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MilfPlay - Find MILF Hookups With This Free Dating Site?

Anyone who's sampled a MILF in their time will know that mature women blow away their younger counterparts in every way possible. They're experienced, they don't mess you around and most importantly of all, they know their way around the bedroom. That's why it's important for every man to hook up with a refined older babe at some point in their lives.

And here to help make that desire a reality is MilfPlay, a site that claims to be the number one MILF hookup site in the online dating market. Does it work? God knows there are enough sketchy MILF sites out there, but does this one actually deliver on its promises? Here's your ultimate MilfPlay review.

MilfPlay - What Is It?

According to the site's introduction page, MilfPlay is the number one place to "fuck horny MILFs in your city." Now, if you've spent any time hanging around online dating sites, you'll immediately know what this means. It means that MilfPlay is a waste of time and you shouldn't even bother going past the login screen. No dating site worth their salt uses this kind of language, and very few women actually call themselves MILFs in the real world.

Here's the tl;dr - MilfPlay is a scam site posing as a dating site for mature women and younger men. We've devoured this site from top to bottom and discovered that the site active audience is made up almost entirely of bots and 'fantasy profiles.' The other members on here are not real people, save for the other men who've been duped by empty promises. If you're interested in knowing exactly why MilfPlay fucks, read on for our full MilfPlay review.

First Impressions

The first thing you'll see on MilfPlay is a gorgeous older woman staring seductively from the other side of the screen. Eagle eyed viewers might recognize this woman as Nikki Bella, professional wrestler and former wife of John Cena. Now, we're not completely sure, but we doubt Nikki Bella is using a site called MilfPlay to get over her recent heartbreak. However, this is just for branding purposes (hell, even Adult Friend Finder uses images of Lexi Belle).

The MilfPlay website is not complete ass. It's designed well, with bright neon colors and elements that blend seamlessly into each other. You'll be prompted to create your free account and then once you're past the home screen, you're free to do... not much. With a free membership, the only thing you can do is look at other members' profile pictures. If you try and click into their profiles, you'll be asked to upgrade your account.


Profile creation

The first thing you'll be prompted to do is fill out your profile. We're not sure why, perhaps because of the sunk cost fallacy (the more time you put into something, the more likely you are to stick with it). Your profile consists of a short bio and a few pictures. It doesn't ask for any detailed information like your education levels or occupation or anything like that. Profiles are pretty barebones on Milf Play.

See profile pics

As you scour the site, the only thing you'll really be able to do is look at other people's profile pictures. You can't dig into their profiles and see any more than that. As expected, you can't send messages to anyone else until you've upgraded your membership either, so all in all, it's a pretty limited experience until you've handed over the cash. Just another reason the site is extremely terrible.

Swipe feature

Milf Play has a swipe feature to help you match with other users Tinder style. Swipe right if someone grabs your attention, swipe left if they don't. This feature is available for free users, but you can't begin a conversation until you've upgraded so it's mostly worthless. Even so, all of the "hot customers" you'll scroll through will be fakes anyway so there's really no point checking this feature out.

Chat rooms

Milf Play has a few chat rooms to engage in a little web conversation with some so-called MILF hotties. In most cases, chat rooms within dating sites are fantastic, but as you've probably guessed by the theme here, these chat rooms are also plagued with bots and scammers. There are ten rooms available, but the only real people in here are other guys who've been fooled by the site's promises.


The MILFPlay site also has a forums section, and you might be happily surprised to know that these forums are actually legit. However, there's a reason for that, and it's because the forums section links you to a completely different webpage. However, it's a working platform and a legit great site for amateur porn. The forums site is a private webpage that you'll need to create an account for (and you can't use your Milf Play login details).

Prices, Costs & Memberships

MilfPlay asks you up to upgrade you membership at every possible opportunity, and it's required if you want to do anything other than look at someone's profile picture. Upgrading to a premium membership allows you to send messages, see profiles in full and respond to any (fake) messages you've received. Here's what a premium account will cost:

  • 1 Month - $39.99
  • 3 Month - $69.99
  • 12 Month - $109.99

Obviously these prices are ridiculous and they've priced them as such so that you're tempted by the 12 month option. Paying bags tend to feel like you're getting the most for your money, but in the case of this particular service you're getting nothing but a hole in your wallet.


Hot pictures

You'll see plenty of hot, explicit pictures as you trawl MilfPlay's virtual hallways. A lot of these "users" are outrageously hot and many of them resemble famous MILF pornstars (strange, huh). So, the one good thing about MilfPlay is that you'll treat your eyeballs to some older hotties. Unfortunately, you won't be able to interact with these gorgeous matures because they're not real people.

Decent website

We can't deny that MilfPlay has a pretty good website. It's been designed incredibly well, clearly by people who have experience designing websites. It looks good, it's modern, and it's simple to navigate. By their own criteria, MILFPlay have done an excellent job of disguising their scammy platform at the first hurdle (however, the truth becomes clear once you spend more than a few minutes on here).


Totally fake

When we say totally fake, we mean that literally every single person you interact with on here will be a bot. This isn't like Tinder or OKCupid where you'll come across a couple of fakes amidst a sea of real people. It's like walking into a virtual reality full of robots, so the chances of you actually finding sex through here is lower than zero. You might come across a real person if you're very luckily, but they'll definitely be dudes who've also been scammed.

Tons of lies

What makes the site even worse is how many lies they pump out to entice you in. You'll see constant claims that you'll find "real MILF hotties" and "get laid within 15 minutes," but neither of these are true. Generally, you can determine how fake a site is by the number of lies they spout on the front page. Real sites like Match and Zoosk don't make outrageous claims that you'll become a sex god in 15 minutes because their reputations speak for themselves.

Bad review rating

Don't just take our word for how crap MILF Play is. A quick Google will show you that most other review sites agree with our analysis. We also have reason to believe that MILFPlay actually try and delete and cancel customer reviews, so that might be why there are only a handful of reviews overall. Either way, all reviews of MILF Play are bad, so that should tell you everything. Our review also has the most up to date information about MILFPlay.


It doesn't take a financial advisor to tell you that those prices listed up above are outrageous. No dating site is worth $40 per month, yet that's exactly what MILF Play asks for a monthly membership. The prices of the 1-month and 3-month packages are ridiculously high to entice people to purchase the best-value 12-month package. It's a simple marketing ploy, and it just makes it even more obvious that MILF Play only cares about getting your cash.

Barely any features

You can swipe, you can scroll. That's all you can do. MILF Play doesn't offer daily matches, user-uploaded content, highlighted profiles or any of the usual dating site shenanigans. It's all pretty plain. The only worthwhile thing on here are the forums, and that's only because they redirect to a completely different website.

MILFPlay's Use Of "Fantasy Profiles"

If you read through MILFPlay's Terms of Service, it mentions that the site incorporates "fantasy profiles" into their platform to simulate the experience of using a dating site. Fantasy profiles go by many names, including entertainment profiles, fantasy services, adult service accounts and so forth. Long story short, these are fakes designed to increase activity.

On most other sites, such profiles are marked with a noticable tag so you know they're fake from the off. That's not the case on MILFPlay. Every dating profile looks exactly the same. so there's no way distinguish between fakes and reals (although it's easier to just play it safe and assume everyone here is a fake, because they are).

MILF Dating Sites That Work


The number one alternative to Milf Play is the much-loved Cougar Life. This site is probably the most cougar dating platform of all, with a fabulous website, video chat functionality and millions of users worldwide. If you're looking for a hot MILF to get wild with, take control of your own life via Cougar Life.

Adult Friend Finder

Not a MILF site as such, but a popular hookup Internet site with millions of older women on offer. Adult Friend Finder actually wears many hats. It's great for relationships, hookups, friendship connections, and some people even use it as a sugar daddy site. There's not many young guys on here, so if you fancy being the boytoy to some filthy MILFs, here's your chance.

The MILF Dating Club

Another good MILF Play alternative is a little known gem known as the MILF Dating Club. This site is more of an adult community than a dating site, a little like Adult Friend Finder, so come here with the intention of making connections rather than straight up hookups (although you'll find plenty of them too). TMDC is totally free, too.

Our Time

Our Time is a dating site for people over 50, and obviously this includes plenty of ladies that could be termed MILFs. Don't expect any of the raunchy stuff on here. No explicit language and no porn videos section. If you're looking to date older women, Our Time is a fantastic choice.

MilfPlay - Avoid This Scam Page

MilfPlay is not the older women paradise it claims to be. In fact, it's one of the most transparently-scammy Internet dating sites we've come across. MilfPlay does very little to give even the slightest hint it's not a subscription trap, which is even more insulting than actually being a subscription trap. If you're going to scam, at least put the effort in to do it well.

There are plenty of sex websites that'll actually hook you up with older women and MilfPlay isn't one of them. Feel free to try this website for yourself, but you'll be browsing for quite a while before you come across any real life women. If you want local MILFs and a reinvigorated sex life, MilfPlay won't provide either. Instead, try one of the sites we've listed above.

We hope our MilfPlay review has been helpful. Please check out the rest of our page for more dating website reviews.

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