sex chat rooms

In today's world of constant sexting fun, there's a new sex chat site on the scene every week. These platforms are brimming with nudes, and with so many options out there, you can send and receive nude snaps with a different person every night. Better yet, most chat rooms are broken down by location, age and sexual interest, so you can find the perfect horny chat site for you.

Dating sites

Find a site like Tinder, Match, or eHarmony, or maybe try some fuck apps. They have a quick signup process, upload a few pics and fill out your bio. From then, you can meet new people and start picture-sharing within the hour. There's a lot of choice out there too, so you'll have no trouble finding a dating or hookup website that works for you. This is great way to find local nudes, and possibly meet up in real life with some horny girls.

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