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Jerkdolls - Free XXX Porn Simulator Game

Online sex games have really ramped up in popularity over the last few years. Adult gaming appeals to a lot of people because it's a form of virtual porn, and gives you much more control over the action. And with so many titles out there, it's never been easier to find XXX gaming fun.

Today, we're going to be looking at the free sex game Jerk Dolls. Call it what you like; porn game, sex simulation title, sex game. Playing Jerk Dolls gives you complete control over everything, so much that it's almost like simulating real sex. But before you play JerkDolls, give our review a quick read so you know exactly what you're in for.

JerkDolls: First Impressions

As soon as you create your free account on the Jerkdolls website, you'll be thrown right into the character creation screen. Now, the basic premise of the game is pretty simple: fuck these Jerkdolls any which way you please. You're able to use more than just your dick too. You can pump these Jerkdolls full of fingers, household objects and a vast array of sex toys.

There are more sites similar to Jerkdolls, but very few that offer such in-depth character creation options. You're able to craft your perfect sex partner down to a tee, from standard things like hair color and body shape right down to her face shape, skin shade and tattoos. It's pretty cool if we do say so, and will definitely have a big effect on the final verdict.

JerkDolls Gameplay

The gameplay in Jerkdolls is as fluid as any porn game on the scene today. The main focus is to select your chosen sex act from a huge list down the side of the screen, and the aim is to make your sexy doll scream in pleasure. Once you've satisfied her, you'll then move on to the next doll, and so on until you've pleasured all of the available Jerk Dolls.

Graphics wise, JerkDolls is one of the most visually appealing sex games out there. You'll be fucking these Jerk Dolls everywhere, from public toilets to private jets, and every scene looks like a million dollars. For a free to play game, you really can't ask for more attractive scenes and character realism

JerkDolls Features

Jerkdolls actually keep things on the minimal side when it comes to features, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly interactive. It utilizes the freemium model of sex games, meaning it costs nothing to play in your browser but has paid options scattered throughout the game. However, they're not mandatory to complete It's muthe game in full. These are Jerkdolls' other notable features.

Create your perfect fuck doll

The customization options really go above and beyond. Not only can you alter a surprising number of character features, but you can also important characters that other fans have created off the Internet. These importable characters usually consist of celebrities, pornstars, famous models, etc.

Natural progression

As you progress through the game, you'll find the difficult ramps up a little. While there isn't a storyline or any real forward development in terms of story, the more Jerkdolls you fuck, the more powers you'll unlock. At the same time, these Jerkdolls will become harder to please, so you'll have to ramp up your sexual ability to satisfy her.

Play with other people online

Jerkdolls has a multiplayer option that lets you explore this sexy world with other people on the Internet. However, we use the word play loosely because one person basically just watches the other guy rail his Jerk Doll. Just decide with your teammate who's watching and who's fucking, then get down to business.

Jerk Dolls Review: Pros

Incredible graphics

This one's obvious right from the get go. Everything from the 3D rendering of the Jerkdolls themselves right down to the gorgeous backdrops. These kinds of visuals could fit right in amongst any modern PS5 or Xbox One games.

Character customization

The customizable combinations are enough to keep you busy for a long time. You can alter the most minor details; weight, head size, hands size, even the tightiness of their pussies. And once you decide on your Jerkdoll of choice, you can customize her further later.

Free to download

You can download and play Jerkdolls without having to pay a cent. Access to every single feature within the game costs nothing either. The only thing you'll pay with is your time (and your virtual jizz).

Dedicated Discord server

Interesting in talking with other Jerkdoll fuckers? Maybe you want to meet some new jerking friends or put together your ultimate dream team? You could even have a little competition amongst you and those gaming geeks. Chat about the games on Jerkdolls' dedicated discord server.

Indulge your fantasies

The sheer number of sexual possibilities on offer are nothing short of mind blowing. Not only is the whole spectrum of hardcore sex covered, but you can also get lost in some quality fetish fun too. These kinky dolls even have realistic voice actors too. It's almost like you're talking to a real life slut.

Available on browser or mobile

Jerkdolls is available for any browser (Firefox or or Windows Edge are recommended) and on mobile devices too. There's no advantage to any particular one since the game is identical on both.

Jerk Dolls Review: Cons

Minimal gameplay

The only problem with a sex simulation game is that there's only so much actual gameplay involved. Once you've virtually acted out your sexual dreams, it's easy to become tired of the rest of the game.

Some ads included

Since Jerk Dolls is a free porn game, the studio has to make their money back somehow. They do this through conveniently-placed ads on their site, although we should mention they're not very intrusive.

Easy to complete

Once you've mastered how Jerk Dolls works, it's prety easy to plow through the game with minimal challenges. This is a problem with porn gaming in general and isn't exclusive to Jerk Dolls.

Conclusion - Should You Play This Free Sex Game?

Yes, you should absolutely sign up and play Jerkdolls today. It's much more immersive than porn and lets you indulge your particular sexual interests in a virtual world. Access is free for everyone and you have the ability to render your perfect woman in Jerkdoll form. So, stop paying the porn and playing for free. Sign up for an account today and make the most of this future classic porn game.

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