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The Internet is devoted to two main things: games and porn, so why not combine the two? That's where free porn games come in. Even if you don't play games on a regular basis, you might still find some enjoyment amongst the best porn games out there. In this review, we're looking at the XXX games site MySexGamer.

MySexGamer - The Best Place For Free Sex Games?

There are plenty of sites similar to MySexGamer out there, but this games site continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible with free sex games. That's the main reason why MySexGamer continues to thrive in today's world of endless porn sites and new games on mainstream consoles. It manages to keep things fresh while pumping out quality content.

There's a sex game for everyone on here. Sex simulation titles, sex adventure games, J-RPGs, hentai fun and much more. Sites like MySexGamer often struggle to stand out amongst the horny crowd, but it's managed to do just that thanks to its numerous categories, lack of ads and its vast choice of free sex games. Not to mention that new titles are added continually.

MySexGamer Overview

On the site homepage, you'll first see a million thumbnails of the best porn games on offer. Before you get going, you need to create an account (which is free and easy to do). Once you've joined the site, you can easily find whatever kind of horny game you want by using the search function or by scrolling and letting curiosity do the rest.

Even if you're not into playing games, sex games are often a good way to take your adult entertainment needs to the next level. Porn sites don't always hit the spot, and MySexGamer knows this. That's why they create free porn games that will appeal to those who aren't really into the gaming scene.

MySexGamer Features

The best porn games on the site are listed on the main page in order of popularity. But if you want to find more specific games, you can either use the search function or the tags function. Tags work like categories, but you can filter down by a variety of tags at once (like anime, big tits, older women, etc). Categories include sports sex games, hentai games, visual novels, and sex games broken down by franchise (Pokemon parodies, Family Guy parodies, etc).

As well as porn games, MySexGamer offered a ton of regular porn options too. Porn videos, hentai videos, and an entire collection of special porn content that isn't sex game-based. The site also has hentai comic books to read in full too. Just like the sex games on offer, these porn videos and comics cover some incredibly bizarre categories.

Review: Pros

The sheer number of porn games on offer will keep any hardcore player busy for a long time. In fact, the site has the largest collection of porn games of any similar platform, somewhere to the tune of 1200 different titles. The vast majority of them are completely free to play too, and can all be downloaded from the MySexGamer site into your browser.

While hentai games are the main option, there are plenty of porn games that fall into different categories and genres too. A good selection of them have non-hentai but cartoonish animation, and some are straightforward parody games of famous franchises and characters. Even if hentai games aren't your idea of a good time, you'll most likely to find other games that are more suited to your style.

All of the best porn games on the site utilize the freemium model to recoup their costs. This means that you don't have to pay to play the game, but there are usually microtransactions that offer perks and boosts scattered throughout the gameplay. However, you don't have to purchase them to enjoy the game in full.

Something else to note is that registering with MySexGamer also gives you access to several other similar sites too. These include porn sites, game and comic book sites. And there's no charge for using these either, it's all free and easy to use.

Review: Cons

From the moment you visit the site, you'll be bombared with thumbnails of sex games - almost too much. You can literally spend hours scrolling through sex games until you finally choose one. It's classic Netflix syndrome. Of course, more choice is good, but sometimes the browsing can take as long as the playing.

The website has a lot of links to other third-party sex games. Some of these ads are hidden inside sex game thumbnails too so you're never sure which games are legit and which ones will send you to a different website.

While the games themselves don't have ads in them, there are lots of ads dotted around the homepage. In fact, they're one of the site's biggest problems. Some people might see it as a small thing, but it makes the site feel a little amateur.

Popular Titles

Yuna Tentacles Rape

If you're into hentai, chances are you've seen a few tentacles in your time. Hell, they're a part of hentai culture for some reason. In Yuna Tentacles Rape, you take control of a hulking tentacled monster dead set on sexually molesting a gorgeous brunette until she can't take anymore.

It's a point and click game that basically lets you watch a woman get filled, fucked and impregnated by a monstrous creature. You play as the monster, of course, and you're free to abuse this helpless woman in increasingly creative methods.

Hire Me Fuck Me Idol

One of the most common fantasies amongst kinky adults is to fuck an employee of theirs. In Hire Me Fuck Me Idol, that's exactly what you'll do. You assume the role of a talent agent for stars of stage and screen, and as you might guess, it's your job to fuck them senseless.

But there are risks. You need to be discreet, or someone might report you to the authorities. It's something of an adventure game with plenty of sex action, and the difficulty is far from easy. HMFMI is one of the most popular porn games amongst users in this site.

The Amazing Spyderman

Everyone loves Spiderman. Adults, children, hentai porn lovers. Luckily for the latter, The Amazing Spyderman lets you play as the famous superhero, but this incarnation isn't here to save Mary Jane, he's here to showcase his sexual talents.

And showcase these talents he does, with all of the naughty sluts around New York. He's not the bad guy, but this Spyderman is special kind of hero. He's happy to shoot a few webs but they're not coming out of his hands. If you're a Marvel love, you'll love this collection.

My Unusual Feline Friend

My Unusual Feline Friend is worth the registration to this site alone. It's something of a variety game, and easily one of the most bizarre porn games you'll ever check out. Basically, the world has been inhabited by strange persons that resemble cats - and this makes you hard.

Therefore, it's your job to bring them satisfaction through the the use of your dick. If you're tired of Internet porn, we suggest you register on this site just to check out this game for yourself. Access is free, and if you're into something... different, we're sure you'll enjoy it a lot.

MySexGamer - Should You Visit This Site?

Whatever your view on hentai, MySexGamer has everything a horny perv could want from a porn games site. Unlimited titles to enjoy, hundreds of bizarre categories, free account creation and much more. You can even talk to other gamers in the MySexGamer chat rooms and too. Put simply, porn games sites don't really come any better than this. Check it out today.

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