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MeetInChat & Other Free Adult Chat Sites

Public chat rooms are back in a big way. Once considered a relic of the past, the adult chat experience is now undergoing a massive resurgence thanks to chat roulette sites, sex cams and the modern obsession with sexting. These days, there's a free adult chat site waiting for you on every corner.

Today, we're looking at a chat room called MeetInChat. It's an adult chat website loaded with different chat rooms covering every sexual topic, and it's perfectly free to use for everyone. How does it compare to other chat sites? Will you meet your next sexting buddy on here? Here's everything you need to know about MeetInChat.

MeetInChat - What's It About?

MeetInChat is a one-stop hub boasting literally thousands of adult chat rooms. Like porn sites, everything on here is broken down into categories so you can find random chat mates with minimal effort. Search by location, sexual orientation, sexual interest or fetish interest. There are even rooms dedicated to non-sex talk like movies and video games.

And that's not all, because MeetInChat also has a ton of free adult cams for your visual pleasure too. Much like the chat rooms, most of them are free, allowing you to find your perfect free sex show without having to pay a dime. When it comes to new online chat sites, MeetInChat has pretty much everything you could want.

Despite the name, MeetInChat is NOT a random chat site. There's no option to connect one-on-one with total strangers, so don't go in expecting it to be a dirty Chat Roulette rip off site or anything like that. It's purely old school chatting, just with a bunch of great adult cams to top things off.

First Impressions

MeetInChat's orange and white color scheme hits you right in the eyeballs as soon as you open the page, and the site layout is well constructed and pleasing on the eye. It's a bit bright, especially if you're used to the white-on-black layout of most porn sites, but the whole thing is professionally presented (and all the copy is spelled correctly).

As you scroll through the public chat rooms, you'll first see the chat room previews. This is the little section that tells you what to expect from each room (gay, straight, trans, fetish talk, whatever). You'll also get a list of nine completely random chat rooms to give a taste of what's to cum (two particularly noticable ones in my list were PREGGO and Flat Bitches Tits).

From first glance, MeetInChat has all the makings of a professional chat site. You can also navigate to the 'sex cam clips' section from the homepage which'll give you access to all of the free cams currently running at the time. Because these cam shows are live, the ones on offer will depend on the date and time you log in.


Location-based chat rooms

The problem with worldwide chat rooms if you want to fuck tonight is that there's very little chance of you running into some local. However, MeetInChat does what it can to skirt this issue by offering location-based horny chat rooms. Every state and major city is covered, along with a lot of smaller towns around the world. Most of these location-rooms are user-created too.

Topic-based chat rooms

But if you want to connect with someone who shares your filthy perversions, you can do just that in the sex topic-based chat rooms. MeetInChat's rooms cover everything from the vanilla stuff right through to the kind of nasty hardcore stuff that'll make your mom blow a gasket. Everything from BDSM chat right through to impregnation stuff is available for discussion.

Sex webcams

This might sound hyperbolic, but MeetInChat has some of the best sex cams of any chat site on the scene today. Most of them are totally free to watch, and all of the cam girls are gorgeous, kinky babes who love nothing more than pleasing you and other horny fucks gawping at them. You'll have to team chat (no one-on-one private rooms), but it's still good at any price.

Content section

MeetInChat has a real good content section for its users to upload their own stuff. Video clip, photo galleries and blog posts. The latest blog posts are shown at the bottom of the home page and most of them are stories about people working in the sex industry. A lot of online users use the MeetInChat platform to boost their online social presence and blogs give them the perfect opportunity.

Erotic stories

As well as the content section, there's a HUGE page dedicated entirely to erotic stories. Since MeetInChat is a place to sext rather than hookup, it's understandable that a lot of users get their kicks from the written word. Some of the stories are completely fictional, but a lot of them are one of a kind 'sex confessions' that'll definitely get your dick throbbing.


Totally free

For a chat site / cam site hybrid, you'd expect MeetInChat to try and siphon a little cash out of you. While you can donate to the site, there's no membership requirement at all. Free accounts can explore and utilize the site in full, and all the messages you send are completely free to do so. This is definitely one of the site's most appealing aspects.

Active chat rooms

It doesn't matter how interactive a site is, it won't go anywhere if it's a ghost town. Fortunately, MeetInChat is anything but a ghost town. It's a very active platform with hundreds of thousands of users online at any given time. Obviously the more popular rooms have higher activity, but there's a lot of virtual footfall in the more niche rooms too.

Voice & video communication

Text chat not enough for you? Then you have two options at your disposal. You can ramp up your sex chat intensity with voice messages, or you can even video chat with your naughty sexting partner. Both options are completely free and the voice and video chat functions are embedded into the site so you don't have to take your convo off the MeetInChat platform.

Create your own room

Don't see a room that caters to your sexual desires? No problem. New members are free to create their own rooms to indulge whatever filthy perversions they might want to indulge. In just a few clicks, you can have your room created and be listed on the active chatrooms page in no time at all.

Hot photo galleries

Just like the best porn sites outthere, MeetInChat has a user-uploaded content section so you can treat your eyeballs to some amateur nudity. These sexy photos have all been uploaded by the hot babes who use the site, so it'll all be exclusive stuff you won't see anywhere else. You can also watch videos here, but the majority of the content is sexy pictures and photo sharing.


Difficult to search

If there's one thing that we struggled with, it's the search function. MeetInChat has a search bar at the top of the page, but it doesn't bring up many relevant results. In fact, it brings up a bunch of chat rooms that have nothing to do with what you searched for. This is probably just a site bug, and we hope the owners sort it out soon.

Could use an FAQ

While navigation around the site is pretty straightforward, the in-chat interface sometimes brings up a few questions. MeetInChat throws you straight in at the deep end. It doesn't even give you a welcome message when you get going, so you have to just figure shit out for yourself. New members especially might feel a little lost at first.

Not much moderation

According to the About section, the site owners guarantee that MeetInChat keeps away spammers at all costs. This isn't necessarily true, because your personal messages will be inundated with spam messages if you stay on here long enough, especially in some of the more popular public rooms. It's easy to spot a spam message, but it's still a pain in the ass.

No app

A minor gripe, but MeetInChat doesn't have a dedicated mobile app to chat on the move. If you want to use the site while you're out and about, you'll have to use the mobile site version. It's not difficult to do and the website layout is exactly the same on mobile as it is on browser. We anticipate an app will be forthcoming shortly though.

Alternative Online Chat Sites

321 Sex Chat

321 Sex Chat is one of the most popular chat sites of all time and for good reason. It's the original sex chatroom site that has amassed millions of active users over its long ass career, and continues to be the go-to platform for steamy sex chats with strangers. It's very similar to MeetInChat in how the chatrooms are broken down, but it has twice the number of users.


Chatzy parties like it's 1999 by keeping things as simple and streamlined as possible. No picture sharing, no video chats, no voice chats. It's purely text-based fun and has thousands of rooms to offer, just like MeetInChat. It's ideal for people who want to keep a veil of anonymity since it doesn't requires users to login or register.

Weird Town

Everyone has a fucked up fetish or two, whether it's breeding, humiliation, getting pissed on or whatever else your filthy mind can conjure up. If you want to take things to the extreme, Weird Town is the platform to check out. No vanilla talk here, it's purely for twisted folks looking to discuss their nastiest perversions with a like-minded partner.


Reddit might not be the first place you think of when you think sex, but it's actually full of horny nerds looking for someone to connect with. Reddit hookups are more popular than you might imagine. The popular subreddit DirtyPenPals is the ideal place to meet someone who shares your penchant for whatever fetish plagues your thoughts, and it's got almost half a million registered users as of the time of writing.

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is another classic chat site, except it puts a great emphasis on hooking up. While most of the other names on this list are purely for sexting and photo-sharing, Chat Avenue encourages its users to actually go out there and get fuckin'. So, if you actually want a little in-the-flesh fun, Chat Avenue is a great place to start.


You've probably heard of Omegle before. It's a roulette camsite that connects users with a completely random chat partner somewhere in the world, and everyone on here is looking to get down and dirty. On Omegle, you can set your parameters to help connect you with someone in close proximity, thus increasing the opportunities of an IRL hookup.


Camsurf is a classic cam site, and not one dedicated to sex. However, that's exactly what most of the users use it for. It's a random cam chat site that'll connect you with a total stranger somewhere else in the world for raunchy video conversation, and you can bet your ass that most of these video chatters have one thing on their minds.

MeetInChat - Is It Worth It?

For such a new site on the adult chatroom scene, MeetInChat gets everything absolutely spot on. It's an entirely interactive website that'll provide you just what you need, and doesn't bog itself down with unnecessary features like so many other sites do. The site owners struck gold with this one, so you'd be a fool to miss out on their hard work.

It has some amazing features, even though they're quite minimal overall. But if you want to get down to some dirty talk with slutty chicks all over the world, this is the new adult chatroom site to hit up. Steamy voice chats, hot pictures, a different adult themed topic in every room. There's really nothing to dislike about MeetInChat, so jump on it while you can.

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