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MeetMilfy Review 2022 - Get Hot MILF Hookups & Dating

There's something about older women that young guys can't get enough of. Maybe it's because they know their way around a dick? Maybe it's because they don't play mind games like young chicks? Whatever it is, mature women blow their younger counterparts away from every single angle, and there are plenty of online dating sites to help you get your older woman fix.

One such site is Meet Millfy, a dating platform purposely designed to help connect younger men with older women. If you fit into either of these demographics then please read on because Meet Millfy might be the secret weapon that totally transforms your sex life. Here's the only MeetMilfy review you need to read.

MeetMillfy - What Is It?

Meet Milfy is a pretty standard casual dating site with an emphasis on bringing younger men and older women together. Like most online dating services, it's got a plethora of useful features to make it happen, and despite the site's gimmick, everything else is as straightforward as it comes. There's nothing fancy here, and that's usually a good thing.

Here's the most important thing to know: Meet Milfy is a legitimate dating site. It does require a premium membership to get the most out of it, but these MeetMilfy members are real life women looking for love and lust. Barely a scammer sight (well, maybe a few), but overall Meet Milfy is as real as dating sites get.

Why Choose Older Women?

Some people might be put off by the fact that MeetMilfy caters to older women and older women lovers. However, if you're a young guy who's never sampled a refined cougar before, then you might be missing out on one of the best experiences of your life. There's a reason that the oldest rides always have the longest lines.

MILFs and cougars have been around the block a few times. They know exactly what they want from a man. They're usually busy with jobs and careers and kids so they don't have time to play games. And most importantly of all, they know their way around a shaft. For these reasons, the MeetMilfy experience is one worth exploring.

First Impressions

Meet Milfy starts off like any dating site: an attractive woman staring seductively into your eyes, as if to say "yes, hot women like this use our site." In this case, it's a mature woman in a classy beige jacket, and we'd be lying if we said it didn't tempt us a little. You then need to fill in your basic details (age, location, sexual preferences) and then you'll create your free account.

Once past the landing page, you'll get a sample of all the beautiful people the site has to offer. While Meet Milfy mostly caters to mature women and young men, the site welcomes people of all ages. Just because you don't fit into one of these categories doesn't mean you'll be turned away. It's mostly hot MILFs on here (as in 40+) but you'll find a handful of younger hotties too.


Free browsing

Even as a free member, you're able to get a good taste of the site before you commit to a paid membership. You can see everything about other members, from their profile info to their pictures to the last time they were online.

Nothing is hidden. The only thing premium members can do that free members can't is send messages. And even so, new members are able to send 5 messages, and if they get a reply, then they can continue that conversation free of charge.

Grid style matching

Meet Milfy is a grid style dating app, which means you're free to look through other members at your leisure. You don't have to rely on a matchmaking or swiping feature before you can initiate conversation. Premium members can send unlimited messages to whoever they like.

The site doesn't actually have a swipe-style game, which is rare for a modern dating app. We can only assume it's because a lot of these babes on the older side so they prefer to do things the old school online dating way.


Of course, a dating site is useless without private chats. You're free to send flirty messages to whomever you like once you're a paid member, and there's a nice little pop-up window in the bottom of the MeetMilfy website that allows you to chat and browse at the same time.

The messages system isn't just optimized for text either. You're also free to send pictures and gifs though the service and let's be honest, we all know exactly what type of pics community members are sending to one another.

Chat rooms

Instead of direct messaging women, you can chat with these horny MILFs and cougars through the site's chat rooms. These roomsare broken down by sexual topic and sexual identification, and there are a couple of general rooms available too.

Unfotunately, there are no rooms dedicated to specific locations around the world, although there is a few rooms that cater to different to European countries (but no specific towns or cities). However, these rooms aren't super active anyway.

Search features

MeetMilfy has a basic search feature. Nothing special, but it helps you start communicating with the kind of MILFs that meet your standards. You can search by keyword and basic features like age, body type, hair color, ethnicity and a little more additional information.

Search results are then returned by location (ensuring the location service on your phone is switched on). That means you can start chatting with local MILFs who match your preferences down to a tee.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Meet Milfy requires a premium membership to use in full. Like most dating sites, free members can browse through users, see pictures and create their own profiles. They also get a limited number of free messages but nowhere enough to actually make any headway. By the time you've got the converstion rolling you'll run into a brick wall.

Sending chat messages and utilizing the chat rooms on an unlimited basis requires a paid (or trial) membership. There are two trial options and two premium membership options available. Users can only purchase each trial membership once. Here's what the memberships cost:

  • 1 Day Trial Option - $0.99
  • 1 Week Trial Option - $2.79 ($0.39 per day)
  • 1 Month Membership - $26.99 ($0.96 per day)
  • 3 Month Membership - 45.99 ($0.54 per day)

All membership plans come with the same features and will automatically renew once the duration has elapsed (monthly memberships renew every month, 3-monthly memberships renew every 3 months, etc). The site only accepts debit card and credit card payments. No discreet payment methods allowed.


Easy sign up

There's nothing potential members hate more than long, arduous registration processes. Luckily, MeetMilfy knows you don't care about boring questionnaires or personality quizzes. You just want to start chatting with MILFs.

All it takes is your basic information. Age, location, email address, and sexual preferences. Then you'll become a free user immediately. You don't even need to verify your identity (you can do this later, which you should to ensure safety measures).

User friendly site

The Meet Milfy website runs like a dream. Not only is it really appealing on the eye, but it's got a few stand out elements that make it a real good site, especially in comparison to some of the duds we've seen over the years.

It's real easy to navigate to any section you want, even on mobile device where elements are a little tight. It's much easier on desktop version of course, but it's real easy to jump from the table of contents to your friends list to your messages tab.

Relationship seekers

You'd think a site called MeetMilfy would only attract the kind of women looking for impulsive sex. However, there's actually a fair few other users on here who want something a little more substantial. That's just one reason the site has suddenly become so popular.

There are MILFs and cougars not only looking for a young man to pound them senseless, but there's a few on the hunt for their future husband. So even if casual sex isn't your domain, MeetMilfy is still worth putting your list of sites to check out.


MeetMilfy is pretty cheap as far as subscriptions go. The trial options are especially attractive, although you're limited to only purchasing these once (otherwise people would just buy the 1-day trial every time). If you're sneaky, you can get around this by creating new accounts.

But even the regular 1 month and 3 month memberships are reasonable too. It's rare to find a site that charges less than $30 for a 1 month membership, so $26.99 doesn't look bad by comparison. The 3 month option at $45.99 is a total steal, however.

Reputable name

Meet Milfy is run by a company called Networks Holdings Limited, address based in the British Virgin Islands. Not only are they a reputable and trustworthy company, but they've also got a number of other dating sites under their umbrella too, and they're all good.

You can tell a lot about a site by who founded it. If that company has a history of scamming consumers, chances are the site you're using is gonna be a scam too. However, Networks Holdings appear to keep MeetMilfy safe from bots and scammers.

Few fake profiles

And on that same note, it's amazing just how few fakes there are on here. As you probably know by now, very few sites are able to keep scammers away 100%, but MeetMilfy's premium customer support team come pretty damn close. There's a few, but by no means an abundance.

More importantly, MeetMilfy doesn't utilize 'fantasy profiles' or 'entertainment profiles' as has become the tradition amongst modern platforms. Every sexy cougar you add to your friends list will (99% of the time) be a real life woman looking for casual encounters.


No app

Any casual dating site that's made it big has always had a dedicated app. Unfortunately, MeetMilfy has no such thing. If you want to make the most of your MeetMilfy account, you'll have to use the mobile version browser because no app exists yet.

Despite this, the fully optimized mobile version is real easy to navigate. The excellent website layout ensures you won't have any problem getting around, and we didn't find a single bug during our time using it.

Minimal features

This is either a pro or a con depending on your personal preference. MeetMilfy doesn't have a whole lot of features. All it's got is a messaging system, chat rooms and a friend list. Is minimalistic better? In our opinion, yes, but it's not for us to decide.

More reviews have slammed MeetMilfy for this very reason, but on grid style sites like this one, we don't really see the point of having a swipe system AND a scroll system. You just run across the same users anyway. However, we can't deny that swipe games are ideal for when you're feeling lazy.

Meet Milfy - Should You Check It Out?

You absolutely should. The name Meet Milfy makes this sound like a scam page but it's far from it. It's a genuine place to meet MILFs, especially if you're a younger man. We're not saying you older dudes won't get any luck at all, but younger guys will feel like they've walked into a MILF pussy superstore.

Sure, the site isn't big on features and there are a few ladies looking for long term dating as well as easy hookups, but if you want a versatile MILF dating experience, Meet Milfy will make it happen. If you've exhausted all the mainstream MILF dating platforms, you might be surprised at the kind of results you'll find on Meet Milfy.

Have we missed anything in Our MeetMilfy review? Let us know in the comments and please check out our other dating site reviews!

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