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Instaboink Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit Dating Site?

These days, the best way to meet local women is through online dating sites. It beats going to the bar and wasting money on drinks, that's for sure, but as we all know, casual dating is a tough game. Like everything, there are good sites and bad sites and we're here to separate the two. Today, we're looking at a site called Instaboink. Will it get you laid? Here's our review.

What's Instaboink All About?

Instaboink claims to be a one-stop platform to instantly connect you with other users in your area looking to fuck tonight. Instaboink's USP is that it'll get you laid within a couple of hours of signing up, and this is a bold claim, especially as you'd have trouble pulling this off with even the best dating site in the game.

But dating sites offer these kinds of promises to lure you in then hit you with the fees, but Instaboink claims in its description that it's one of the few modern dating sites that actually achieve results. We're dubious as always, so we're here to let you know whether Instaboink is a real hit or a total scam.

First Impressions

Open the Instaboink homepage and you'll be greeted with a website that looks like total ass. It's got all the hallmarks of a scam site - bad layout, multi-colored text, pictures of famous pornstars disguised as "real users." Honestly, this page alone is enough to dissuade people from creating an Instaboink account because the effort applied is the bare minimum.

First you type in your preferences (I'm a man/woman looking for man/woman, etc) then go on to create your basic membership. Simply input your name, age, location, email and password and get instant access to the site. Once you're in, things get a little better, but not very much so. The site homepage is brimming with fake profiles, so things aren't good from the get go.


Intro questionnaire

Once you sign up, you'll have to endure the dreaded dating site questionnaire. It will ask you everything about yourself, from your sexual history to the size of your cock, all to create the illusion that it's making more suitable matches for you (it's not).

Basic search options

The Instaboink website allows basic search parameters, such as age, location, body type, ethnicity, and a few others. The search function does work completely fine, but chances are the search results on the other end won't be real people anyway.


Like any grid-style dating site, you're free to message other members as you see fit. However, the website will charge you for the privilege. It costs to send messages, and given that there are very few real members on here, it's probably not worth paying for premium to find out.

Matching features

The Instaboink website has a swipe feature ala Tinder where you can match with other online daters based off their profile photos alone. You WILL swipe through a ton of faces, but if you pay close attention, most of them are too hot to be using dating services.

Webcam chats

You can engage in webcam chat through the site platform. It's basically a video chat feature like Facetime that you can utilize providing you're a premium member, however, videos are limited to 10 minutes per day. To use it further, one of you video chatters has to hand over the cash.

Premium membership

Certain features of the site are free; sign up, search, swipe, scroll through people's details. But if you want to actually interact with anybody, you'll need a premium account to do so. More on the premium account details in the next section.

Prices, Costs & Membership

If you want to make any headway here on Instaboink, you'll have to become a premium member. Like a lot of sketchy dating sites, Instaboink lets you window shop until it's time to actually contact someone, then they hit you with the "you need to upgrade" comment. Here's what you can expect to pay to become a premium member on the site:

  • 1 Month - $29.95
  • 3 Months - $44.85 ($14.95 per month).

The 1 month option is considerably pricey considering that you get almost nothing for your money. The 3 month one is a little more reasonable, but for such an empty service, you really shouldn't have to pay a single cent.


Easy to navigate

The good news is that Instaboink is really easy to navigate in your browser. The fact that this dating site is so minimal means there's not many ways to get lost, so you'll really have no issues finding whatever categories you need to.

Some real users

Even though Instaboink is probably a total scam, there are SOME real people on here. The real members are easy to tell because their profiles have something human about them; a written bio, a real picture, a flirty one-liner. But with that said, the're minimal.


Annoying forms

Everyone hates the dreaded questionnaire. Any casual dating site that uses it is an immediate red flag for us, and of course Instaboink is no different. Input endless details only for it to churn out basic matches on the other side. It's the classic sunk cost fallacy - the site tricks you into wasting so much time that you'll want to get something in return for your efforts.

Fake users

Instaboink's biggest downfall for what could be a decent website if any effort was put in whatsoever. Every message, every chat request, every friend request - they'll all come from scam members. Barely anyone on the site is a legit user.

No mobile app

Not that you'd want to use it anyway, but Instaboink doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, so you'll have to use the website in this browser instead. Just another reason to give this site a miss.

Premium membership required

To do anything on the website you'll need to shell out for the premium subscription, and of course, it's a complete scam just like everything else here. The site will constantly prompt you to upgrade your account if you're still using a free Instaboink account too. Very annoying.

Very expensive

$29.95 is a lot to ask for a site that doesn't do shit. The place is just a subscription trap to try and extort a few dollars out of you (as almost every review has pointed out). Don't fall for it.

Bad reviews all round

Reputation is important, and Instaboink's reputation is in the mud. Just do a quick online search for Instaboink reviews and you'll find review after review (after review!) of nothing but bad news. This many reviews can't be wrong.

Instaboink - Is It Worth It?

No. Instaboink is not a good site by any stretch of the imagination. To say the users on here are not fully responsive is putting it lightly. Private chats are non-existent, "members" are 99% bots, and the chances of you actually finding a hookup on here are close to zero. It's not just us who thinks this way either - check out any other Instaboink reviews on the Internet.

Combine all this with the fact you need to pay to access the website, and you've got a recipe for scam pie. There's really nothing relevant on here, and the place was probably just created to siphon a few dollars from you before it disappears. Do yourself a favor and find a different website to get your online dating fix. Instaboink is a total scam and should be avoided.

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