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Who uses chat rooms anymore? Surely most people get their sex fix from porn sites and dating apps these days, right? Well, not so much. In the past few years, horny bastards all over the world have suddenly realized the fun they can have with random strangers in adult chat rooms. Ever since that pesky pandemic, chat rooms have skyrocketed in popularity.

And today we're looking at one of these sex chat hubs: a site named LewdChat. What's the site all about? Will you discover endless women to have virtual fun with, or is it another site crammed with shit features you'll never need? Read on, because our LewdChat review covers everything you need to know.

LewdChat - What Is It?

LewdChat is a collection of IRC chat rooms that all cover one topic: sex. Unlike general chat rooms, you'll find every room on LewdChat is dedicated to a particular sex act, kink or sexual interest, covering everything from anal lovers to cuckold chatting. In total, there are 91 chat rooms to explore, most of which are teeming with regular visitors.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, we'll tell you right away that LewdChat is a genuine chat platform. All of the channels here are populated by real people (including real women!) and you can join every single room for free. This isn't some scammy bullshit that's going to connect you with bots. 99% of members you'll chat with are real life individuals.

First Impressions

As far as appearances go, LewdChat is pretty bland. On the homepage, you'll see a little bit of text on a coffee-colored background, then scroll down to see the giant pink 'Chat Now' button. Hit this and you'll be taken to the general room (simply known as #lewd). That's all it takes to join. You don't need to register or input any personal details.

It's all pretty simplistic, and that's exactly what you want from a chat site. You don't have to waste time setting up a profile or anything like that. Just input a username, age, gender and sexual preference and you can get straight down to business. You'll then enter this world of overly-horny users and begin making new friends immediately.


No registration

You don't have to register, open an account or sign up to get started on LewdChat. All you need to supply is your basic information; age, gender and sexual preferences. No need for your real name, phone number or exact location. You can then dip in and out and change your username whenever you wish.

Hundreds of chat rooms

As of the time of writing, LewdChat has 91 chatrooms that all cater to different areas of sexual interest. From general vanilla fun to bi-curious channels to hardcore BDSM play. There are loads of chatrooms to choose from and pretty much every one gets a decent amount of users in there at any given time.

Private chatting

Of course, you'll want to take your adult conversations over to private message once things start heating up. LewdChat allows users to chat one-to-one (as well as small group chat options too). Just select a user's name from the list, send them a private message and get your conversation off to an explosive start.

Picture sharing

Sometimes it takes a nude pic or two to really grab someone's attention. Fortunately, the site offers unlimited picture sharing so you can dick-pic any potential sexting partner. The site also offers filter options to help hide your identifiable features.

Create your own room

Got an idea for a channel that hasn't yet been implemented? Everyone is free to create their chatroom on the website, and that user then assumes full control over everything in that channel. It'll be up to you to write the room's bio, keywords and attract new members. Some of the most popular channels on the site were user-created too.

Does LewdChat Cost Anything?

It does not. Lewd Chat doesn't care for your money. Everything on the site is free to utilize and has been so since the site was founded in 2011. There is no premium membership option and no token purchases required. There are no options to input your credit card details anywhere on the website.


Awesome community

LewdChat has a decent, welcoming community that'll make any like-minded guy or girl feel right at home. There's something about trading nudes with strangers that really brings people together, and LewdChat exemplifies this like no other website on the scene today. Providing you abide by the rules, any budding sexter will love this place.

Main channel is super active

The #Lewd chatroom genuinely has thousands of active users at any one time. Even if you jump in there in the middle of the night, there's a good chance you'll still have a massive choice of willing sexting partners.

Real women

Will you meet like-minded partners on LewdChat? Absolutely you will. Not only are the people on here totally real, but the place reports a lot of female members too. While they might be on the other side of the planet, it doesn't matter if you're just looking for some sexting fun.

Good moderation

LewdChat's moderation is really the star of the show. No adult site is safe from scammers and bots, but the guys behind LewdChat do a fantastic job of keeping the website clean from bullshit. They also offer 24/7 support in case you spot anything that needs to be reported.

Plenty of nudes

Any site named LewdChat attracts the types of people who get off on sharing nudes. Whether they're pics of themselves or amateur models, there's a ton of adult material flying about on this website no matter what channel you're spending time in.

Totally free

When the site says it's free, it absolutely means it. How many sites have you joined with the promises of it being "totally free," only for them to try and fuck you in the ass with a subscription fee once you're in the door? Thankfully, Lewd Chat doesn't do this. It's free every single time.

Discord server

You can visit LewdChat's Discord server if you're active on there too. Since LewdChat doesn't have a mobile app available, their Discord is the most convenient way to connect with LewdChatters on the move. As you might expect, there's just as much sexting going on here as there is on the regular LewdChat page.


Searching is difficult

Since LewdChat is an IRC site, you have to search every 'server' to find individual chat rooms. Basically you throw a keyword in the search bar (like fuck, anal, roleplay, etc), and relevant rooms will pop up. You can't scroll through every server or chatroom like you can on other platforms, so if a room has a weird name, it's sometimes difficult to find it.

Bland pages

We won't lie. The LewdChat site can seem a little empty. The whole screen is one big wall of text, and for some people, this is precisely what they want from a chat site. However, some people might expect a little more from a place as established and professional as this one.

Alternative Chat Sites

321 Sex Chat

As one of the most reputable platforms in the sexting niche, 321 Sex Chat offers an incredible adult chat experience. It's got literally thousands of available channels, millions of active members and incredibly high activity levels so'll never be short of chat partners. Just input your basic details to become a member in seconds.


SweetSext has everything you could want from a sex chat site. It's just as much a dating platform as a chat site too, and it's got a ton of features that combine to make one immersive adult community. Match with local women, play games, and get lost in the selection of kinky communities on offer.


If you want something a little different from the standard sexting experience, CamGo lets you connect with people face-to-face. Like Chat Roulette, you just click the button to connect with random strangers from around the world. It's a cam2cam site so you'll both need webcams to hookup, and it's definitely a much more intimate way than basic sexting.

LewdChat - Check It Out Today!

When it comes to sexting, pic-sharing and general sex chatting, there aren't many better services than LewdChat. It's really got everything you could ask for from a chat platform; thousands of people to chat with, nice communities, easy navigation and plenty of adult material to enjoy.

With so many chatrooms on the scene today, it's never been easier to find someone you click with. If that's your intention, LewdChat is well worth a visit. In fact, it might be one of the most efficient sexting sites around today, so hop aboard and join the party. We can't guarantee it'll get you any real life action, but you'll find sexting action a'plenty.

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