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MenNation Review 2022 - Perfect Gay Hookup Site For Men?

There's no shortage of dating sites that cater to the gay community, but a sad truth is that a lot of them are solely designed to facilitate hookups. Gay men struggle to find a dating site that helps them find love, so they resort to using mainstream online dating services like Match, but as you can probably guess, there's not a huge gay presence on places like that.

But MenNation is here to shake things up. This dating Internet site claims to be one of he largest gay communities in the world and a plac where gay men can find love, lust and everything in between. Does it work? Will you find your future husband on here or is it all fluff? Here's your ultimate MenNation review.

MenNation - What Is It?

MenNation is a gay dating site that helps gay, bi and queer men all over the world find their next lover. Whether is a long term lover or just some disposable cock for the night is up to you, because MenNation makes a big deal out of its versatility. This is just as much to place to find your life partner as it is to find someone to pump and dump.

While MenNation has a few red flags (like "webcams" on its home page), it's actually a completely legit online dating site. Most dating sites have a few red flags because these little sketchy-looking features actually draw in potential users, and MenNation is no different. Experienced dating site users might raise an eyebrow, but everything on here is above board.

First Impressions

MenNation is super crisp and sleek. It's got a sexy blueish color scheme that definitely screams gay, and this is reinforced by the picture of two model-looking dudes kissing in a swimming pool. Everything looks good, except for the little banner that claims MenNation has 115 million registered users. This must be a typo, because that's about the same as the population of Russia.

Input your basic details, sign up and dive right into this world of men-loving men. Once you're on the other side of the home page, everything is still super smooth. You'll see all of the new members in a banner along the bottom and a bunch of interactive features to the left. Create your profile, upload some pics and you're ready to start browsing.


Fast registration process

Signing up to MenNation takes less than two minutes. All you need is a few basic details, an email address and then you're able to dive right in. No verification required (which is both a positive and a negative). Straight away, you can start checking out other users, although you'll only be able to see their profiles and their pictures. No messaging (at least not yet).

Like most other online dating sites, you're gonna beed a premium account if you want to do anything of use on here. Free membership will only get you so far. The free membership features consist of creating your profile, looking around, viewing photos and using the search function.

Community features

As well as direct messaging, MenNation has a couple of community features to help you get involved with the other members on here. The site has a series of chat rooms broken down by sexual topics and a selection of forums broken down by sexual interest and locaton. The forums are particularly good because they help you find people local to you with ease.

Like messaging, this particular service is off limits until you become a premium member. While you're able to browse the forums, you can't post, reply or message any users as a free member. Contrastingly, the chat rooms are completely off limits to free members. It's premium use only.

Video chat

One of MenNation's more interesting features is the video chats function. Every site has text-based chat, and MenNation is helping evolve the way we communicate online for the better. We're all bored of text chatting, so we want something new and exciting. What better way to improve your chat game than with face to face real life chatting?

It takes nerves of steel to pull off, especially when you're talking with someone new. But once you do, you'll find that you'll massively increase the attraction levels and intimacy between you both. Video chatting is the number one to take your dirty talk to the next level, and you can do it for free through the MenNation website.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to actually message other members here on MenNation, you're going to need a premium membership to do so. Until then, you're only able to look through profiles and perv on pictures. With a premium membership, here's what you'll get access to:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Highlighted profile in search results
  • Access to video chat features
  • Access to porn section

While the premium features are somewhat lacking, messages are the most essential component of the site, so it's required to get any use out it. There are three membership options available, all adequately priced. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • 1 Month Membership - $30.00 per month ($30.00 total)
  • 3 Month Membership - $20.00 per month ($60 total)
  • 12 Month Membership - $15 per month ($180 total)

All payments are taken in one lump sum and there's no option to pay monthly. Users can pay through credit card, debit card or PayPal. There's no option for crypto payments as of yet.


Great website

MenNation has a great site. It looks the business. It's easy to use. Navigation is super simple, and the site doesn't bombard with you annoying sexual imagery. Everything from the table of contents to the messaging section is super sleek, and it looks as classy as it does erotic. Whoever designed theMenNation website did an outstanding job.

The lack of sexual language will also be a major appeal to some people, and this is probably the reason why MenNation features so many relationship-seeking users. It doesn't use terms like "fuck hot guys tonight!" or "get laid within the hour!" It keeps things rooted in the real world, which is why it appeals to such a vast audience.

Active users

Dating sites live and die by their active user bases. You can have the best dating site in the world, but if no one uses it, it's going to disappear pretty quickly. MenNation has a high amount of registered and active users, and while it's nowhere near the outlandish 115 million it claims on the home page, it's still got at least a million pemium members.

You can spend several hours on here at a time and never see the same face twice. If you're located in a big city, the choice of partners you'll have will be astronomical. If you live in a small town or village, you'll still have a good choice, especially in gay-heavy areas like the West Coast.

Versatile relationships

You'll find pretty much every relationship imaginable on here. With a site as overtly sexual as this, you'd expect most people are just here for casual dating and casual hookups. This isn't actually the case. There are plenty of premium members looking for long term engagements and serious relationships. There's a lot on offer.

As well as regular sexual relationships, you'll also find a few people into the more niche stuff. Lots of gay men looking for dominants and submissives, and some MenNation members even use this place as a sugar daddy site. This incredible website has everything a gay sex hunter could require.

Multiple languages

Everything on the MenNation website can be translated into multiple languages instantly. There's also a translation feature built within the messages system to help you communicate with people overseas. Why would you want to communicate with people overseas? Well, maybe you're planning a trip and you want to arrange a hookup before you arrive?

Languages available include: Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (certain dialects), and Dutch. Even if your potential date partner doesn't speak perfect English, MenNation will do the hard work for you (although when it comes to your actual date, you're on your own).

Affordable price

While the one month option is a little steep, the other membership prices are outrageously good. $15 per month is as good as it gets, especially when mainstream gay apps like Grindr and Scruff are charging a hell of a lot more. Not one person should complain about these prices because, for the features on offer, it's well worth the money.

The only downside is that MenNation doesn't offer a trial option for its members. As a lot of people won't be willing to swallow the high $30 one-month option, they'll be just as hesistant to commit for an entire year. A short trial membership would really help attract some more users, so we can only hope one appears in the future.


No verification

Verifications are pain in the ass. On the one hand, they're a nuisance. On the other hand, they're required to keep away spam users. MenNation has no verification process at all, which means anyone can just sign up, start chatting and see all of the available pictures on offer. For privacy-conscious users, this is a bit of a downer.

Furthermore, it means that the site has a high amount of fake profiles. No dating site is completely without fake profiles, but there's a higher ratio of them on MenNation than other sites in the same niche. If there's one improvement we could make to this site, it would be the inclusion of a verification feature.

No app

MenNation does not have a mobile app, and that's not a good thing. Not only does it mean you can't conveniently message other members while you're on the move, but it also means MenNation haven't made the effort to improve their site to the best it can be. It also means you have to use your mobile browser and no one like that.

Fortunately, the mobile version works perfectly fine. The site is fully optimized to work in your mobile browser and comes with all the same features. You don't have to miss out on anything, but the convenience of an app is nowhere to be seen, which would be especially useful for recieving message notifications.

Some bad reviews

Not all MenNation reviews have been positive. In fact, this dating website has been victim to quite a few cancel customer reviews over the years, but personally we can't see the issues. Sure, MenNation isn't perfect by any means, but find us one web page that is. Aside from a few hiccups and a lack of mobile app, everything else is above board.

MenNation reports a massive reply rate from users (and they can't manipulate these figures), so it's definitely doing something right. Some other reviews have talked about the number of fake users on here, and in our opinion, it's really no different to the site active audience on any other gay dating platform.

MenNation - Outstanding Gay Dating Site

MenNation might be one of the best gay hookup sites around today. It doesn't have the the overpopulation issues that places like Scruff and Grindr have, and it also boasts a versatile spectrum of users, from thrill-seekers to husband-seekers. Casual sex is definitely on the menu, but you've also got just as much chance of finding your one true love on here too.

If you can look past a couple of small issues, MenNation is a super efficient Internet dating online site that'll get you the results you crave so long as you put the effort in. It'll take a few days to really immerse yourself in this wonderful community, and once you do, you'll find just as many folks messaging you as you'll be messaging them. Put simply, it's a solid all-rounder, and we encourage any gay singles to check it out.

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