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Mega Escort Review & Other Escort Sites

Since 2018, most classified ad sites have completely turned their backs on sex workers. Used to be that places like Craigslist and Mega Personals were hotspots to find escort services, but that all changed with the new laws that came in.

But some sites jumped in to replace Mega Personals and the like, and one such site was the Italian platform MegaEscort. As the name suggests, it's purely for finding sex workers, no other services on offer, but how does MegaEscort stack up against the competition? Here's everything you need to know about this free service.

MegaEscort - What's It All About?

Quite simply, MegaEscort is a platform for sex workers to advertise their services to the masses. Occasionally you'll find other users looking and consenting adults looking for non-paid hookups, but as a whole, most of the women on the site are ladies of the night. All sexual preferences are on offer too, it's not just W4M stuff. Gay, trans, lesbian services - they're all prominent on the website.

If you're in America, you might not get a whole lot of use from MegaEscort because it's 99.9% in Italian. However, you do find the occasional English-speaking escort who happens to be based in Italy advertising their talents. The site is fairly user friendly, easy to navigate and offers multiple ways to communicate with other members.

Before you can start browsing the page, users need to register and verify their identity. It's all completely free to do so, and once you have a verified account you can search through all of the wonderful escort girls the site has to offer. But like we said, unless you have a basic grasp of Italian, don't expect to understand a whole lot.

First Impressions

We can't lie about this one. The MegaEscort site looks like it was made in Geocities in 1999. The layout is confusing on the eyes, featuring a bunch of different-shaped elements dotted all over the screen. It's laid out like an abstract painting and nothing flows together. The pictures don't even match the elements they're next to either, so it's all a bit distracting to say the least.

But once you scroll down to the listings, the site gets a little better. Unlike other personals sites, MegaEscorts works more like a dating website. You browse people's profiles rather than individual listings, which is a good thing because you get access to all of their information in one fell swoop. Basic info, contact info, photos, videos, location, sexual services - everything.

This approach comes with plenty of advantages over the usual personals style because it means there's less chance of that horny bitch you're chatting to being completely fake. You can also see post history and even user reviews in profiles, so you can rest assured the that Italian slut on the other side of the screen is a real person.

Main Features

From the main page, you can navigate to a few different categories. Even non-Italian speakers should be able to work out what they mean too. Home, Escort, Trans, Gay and Gigolo are all pretty straightforward. There's also Coppia, which means cocks, and Incontri Piccanti, which means intimate encounters. This last section is the place for consensual fun.

Aside from the basics, there's a few other details we need to dig into too. While you'll spend the majority of your time on the site searching and scrolling through profiles, there's also a couple of other features we should mention. Here are the most important ones.

Every city represented

Every Italian city is on the books here. Not just that, but if you dig a little deeper you'll find plenty of these escorts operate in smaller towns outside of the major cities too. It doesn't matter if you're visiting Rome or some backwater town you can't pronounce the name of, you'll find girls willing to blow your mind (actually they'll blow whatever you want).

Photos are required

When users create an account, not only must they provide basic details, but pictures are mandatory too. You won't find any empty avatars on here. Better yet, if it's not a real picture (like if they upload a logo or something), the site admins will step in and put the account on hold until they provide the goods. All photos to checked to ensure they're not stolen too.

Escort agency ads

It's not just independent girls who post on MegaEscorts. Escort agencies use it as a platform to advertise their entire roster of gorgeous vixens for your browsing pleasure. These posts usually link to external platforms, but quite often, the poster will give you a few perks for finding them through MegaEscorts.

Review section

Not sure if that sexy Italian brunette is worth hiring? Just check out her reviews and get your answer immediately. If you dig into an escort's profile, you not only see her age, location and available services, but you'll also see what previous clients had to say about their experience with the lady in question.

Guy escorts

Why should women have all the fun? Apparently in Italy, guys can get in on the escort action too. We don't know why Italian women would need to pay a guy for his sexual services since everyone in Italy looks like a model anyway, but if you're a chick and you want a European stud to pound you seneseless, it's pretty easy to find it through MegaEscort.

Multiple contact options

The thing that usually sucks the most about personals pages is you usually have to contact the poster through the built-in email system. Everyone hates this system, which is why MegaEscorts don't care if escorts provide other means to contact them. Phone numbers, email adressess, external links, whatever.

Payment options

Everyone knows that the sex industry is full of scams. That's what turns so many people off about it. But MegaEscorts provides a safe way to pay escorts without having to worry about some pimp breaking their legs. There's an escrow service which you can deposit the money into, and the site then acts as an intermediary between you and your lady of choice. More on this little feature in the next section.

Does MegaEscort Cost Anything?

It does not. MegaEscort costs you grand total of fuck all. Everything from browsing profiles to private messaging is completely free to do, so you don't have to worry about any sneaky hidden transactions raping your bank account. The only cost comes when you're hiring your escort, and MegaEscort offers a payment option directly through their platform.

Basically, MegaEscort works as an escrow so that you can hook up with your escorts safely and securely. Simply deposit the money into the escrow, go and fuck your hooker raw, then release the funds once you've emptied your balls. Don't try and pull a fast one by refunding your money either, because the site support team will investigate and fuck you up. (Trust us, you definitely don't want the Italian police on your ass).


Generally, MegaEscorts keeps things pretty simple. For all of its interactive features, it know that at the end of the day, you're here to get your dick wet. The unique approach to the personals approach works really well and we wished hope platforms incorporate the same idea in the future.

Italian women are a kinky bunch. While they have a reputation for being classy and elegant, you'll quickly find out that these ladies love nothing more than a hardcore fuckfest. You'll find dominatrices, fetish babes, erotic masseurs, strippers, swingers and a ton of women into similar crazy shit. For non-vanilla interests, you'll be fine right here.

MegaEscorts has a real good search function that lets you search posts going back years. When you search, you'll the most recent updates, and results will be filtered in order of girls who've recently been online (currently online > recently online > offline for several days, etc). It means the most active escorts are always at the top.

The payment feature really adds a little reassurance to the booking process. We've all heard horror stories about hookers scamming people, but there's no need to worry about such things on MegaEscorts.


Ads, ads and more ads. MegaEscort isn't shy about packing its website full of ads for affiliate websites. You'll find these ads in pretty much every section of the site, from the homepage to the listings to the message section. They're a little annoying, especially as you can't click past them. Quite often, you'll find yourself clicking them by accident too.

There's no option to change the language to English. Sure, it wouldn't be a perfect translation, but it might help you navigate the site a little easier if you found yourself craving an Italian hooker for the night.

This isn't a knock on the site itself, but some of these mega escorts are mega fucking expensive. Maybe it's because Italian women cost more than American women in general, but some of these girls charge in the region of 300 euros an hour. That's about $350.

Any free site is bound to attract a few fakes, and MegaEscorts is no exception. You'll occasionally run into a few scammers and advertisers trying to part you from your money, but they're relatively easy to spot since they don't usually have detailed profiles.

MegaEscort Alternatives

Quite clearly, MegaEscorts has a few drawbacks, especially if you're an uncultured swine who only speaks the queen's English. If you're looking for a site that caters to your specific country (no matter which country you're in), we've listed a few alternatives to get your eyeballs around. Here are the top 3 MegaEscort alternatives on the Internet.

Mega Personals

Probably the hottest escort website in the game today, Mega Personals has everything you could need to find a wild hooker to spend the night with. It's your standard personals page, allowing users to post and reply to ads completely for free. It's got easy sign up, high activity and a new listing every few minutes.

Backpage Pro

Backpage Pro has become the number one alternative to the famous Backpage website that died out a few years ago. You have to pay for registration on here, but don't worry, it's totally worth it because the service on other is nothing short of exquisite. Almost no fake accounts, total discretion and lots of members looking to meet clients in every city in the world.

Escorts Affair

Any website with 'affair' in the name definitely draws a few eyeballs. But despite the name, Escorts Affair has nothing to do with cheating, unless you're married and end up meeting a wild hooker through here. It's a standard personals website designed specifically for clients to find their next escort for the night and get down to business.

Despite the name, Sumosearch isn't a site for finding BBW escorts. It's a Switzerland escort site, basically the Swiss equivalent of MegaEscort, but it also covers a couple of others countries in Europe too. The site is actually Sumosear, and the .ch is the Swiss domain name. Who said escort sites weren't creative?

MegaEscort - Best Place for Escort Services?

For the most part, MegaEscort hits the right notes. It's a fairly active site that gives you free access to a ton of escorts, listings and escort agencies. Sign up is easy, browsing is discreet and you won't waste money on subscriptions or anything like that. Despite a few intrusive ads dotted around, the whole site is pretty great on a whole.

The site is pretty good if you're hitting Italy and need a little companionship while you're in the country, but if you're hoping to hook up with a filthy Italian hottie, you won't find it on here. You'll also need a basic grasp of the language to get much use out of it, but it definitely beats scouring escort agency sites. Overall, it's fun, but it's not the best place in the world for escort services.

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