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Juicy Dates Review - Real Online Dating Site Or Scam?

What's the best online dating site these days? That's the big question, and we're doing everything we can to get an answer. That's why we've reviewed every single platform to find the best dating sites to help you get laid. Today, we're looking at a site called JuicyDates. Here's what you need to know.

Juicy Dates - What Is It?

JuicyDates.com is a pretty typical sex dating site - at least on the surface. It claims to to help people find "juicy dating partners," and that sounds pretty good to us. The site is barely distinguishable from any of the other generically-titled online dating sites out there, and it doesn't come with any interesting gimmicks or notable features.

Quick spoiler alert: JuicyDates is far from the best online dating site around today. In fact, we'd go as far as saying it's one of the worst currently available. You might be drawn in by some of the seductive imagery on offer, but JuicyDates is all talk and no substance. There's very little to indulge behind its sexy exterior.

First Impressions

JuicyDates definitely looks like a classy dating site. It's got a sexy white design and a sleek interface, and there's a very attractive brunette eyeballing you from the other side of the screen. At first glance, we could see why some people might be drawn in with its glossy look and vague promises to connect you with real women.

You'll be prompted to join the website right away, and while it throws the word 'free' around a lot, you can't do much on this site for free at all. Register with your basic details (age, location, email, password), then you'll be prompted to input your credit card details. Word of warning: do not do this (at least not until you've read our full review!)


Free browsing

After you sign up to the site, you can browse through other members, see their bios and check out their pictures. Of course, you'll quickly pick up on a few red flags, the main one being why are girls this hot looking for sex on niche dating sites? Well, the answer will soon become clear.

Instant messaging

The instant messages system is pretty straightforward, but if you want to message other users, you'll have to hand over a little cash. Juicy Date doesn't let you interact with anyone without paying, and the site uses a "coins" model to make it so. More on this feature in the next section.

Coins system

To search or chat with other users, you'll need to purchase a batch of coins. In most cases, we usually prefer sites that use credits over standard subscription models because it's usually cheaper in the long run. For a price breakdown of what you can expect to pay on Juicy Date, see the next section.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

No subscriptions or premium memberships here on Juicy Dating. To chat with other users, you need to purchase packs of coins. Now, keep in mind that every message you send costs 20 coins. Exactly why Juicy Date don't just scale this down is beyond us, probably to confuse people when purchasing coins. Here's what each batch of coins costs:

  • 100 coins - $19.99
  • 500 coins - $59.99
  • 1000 coins - $129.99

100 coins for $20 doesn't sound so bad, right? Sure, but all you're getting with that is 5 messages. Even worse, it still costs even after you've initiated chat with a person. Usually, most dating sites that use the credits system usually allow free chat once you've mutually messaged each other. So yeah, this is pretty bad.


Free to look around

After registration, you can search through the app and website at no cost. We guess this is a good thing for any potential signees because they'll quickly run a mile when they realize the whole thing is just a scam website to get your cash.

Some sexy "girls"

The only good thing about fake users is that sometimes they offer sexy photos of women. You've probably seen these pictures a million times before, and you can find them in a million other places, but at least it's something nice to look at while you're browsing.


Fake everything

There are no real users on here. We understand that dating sites have to begin somewhere, but this ain't it. All this fake bullshit will do is turn people away and give the site a bad reputation. These fake profiles will try and link you to third party sites by disguising their advertisements as well-meaning messages.

No search function

Not that you'd want to search this website anyway, but even if you did, you can't. While there is indeed a search bar, it doesn't work. We tried searching by a hundred different things; city, sexual preferences, country, relationship type. Nothing worked. This means that even if Juicy Date was legit, you can only contact girls you scroll past.

Very expensive

Credit systems are usually fantastic. In most cases, you only have to pay when you decide to contact a certain man or woman. On Juicy Date, you can indeed utilize this service, but you'll be paying an awful lot for the privilege. You shouldn't have to spend $4 to contact one person.

JuicyDates - Is It Worth It?

We can't for the life of us work out why anyone would use this dating site. You won't meet women on here. You won't meet any new people at all. There are literally no benefits to joining this website, unless you're the type of person who likes spending money and getting nothing in return.

The website is completely devoid of fun on every level. From the moment you create your account, you'll endure nothing but frustration. Sure, there are a few hot photos on here, but you can find the same ones on a million websites out there. If you're a woman, you might find a man on here, but there are better places to do that.

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