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LuckyCrush Review 2022 - Best Chat Roulette Site For Sex Chat?

LuckyCrush is a random chat site that works like ChatRoulette. With every click, you're connected with different random strangers from around the world. It's a system that's designed for virtual sex chat, but does it work? Will you actually meet random women and new friends on here? Here's the best LuckyCrush review you'll read anytime soon.

LuckyCrush - What Is It?

LuckyCrush is a live video chat site that connects guys and girls together for steamy virtual fun. From the LuckyCrush website, here's how the site describes itself:

"Start a private video chat with a random, opposite-sex partner in just 10 seconds. LuckyCrush randomly connects guys with girls and girls with guys. If you don’t like your match, just click “Next” to be connected with a new partner in a second. Meeting girls and guys from all over the world has never been easier."

If you've ever tried free random chat rooms as a guy before, you'll know that nine times out of ten, you just get connected to random other guys. LuckyCrush goes to great lengths to ensure that's not the case. The site uses somewhat cutting edge technology to ensure all of the users are the gender they say they are in their profiles.

First Impressions

LuckyCrush doesn't look like your standard free webcams site. For a start, it's white, and most private chat sites in this niche utilize black and silver schemes. The copy is written well and the design elements are good. Even more interesting is that the homepage isn't overloaded with very beautiful girls (the kind of girls who'd never use a site like this in a million years).

You'll need to register to get started, and unlimited use of the site is restricted to paid members. Once that's done, just click the 'Next' button and you'll enter your first live random LuckyCrush chat. That's all it takes. You'll have to put in a few personal details, including your name and credit card number.


Profile creation

Before you chat with random strangers, you're going to want to set up your Lucky Crush profile. This just requires a few basic details about yourself, and since you'll be dealing with an adult audience, it's best to write a little bit about your sexual preferences in here.

Random video chat

The random video chat is the site's main function. Every time you click the 'Next' button, you'll be connected to randomgirls (or random guys) from somewhere in the world. It could be someone in your home state, it could be someone in some nowhere town in Brazil. That's the beauty of roulette video chat.

Gender filter

The gender filter ensures that you only match with people of the opposite sex. Of course, any random visitor could just register as a different gender, but once they get on webcam, LuckyCrush uses image-recognition technology to ensure all the users are telling the truth about who they are.

Worldwide userbase

On Lucky Crush, you'll be making new friends from all over the world. The roulette aspect of the platform ensures that you're matching with people from far and wide in a completely uncensored manner. They could be from anywhere. The only guarantee is that you'll only connect with people of the opposite sex.

Real users only

LuckyCrush ensures that all of the users on its platform are genuine people. Most men know that casual sex chats deceive their users and post videos instead of real users. This is not the case here. The site uses technology to ensure that every casual sex video chat you engage in is with a real life random strangers.

Media section

There's a media section that functions almost like a porn site. Half naked photos, sexy videos. However, all of this media is taken from various Lucky Crush video chat sessions. Apparently some people record their sessions and upload them here. We're not sure if this is a good thing, but it helps unsure users get a taste of the site before spinning the wheel.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

LuckyCrush requires a subscription fee to use in full. Free members are able to sample five random chat sessions before needing to upgrade. Once you upgrade, you're given access to unlimited spins of the wheel. The fact LuckyCrush requires payment helps keep fakes and time-wasters away from the platform. Here's what each subscription offer costs:

  • Package 15 minutes - $16.90
  • Package 45 minutes - $48.90
  • Package 90 minutes - $89.90

Compared to other video chat sites, these prices are very good. Your time only starts counting down once you and your new partner actually connect with each other. On average, you'll spend around $1 per minute here on LuckyCrush.


Popular site

LuckyCrush is an incredibly popular sex chat website. It's not as mainstream as other chat sites like Omegle or ChatRoulette, but it's probably the most popular subscription-based random video chat site on the scene today. The site has around 2 million registered users, and there's around 300,00 random girls online at any given time.

Good matches

LuckyCruch's video chat algorithm ensures that you match with people who suit your preferences. For example, if you're a dude in your forties, you'll get connected to random in their forties too. Of course, the random video chat feature isn't perfect, especially as it's based on visual data rather than any data you've inputted.

Sex based

LuckyCrush doesn't explicitly say that's a place to chat with naked girls. Therefore, we're surprised that it's managed to amass such a collection of horny bastards from around the world. 99% of other users will want to get frisky at a moment's notice, so always be prepared to go from zero to sixty with your random conversation partner.

Cam2Cam only

If you've used a random video chat site before, you'll know that a lot of people tend to forego the camming portion of the interaction. Here on LuckyCrush, that's not allowed. All random chats must be cam2cam, and anyone users found to be shielding their webcams will be dealt with accordingly (usually in the form of an IP ban).

Video chatting only

LuckyCrush is not a chat room. The only way to chat with random strangers is via webcam chat. There's no option for text chat, so make sure those vocal cords are good and stretched before you spin the wheel. Very few dating sites or cam sites forego the option to text chat, so this little feature is unique to LuckyCrush.

Instant translation

This feature is VERY impressive. Like we said, there's no option to write text, but there is an option to read it. If you match with opposite sex partners who speak a different language to you, LuckyCrush will translate your outgoing messages into their language and their incoming messages to your native dialect.


Some trolls

Random video chat sites to trolls are like moths to flames. The nature of LuckyCrush lends itself to being swarmed by people looking for a little mischief, and unfortunately instances like this are unavoidable. You will come across a few trolls during your random chat journey, but it's easy to just click 'Next' and move onto another (and hopefully real) random girl.

No privacy features

LuckyCrush doesn't offer any way to blur your identifiable features during video chat sessions. Some online dating sites allow you to blur your face when using video functions, but on LuckyCrush you're forced to bare it all to your random stranger. However, if you're on LuckyCrush in the first place, chances are you're not too concerned about this.

Possible leaks

Like we said, there's a media section on LuckyCrush made up of recorded LuckyCrush sessions. That means some people might be recording your session without you knowing. It's a bit of a downer, since LuckyCrush is supposed to be a place where people can communicate comfortably online. We just wish Lucky Crush didn't highlight these records themselves.

LuckyCrush Alternative Cam Sites


RabbitsCams is long-standing random sex chat site that's been around since around 2009. It offers all the standard features of any cam website; HD webcams, live sex chat, private sessions, and some of the best sex cams you'll find anywhere. It's got exclusive shows, beautiful cam performers and even famous pornstar models on its platform.

The site has a vast user base, in terms of both viewers and performers, so you'll never be short of activity. Cams are active 24 hours a day, so you'll find gorgeous babes to watch even in the early hours of the morning. If you want a fulfilling, personal cam experience, you'll enjoy every second of your time here.


Camonster is a pretty standard video chat site by all accounts. It's a place to connect with real models, both amateur and professional, for dirty cam sex and virtual fun. It's a reasonably active site and has a decent amount of models online at any given time, and the site has a wealth of categories, niches and specialist shows available.

The site doesn't bog itself down with crap like affiliated porn content or chat rooms or forums. It's a very stripped-down site that gets right to the heart of things, so if you're looking for a site that you can enjoy on easy mode, Camonster is definitely worth checking out. It's not free, but it's worth the price of admission.


YesCams makes finding free live random video chat easier than ever before. There's no shortage of live amateur chat sites on the Internet, but few can pull it off as well as YesCam does. You can go wild with all of these sex-craved models and various other individuals from across the globe.

While access is not completely free, no chat platform is in the modern day. It's not super cheap either, but sometimes quality is worth paying for. Given the range of exclusive models and fantastic chat options, there's a world of virtual sex right here at your fingertips. Join today and give your sex life the little push it needs.


Camhub is actually a porn tube site that pulls premium videos from a huge number of sources (Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube, Xvideos, OnlyFans etc). Where CamHub differs from your standard porn sites is that the majority of the videos on here have been recorded from real time cam sessions with random ladies.

If it's pure cam girls you're looking for, CamHub probably isn't the best platform for you. There are a million other places to get your fix of cam models, but if it's a nice mix of cams, videos and exclusive content you want, CamHub is the place to be. It's a very unique platform that combines video chats and porn clips in a satisfying way.


Camcrawler is a casual video chat site featuring live models, private rooms, group shows and a members section with some enhance site features. Despite the name, the site is not a 'crawler' as such (as in a site that pulls content from other sites), but is instead a stand-alone platform with its own features and exclusive models.

If you're into hot girls showing themselves off for a reasonable price, Camcrawler is a fantastic cam site that'll make it happen. While Camcrawler certainly doesn't push the boundaries of innovation by any means, it'll certainly appease your appetite for filthy cam sex without breaking the bank.

LuckyCrush - Excellent Video Chat Site

In conclusion, LuckyCrush is a great place to get your fix of sex chatting with random strangers. It's got an endless stream of random girls to get naughty with, and quite obviously, all of the other users are here to get naughty. No one is here to make small talk. They're all just looking to get filthy with the opposite sex.

For that reason, we can't recommend LuckyCrush enough. While it's not completely free like Omegle or ChatRoulette, this site isn't bogged down with the sheer number of fakes and trolls those mainstream platforms have. In our opinion, it's worth paying a small sum to get the best random video chat service possible. Do yourself a favor and check LuckyCrush out today.

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