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MegaPersonals EU - Free Classified Hookups & Other Escort Sites

How many escort sites do we need in today's adult landscape? More. The answer is always more. Any place that helps connects slutty escorts and willing clients is always a good thing, and we've made it our goal to review every single of them.

Today, we're looking at a site called MegaPersonals.EU (despite the domain address, it's actually a national platform). Is the site any good? Will it help you find legit escorts nearby? We've reviewed everything for you. Here's your best guide around MegaPersonals.

MegaPersonals.EU - What Is It?

MegaPersonals.EU is an escort listings website. That means users can sign up, browse through ads and find a local working girl to spend the evening with. First time visitors will need to sign up for a free account with their basic details (age, location, email address) then login and you're free to browse the site. It's very simple and straightforward.

Although MegaPersonals.EU has a European domain name, the website actually covers areas across the world. You'll find listings in Europe, United States, Canada and Oceania. There's a decent amount of activity in each portal and we'll tell you straight away that this is a genuine escort website. It's not a scam like so many other websites in this niche.

First Impressions

MegaPersonals.EU actually looks really good. It's got a cheeky, colorful, cartoonish vibe going on with its vibrant elements and oversized text. There's a big-tittied brunette in a devil uniform sitting in the middle of the screen too, so you'll know exactly what this website is about before you even read the disclaimer.

Select your location then choose the category you want (women for men, men for men, etc) then you'll find all of the available listings. When you dig into a listing, you'll see a list of available sexual services and at least one contact method for the escort in question. Overall, first impressions of MegaPersonalsEU are solid.


Escort listings

This makes up for the bulk of MegaPersonals. There are five subsections to chose from (W4M, M4W, W4W, M4M and T4A). Dig into these and you'll find all of the available listings in each area. All listings are required to have at least 2 pics so you'll be able to see the girl in full, and each listing also includes a list of sexual services and interests.

Post your own ad

This one's useful even if you're a client. Although MegaPersonals is considered an escort listing page, clients can post on here too. Just hit the 'post your own ad' link underneath the devil woman, complete the drop-down menus and then describe what you're looking for in the text box. You'll need to create an account and login to do this.

Contact details

All of the girls (and guys) offer their direct contact details through their listings, meaning you don't have to chat with them through the MegaPersonals messaging system. Most persons are happy to put up their phone numbers so you can call them outright to save time messaging. This is a massive advantage (as plenty of sites don't offer this feature).


No signup needed

You don't need to login to see all of the live listings on here. However, if you do create an account, all you need is your basic data, username and password (then confirm your identity) and you're ready to go. Registered users get access to a few other features but they're not super important.

Efficient system

The way MegaPersonals presents its page is quite appealing. It only takes a few seconds to find the portal for your country, state, city, etc. It also lays out its listings by relevance rather than the newness so you might see listings by more desired models at the top of the page rather than the most recent posts.

Phone numbers provided

If there's one thing we hate, it's having to message escorts directly through the website portal. However, all of the ladies on MegaPersonals put up their phone numbers so you can arrange your meet up without having to scvrew around with sending and receiving e-mails.

Completely free

When MegaPersonals says it's free, it means it. You don't even need to create an account to browse (although users will need an account to comment and place their own ads). There are no options to pay for anything on here so you don't have to worry about the website sneaking money out of your account.

Diverse categories

MegaPersonals offers thousands of available escorts from all over the world. France, Spain, Canada, USA, South America and everywhere in between. There's also a diverse range of models, from older pro escorts to younger girls who just do the whole sex work thing as a side gig.


Some fakes

Every adult hub on the web has fake content of some sort. On MegaPersonals, you'll quickly discover it comes in the form of fake listings. However, MegaPersonals has a great support team that quickly wipes out any scammy or fraud profiles, so respect where it's due.

Censored nudity

MegaPersonals is owned by a group called Sfanti Group Solutions based in Bucharest, Romania. They have a ton of different dating sites all over the Internet and the one thing they all have in common is that nudity is banned on all of them. It's a shame because there are millions of beautiful people on here, and seeing them naked would make great porn content.

No app

MegaPersonals doesn't have a dedicated app. However, it works very well on mobile devices regardless. It'll function in your mobile browser exactly the same way as your desktop browser, although it can sometimes be a little fiddly to hit the right links (especially with the drop down boxes).

Alternative Classified Ad Sites

Escorts Affair

Guys love sites with the word affair in them. However, Escorts Affair doesn't have anything to do with extramarital fun, despite the name. This is a straightforward escort search site with plenty of activity and a vast range of girls from every corner of the world. It's not completely free, but it's a solid all rounder when it comes to sex worker listings.

Backpage Pro

Backpage Pro is one of the premier escort sites on the web. Just signup with your age, location and email address then dive into a user-friendly platform with an endless choice of available sex workers. Backpage Pro is the closest thing you'll get the original Backpage site, so be sure to check it out if you're an escort lover.

Mega Escorts

Mega Escorts is one of the oldest and most reputable personals sites around today (it's usually number one in Google searches for escort listings). It's super active, covers everywhere in the world and requires nothing in the way of registration. This site doesn't put a foot wrong so be sure to give it a shot.

MegaPersonals EU - Is It Worth It?

MegaPersonals is a solid ads website that delivers on almost every front. It's got a decent system to find local girls, it's got high activity and a vast majority of the ads are completely real. There are very few scammers in sight, and for a free website in this niche, that's a damn good achievement.

While there aren't no massive downsides to MegaPersonals, the only issue is that it exists in a niche that's already overpopulated. There are so many sites out there to help seeking punters get laid that sites like this seem surplus to requirement. However, if you like the simplistic design, this one is well worth putting on your to-visit list.

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