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LocalMilf Review - Easy Way To Meet MILFs Or Total Scam?

Who doesn't love older women? They're classy, experienced, and they know their way around the bedroom. If you're looking to meet gorgeous MILFs in your local area, there are a few sites that make it possible, one of which is LocalMILF. We've put together everything you need to know about this MILF finder website. Here's your ultimate review.

LocalMILF - What Is It?

As the name suggests, LocalMILF is a place to meet mature women and horny cougars all over the USA. It's a pretty standard package as far as dating sites go, with no real standout features or gimmicks. It's as straightforward as it gets, with messaging, matchmaking and live cam features for maximum useability.

Before we get going, you should know that you'll need a paid membership to use the site to its fullest extent. You can get a free account but you can't do much with it. So, be sure that you're willing to pay before you get going, otherwise you'll have just wasted your time. So, with that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Local MILF.

First Impressions

The LocalMILF home page is quite jarring because the first thing you'll see is a youngish brunette, definitely not a MILF, posing on the beach. It's definitely a strange image choice, but we can definitely overlook it. You'll then be asked to input your basic data (age, location, password, sexual preferences) to create your free account.

From this point, the site drastically changes, both in terms of design and style. It looks completely different from the home page and falls into "standard dating site" territory. You can browse through members and see a limited number of pictures, but to actually message users you'll have to get the paid membership.


Messaging system

Local MILF has a standard messaging feature that you can access after purchasing a paid subscription. New messages pop up in a little window on the bottom of the screen so you don't have to navigate away from the main page to reply to them (not that you'd want to - more on that later).

Search function

The site has a decent search function that works pretty well. Not only can you search by user name, but you can also search profiles for keywords. If you're after someone interested in history or video games, the keyword function will bring them up (providing they've mentioned them somewhere in their profile).

Matching feature

After becoming a paid member of the site, you can start using the swipe-based matching feature. It's identical to the Tinder swipe system, aka you can only see the other user's profile picture and nothing else. You can't view their profile or bio unless you mutually match with them (unless you find the same user outside of the matching feature).

Prices, Costs & Memberships

LocalMILF offers a choice of 4 membership options. Each one provides the same perks, the only difference is the length of commitment. With a paid membership you can chat with other users, see full profiles, see all of the available pictures and use the matchmaking feature. Here's what you can expect to pay for a paid service:

  • 3 Day Trial Membership - $8.90
  • Basic Membership (1 Month) - $29.95
  • Silver Membership (3 months)- $49.95
  • Gold Membership (6 months) - $69.90

These prices are pretty middle of the road, far from being the most expensive dating site on the Internet. Well, that WOULD be the case if Local MILF had anything of substance. Your money won't actually get you a whole lot of MILF-loving on here, so even the trial package isn't really worth paying for.


Good trial option

Three days of usage for $8.90 isn't the worst price in the world. For this, you can sample all of the users, pictures and videos on offer to get an idea of what the site is about. Do we recommend doing so? Not really, but we can't speak for everyone.

Some real women

The website isn't a total fake fest. Spend enough time on here and you WILL contact a few real women, but they're so lost amongst the fakes that it's probably not even worth trying. Given that most users run a mile when they realize the site is mostly spammers, it means there's less competition when you do come across a real woman.


"Fantasy bots"

As you go through the registration process, you'll see this message: "By creating a profile I am 18+, agree to terms & use of fantasy cuties, who may contact me for entertainment purposes, updates and offers." These so-called fantasy cuties are basically fake profiles, but LocalMILF tries to sugar coat things by painting them as something else.

No free messaging

If you want to message these so-called MILFs, you need to shell out for the paid account, and at these prices, that's no easy commitment. The trial and six months options aren't bad value, but for what the site offers, even 1 dollar would be too expensive.

Bad design

The website layout is really bad. Clicking around the site is quite difficult because there's an abundance of ads and popups, and this obviously doesn't translate well to mobile browsing either. There's also the fact that a lot of the mouse-over sections disappear when you try and choose one of the appearing sections. Terrible website design all round.

Spam city

We're not just talking about the spam ads you'll see dotted around the site. From the moment you login, you'll receive new messages from "site members" every 15 minutes or so. Obviously, these aren't from real MILFs. They're just spam bots posing as MILFs. It's pretty obvious by the fact they're asking random avatar-less users for instant sex at that very moment.

Better MILF Hookup Sites


Match is one of the most famous dating sites of all, but the sites demographic is older women and middle-aged men. That means there's plenty of mature beauties looking to connect with a local stud on here, so you'll have your pick of the bunch. And contrary to popular belief, these ladies aren't just looking for long term relationships.

MILF Finder

MILF Finder is probably the best service for gorgeous MILFs on the Internet. The name might sound a bit overly-sexual, but this is legit one of the hottest older women dating sites in the game today. Imagine if LocalMILF actually had real women to talk to - that's what MILF Finder is like.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an affairs service, not a dating site. However, if you want easy sex with mature, attractive hotties, AM is definitely worth checking out. These ladies are all sex-loving wives in unhappy marriages, so they're looking for people to help give them their sexual fix. For cheating housewives and extramarital fun, this is the place to find it.

LocalMILF - Is It Worth It?

LocalMILF is a weird site. It's not exactly an older women paradise since most of the sites users aren't real anyway, but there are a FEW real women looking for sex on here. It's strange because if you message a real woman on here, you'll probably get a response because most men haul ass when they realize the site is mostly bots.

For that reason, Local MILF might be worth checking out. The fact there's not much competition will definitely appeal to some guys, but you'll need to be persistent to get results. In conclusion to our LocalMILF review, it's not the best site in the world, and the chances of you getting laid on here are around 20%.

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